Men and women who speak less are more preferred

Men and women who speak less are more preferred

Although it is an advantage for a man to have excellent eloquence, it is rarely emphasized when the advantages of two men are women, especially when they describe the characteristics of a loved one.

  In fact, on many occasions, many women prefer to keep her favorite man silent, rather than listen to him chattering superficially. Even in the two-person world, women want men to be good listeners.

At this time, women do not necessarily require men to express their opinions or make other reactions. Men just need to sit there and say “um”, “yes” to satisfy women, even when men are reading the newspaper or television,In time to fill in the two sentences “good”, “it doesn’t matter” and the like, women may not feel left out.

  That’s why, a man with few words often makes a woman’s heart, in addition to feeling mysterious, but also because he looks deeper and can be nurtured.

Women can tolerate their ignorance, but they cannot tolerate men’s shallowness.

The way to insure is to express opinions only on things you are familiar with.

At least it makes women feel that you are really reliable.