Chinese and western beauty

Chinese and western beauty

There are many beauty methods and many channels.

There are basically two methods of facial beauty that people realize, one is Western-style beauty, that is, skin texture beauty; the other is Chinese-style beauty, that is, acupuncture beauty.

  Scraping, which was originally a medical method, can combine Chinese and Western beauty into one.

Acupoint scraping is performed at the same time as the skin texture is cosmetic, so as to achieve a cosmetic effect, which is beyond the reach of other cosmetic methods.

Facial scraping can expand blood vessels, accelerate blood flow, enhance local tissue nutrition, promote the growth of skin tissue cells, remove harmful substances from the face, and thus maintain a healthy and beautiful face-rosy and delicate.

  Facial beauty is divided into forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, lips, ears, and head shaving.


Shaving forehead beauty spots: Yintang, Shenting and the double sun.


Beauty points for shaving eyes: eyesight, bamboo, fish waist, silk bamboo empty, pupil fighting, bearing cry, four white.


The acupoints for shaving the nose are: Bitong, Yingxiang, Sumo.


Acupoints for shaving face and jaw: giant base, front car.


Acupoints for shaving lips: in humans, bearing pulp, floor.


Acupoints for shaving ears: ear door, hearing palace, hearing, howling wind.


Acupoints of the scraping department: Baihui, Fengchi.


After shaving the acupuncture points on the face, scrape the Quchi, Xuehai and Sanyinjiao 50 times each.

  It takes about 10-15 minutes to finish the scraping (a longer time is better).

Perseverance every day, the effect is very good, both economical and fast.

  In addition, scraping beauty must be combined with detoxification.

To achieve the best cosmetic results, we must first detoxify and remove the stools on the intestinal wall, because these deposits ferment in the intestine to produce toxins.

This toxin can make people sick and accelerate their aging.

Taking intestinal cleansing food can remove toxins and wastes from the body, thereby removing facial acne, dark spots, and pigmented growth factors, and achieving skin bodybuilding and beauty effects.

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