How to prevent children from swallowing foreign bodies-

How to prevent children from swallowing foreign bodies?

A few days ago, an otolaryngologist at the Provincial Children’s Hospital successfully took out a metal clockwork with a size of 20 × 25mm, which looks like a propeller, from Xiao Meifang’s esophagus 2 years and 1 month old.

It turned out that when Xiao Meifang was playing, she put the metal clockwork on the alarm clock into her mouth and accidentally swallowed it into the esophagus, which immediately caused nausea and difficulty swallowing.

  Otolaryngologists at the Provincial Children’s Hospital introduced that children mistakenly swallowed foreign objects for many reasons, such as children giggling while eating, rushing or not paying attention, easily slicing bone fragments mixed in food, fishbone swallowed and stuck in the esophagus;Children like to bite coins, small toys, etc. between their lips and teeth. If they don’t pay attention, they become jokes, scares, or swallows saliva, it is easy to swallow foreign bodies. In addition, the child’s protective physiological reflex is not perfect., When running, joking or being suddenly stimulated by the outside, it is easy to swallow foreign bodies; or loose dentures of school-age children fall asleep while falling asleep and accidentally swallow to form esophageal foreign bodies.

  Therefore, experts remind: parents should educate their children to develop a chewing and eating habits; parents and caregivers must strengthen the management of all kinds of small toys, do not put these items in the place where the children get, to prevent children from putting them at willIn the mouth; and tell the child not to play with small objects in the mouth.

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