Do n’t do it lightly

Do n’t do it lightly

To say that a woman is a good wife and mother may be justified, but please do n’t be a good wife and mother easily, otherwise you will be hurt easily.

  She is the youngest member of her family. She has two successful siblings. She has been loved by her family since she was a child, but she has not been indulged by her bad temper. Instead, she is always diligent and organized.Help parents and siblings handle a lot of things at home and abroad.

  Such a girl with a good family background, a high education, and a simple and lovely, gentle and capable girl has almost perfect conditions. Therefore, once a boyfriend is made, she will experience the love of her first love boyfriend.

Naturally, the boyfriend she chose is also quite good: handsome, high-educated, good unit, promising future, and especially know how to make her happy, often looking for various reasons to give her gifts.

  She believes: he loves her deeply.

Therefore, he demanded that she all strive to meet.

  He asked her to move to his dormitory and live with her; she did it; he loved his face and wanted to go out in bright clothes every day. She also naturally washed and ironed him, and bought various designer clothes to make him look like a star.She loves to dress up and is a little bit embarrassed about herself. She only buys clothes with seasonal discounts. He wants to buy a high-end house. Depending on his income, he will still have some difficulties in the short term.With the help of my brother, he went to a foreign company army to work for a high salary.

Soon, they bought a downtown hot spring mansion.

  Three years later, she was as fond of him as ever, and treated him like an emperor, but he seemed a little absent-minded towards her.

What happened to her?

He Zhenzheng has a saying: “According to the research of scientists, no matter how good the relationship is, it can only last for one and a half years. After this time, the passion will gradually fade until it disappears. If people live in passion all the time, it will definitely affecthealth.

Although the passion between us has disappeared, the relationship is still stable. What are you afraid of?