How to detoxify and clear the intestines to protect the health of Chinese medicine to recommend 4 major detoxification methods


How to detoxify and clear the intestines to protect the health of Chinese medicine to recommend 4 major detoxification methods

Chinese medicine’s understanding of “poison” Chinese medicine has a long history of understanding “poison”.

In the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon”, which was written more than two thousand years ago, there were 58 references to the word “poison”.

However, the poison at that time mainly referred to the toxicity of the drug, the poison of the beast and the “epidemic poison” causing the infectious disease.

Later, the so-called poison of Chinese medicine is mostly hot poison, that is, “the poison of the hot”.

Especially the mood is not smooth, liver qi stagnation, long-term fire or eating spicy and thick taste, accumulated less and more, fire poison endogenous is the most common cause.

Therefore, there are heat poisoning, fetal toxicity, fire poisoning, and later expanded to wet poison, blood poison, evil poison, scorpion venom and so on.

In general, the so-called human poison of Chinese medicine is essentially a substance that is not excreted by the human body and is harmful to the human body.

In the course of medical development for thousands of years, Chinese medicine has accumulated rich experience in detoxification and health care, which is worthy of inheritance, promotion and promotion.

In general, female detoxification is to maintain bowel movements, urinating, sweat glands “three ways” usually can.

The best detoxification method of the body, diarrhea, defecation and detoxification: it is the most direct and effective detoxification method.

It is used for people with phlegm, constipation, irritability, headache, toothache, sore throat, and cold.

The representative prescription is Fangfengtongsheng Pill.

Because of its comprehensive efficacy, it can cure diseases and health care. Therefore, there is a saying that “there is no disease, no wind, no wind.”

Keep your stools smooth in your life, eat more fruits and vegetables, and eat less spicy food.

Diuretic and dampness detoxification method: plain vegetarian food tastes thick, easy to get wet and turbid, water wet inside stop, sip gradually, and become poisonous for a long time.

The performance is yellow and swollen, dizzy, heavy and lazy, and urinary.

The representative party is Alisma Decoction (Aesthesia, Atractylodes).

In the ancient book, there is a record that “Shen Nong tastes a hundred herbs, and when he encounters seventy-two poisons in a day, he gets tea and solves it.”

From this point of view, in addition to the detoxification effect of tea itself, diuretic detoxification is also an important means of detoxification.

Drink more water, no more than 2000 ml per day, eat more than a lot of food, such as melon, watermelon, cucumber, loofah, tomatoes, radish, cabbage and so on.

Sweating and Detoxification Law: As early as in the summer, business, and Zhou era, our ancestors had “mu”, “bath”, that is, good hygiene habits such as shampooing and bathing. Later, the hot spring bathing was basically clean.On the basis of the skin, promote blood circulation of the skin and detoxify by sweating.

“Nei Jing” “Difficulties” has the method of internal disease and external treatment, and also put forward the idea of “opening the ghost door” of sweating and detoxification.

Diet detoxification method: Modern Chinese medicine believes that it is an effective way to remove toxins from the body, such as mung bean, which can be used to eliminate alcohol toxins.Make up the gas, sweet and soft, with intestines, detoxification, pain relief and other functions.

Fruit and vegetable juice (fresh fruit juice and fresh vegetable juice) enters the body and the recombinant blood is alkaline, so that the toxin accumulated in the cells is dissolved and then replaced.

Conclusion: The method of TCM detoxification in the article is very simple. Some daily ingredients can also be detoxified. So do female friends see this article with any heartbeat?

Do not choose to use drugs when it comes to detoxification. If you intervene in the body, you will bounce back. Why not try to try the above Chinese medicine detoxification method.

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