Seven secret weapons for working women

Seven “secret weapons” for working women

They think women can be pretty but not tasteless.
Professional women can be sharp, but not rough.
Women can be mothers, but not mothers-in-law.
Their slogan is “We want to grow old gracefully.”
  ”Men are afraid of entering the wrong line, women are afraid of marrying the wrong man” is an old saying. For modern women, career paths have also become an important choice in life.
  Capital rankings are the most beautiful.
  The women who really fell in love with the country and were shocked are still rare animals, so of course women who understand this truth also know how to change themselves, make up for their innate deficiencies, and become natural beauty.
With clothing, hairstyles, and cosmetics . when all the guys who can use it are complete, which woman will not let the man stun?
Beautiful regardless of age, women at every stage have her beauty, knowing how beautiful she is, and learning to use her beauty, the world is indomitable and unfavorable-who likes the sloppy yellow face woman?
  The second is concern.
  A woman’s concern is one of the most touching things in the world, whether she comes from a mother, wife, lover or colleague.
A gentle word of care can sometimes make someone you care about remember for life, believe it or not!
  The third is calmness.
  Women aren’t born calm animals, they shout when they meet anything.
The next time you want to scream, you will give yourself a slap, and if you get used to it, you will remember it for a long time. When the time is longer, the calm will naturally occur.
At that time, even if you are too scared to breathe, other people will admire your courage and fear when you are just like walking in a courtroom, and think you are a unique leader.
  The fourth is quiet.
  You have to be like a tomboy, slamming the door in the office and hitting the table all the time. Who can rest assured to tell you what?
Of course, you ca n’t make short messages like that of bored women in the old society. You have to be like at least half a lady and learn to use smiles to answer or interrupt questions and topics that you think will affect collective unity.
  The fifth is orthodoxy.
  It doesn’t matter how much you love to laugh, but you have to be an orthodox and irresponsible woman. In the minds of everyone, women with orthodox education are not frivolous and will not make the office a windy field. Everyone knows that you will behave properly.Doing things well and being a person will not worry that you will make the young people in the office “bad”.
  The sixth is self-confidence.
  You should understand that the office is not the world of men. You should also know that your rights are equal to those of male colleagues. You should also understand that your ability is not inferior to anyone. Therefore, you can look at everything with confidenceeveryone.
  The seventh is health.
  Who still likes sick beauty like Lin Daiyu now?
Besides, in the workplace, you are in pain all day, and others are uncomfortable looking at it, and you feel that you are being arrogant. Do n’t you embarrass yourself?
In fact, there is one of the most beautiful weapons in common, and that is: happiness!
There is no need to say more about happiness, because you understand that happiness is the foundation of all your careers. Water is the weakest thing, but dripping water can wear stones; modern women, like water, are soft and firm.
For them, this is an era full of opportunities, but also an era of contradictions.
However, these often affect women’s performance at work and at home, forming a vicious circle.
Therefore, to give full play to women’s potential in the workplace, and to understand the complex complex of modern women, is the first priority for women’s career planning.
  Warning: Five misunderstandings of professional women in the 21st century. Psychologists believe that women are prone to failure in their careers, and their psychological factors dominate. Many women are lurking with psychological obstacles. The most common are the following five: First, beautiful produces superiority.感  从心理上看,男女对于成就感的需求各不相同,策动男性追求成就感的心理关键是竞争,女人的动机却是社会的接纳,女子只要漂亮贤慧就能被社会所接纳的观念至今仍There is a market, so beautiful women tend not to be aggressive.
  Second, success will replace love. There is such a phenomenon in society. The higher the education, the harder it is to find people.
Successful women often cannot stand behind a strong man.
As a result, many women are convinced that career success will not only be rejected by society, but also take away love between husband and wife.
  三、缺乏竞争欲望  一个人事业成功的因素中,竞争意识的重要性不亚于才干,不幸的是,女性的心理似乎总是使她们自觉样样不如人,同时,也不喜欢靠竞争来满足Own desire.
  四、同性的嫉妒心理  女性不喜欢与人竞争,但在爱情上,在对待同性时,却竞争意识十足如果把这种“竞争”带入工作中,盲目地同那些不应与之竞争的对象To compete, you will lose the big picture.
  Fifth, the continuity psychology is not strong. Women always like to focus on understanding and imitating the original thinking results. The purpose of thinking is only to continue the existing things, not to create new things.

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