Enjoy under the spotlight

Enjoy under the “spotlight”

You may have heard a joke: “Most people would rather lie quietly in a coffin than stand up and say something beautiful.
“However, social phobia is no longer just a joke, because according to relevant investigations, speaking in public has become the most feared thing for Americans.
Does your job require you to “perform” in public?
Or you just want to look natural and calm at a business meeting.
If you are interested, try the “Trilogy” below, maybe you will find that there is no cave in the spotlight.
  Relax your nerves: First of all, imagine a peaceful and quiet picture. Maybe your mind is the quiet grass or garden, or the image of a close friend you cherish.
It doesn’t matter, once you have such a picture, start to outline every detail quietly, until a vivid picture appears in your mind.
As you become more and more relaxed, choose a movement to express this feeling of safety and comfort, for example, gently touch your thumb with your index finger.
Do this 10 times a day.
After a few months, as long as you do this action, you will feel the ease and comfort you want.
  Imagine the worst case: Speak in front of the public, what are you most worried about, and write down your thoughts one by one.
Forgetting a word or flushing with embarrassment, or are you afraid that as soon as you get on the podium, it will be like leaves shaking in the wind?
Then ask yourself, “If that’s the case, what would be the worst thing?
“Did everyone laugh at you?
Even then, what about it?
What will they do?
Throw tomatoes at you?
In fact, as long as you think about the worst situation, you will find that in fact, your worry is simply unfounded.
  Don’t waste any practice opportunities: let a friend listen to your two-minute mock lecture. If you feel nervous, practice the action that relaxes you, take a few deep breaths, and control your feelings of fear.
If possible, record your speech, you will find that even if you are actually terribly nervous, but in the camera, it seems natural and relaxed. After understanding this, you may not be so afraid.
  How to make your “performance” memorable, the experts summarized the following 10 tips.
  Get to the point: don’t touch the microphone or ask everyone if you can hear it.
Just say hello, and you can start.
  Tell a story: If you want your points to be remembered, use more interesting and vivid anecdotes.
  Focus on current affairs: On the day of the lecture, glance at the newspaper to see if there is any news related to your speech. Remember to make good use of it!
  Short and succinct: If you instill too much information into your audience at once, the biggest possibility is that they may not remember it at all.
  Variety of formats: If you want to attract the audience all the time, you may wish to intersperse some data, celebrity quotes or daily fun in your speech.
  Concise: Learn to use simple words and sentences. That’s the language that is truly alive and memorable.
  Card tip: Don’t “read” your speech, it will be boring.
Just write the main points of the presentation in bold, large letters on the cue card.
  Simple to wear: Don’t wear any clothes that will distract the audience. Loose bracelets, dangling earrings, and short and narrow shirts are all inappropriate.
  Don’t say sorry: Don’t apologize for your nervousness, then maybe just expose the weaknesses that others haven’t noticed.
  Pretend to be calm: Don’t hold onto the podium or knock on the table for added security.
At least, you need to look calm and relaxed.
  The last point is of course to seize the opportunity and practice from time to time. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.
Maybe, one day, you can really enjoy the feeling of being in the spotlight.

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