Heavy snow and cold from the foot


Heavy snow and cold from the foot

Time: December 7th of the Gregorian calendar, the seventh day of the lunar calendar.

銆€銆€Customs: There are often heavy snowfalls in the north of the spring, breaking branches and blocking roads.

In agriculture, there are 鈥渢hree layers of wheat cover, sleeping on the head鈥?, and the statement of 鈥淩uixue Zhaofeng Year鈥? which mainly means that the snow cover is on the ground, because of the low temperature, it can kill the wintering insects and bring agriculture.benefit.

The folklore of heavy snow is basically the same as that of Xiaoxue.

銆€銆€Living: After the heavy snow festival, the weather is getting colder and colder, the wind is chilly, the snow is fluttering, and the interior of the north begins to experience a significant cooling and snowfall.

The wind after the snow caused the temperature to plummet, coughing, and more people than usual.

Some diseases have a lot to do with not paying attention to keeping warm. Chinese medicine believes that the three parts of the head, chest and feet of the human body are most vulnerable to cold evil.

銆€銆€As the saying goes, “the cold starts from the foot”, the foot is farthest from the heart, the blood supply is slow and less, the subcutaneous sputum is thinner, and the warmth is poor. Once exposed to cold, it will reflexively cause contraction of the respiratory mucosal capillaries, making the disease resistanceFalling, leading to upper respiratory tract infections, therefore, the warmth of the nine cold feet should be strengthened.

銆€銆€Because the elderly are cold and cold, they love to wear more clothes when they sleep in winter. In fact, this is not good for health.

Because when the person’s central nervous system activity slows down during sleep, the brain and muscles enter the rest state, the number of heart beats decreases, the muscles’ movement and tension are weakened, and then the clothes are undressed, and the fatigue can be quickly eliminated, so that all organs of the body areGet a good rest.

In addition, wearing thick clothes to sleep will hinder the normal “breathing” of the skin and the evaporation of sweat. The compression and friction of the clothes on the muscles will affect the circulation of the blood, causing the surface changes to be reduced, and even thicker quilts will feelcold.

This season, the elderly suffer from fractures such as wrists and femurs. From the perspective of prevention, the elderly should reduce outdoor activities in snowy days.

銆€銆€Diet: Sun Siyun: “The foundation of rest, you must pay for food. I don’t know how to eat, not enough to survive.
鈥?”A reasonable diet can make a person’s body strong and prolong life, and improper diet is one of the important causes of disease and premature aging.

In order to avoid thick and dense blood, you should eat more foods that protect your heart and brain, such as salvia, hawthorn, black fungus, tomatoes, celery, red radish and so on.

Suitable for eating hypolipidemic foods, such as bitter gourd, corn, buckwheat, carrots, etc.

This season should eat warm-to-eat foods and kidney foods.

Warm-to-eat foods include lamb, beef, chicken, dog meat, antler, etc.; kidney food has cashew nuts, medlar, yam porridge, chestnut stew, ginkgo stewed chicken, big bone soup, walnuts, etc.

In addition, eat more stews and black food such as black fungus, black sesame, black beans and so on.

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