[Benefits and Disadvantages of Eating Salted Eggs]_Effects_Ten Years

[Benefits and Disadvantages of Eating Salted Eggs]_Effects_Ten Years

Eggs are a kind of taboo to avoid relatively few ingredients, and can be made into delicious food with different tastes. Salted eggs are one of them.

Because salted eggs taste better than ordinary eggs, many people usually like to eat salted eggs.

Salted eggs also have the nutrition of eggs and are very helpful to the human body.

However, each ingredient has its own advantages and disadvantages. If salted eggs are eaten too much, they can easily cause adverse reactions such as edema.

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of eating salted eggs?

First, the benefits of salted eggs to the human body, salted eggs, because the shell is green, the appearance is round and smooth, also known as “green fruit”.

The calcium content of salted eggs is twice that of eggs, which is comparable to that of pigeon eggs.

A simple identification method for pickling salted eggs is: the shell of good-quality salted eggs is clean, shakes slightly, and after peeling the shell, the salty taste is moderate and the oil tastes good. If you pick it with chopsticks, butter will come out and the yolk will be dividedIt is layer by layer, and the color is deeper in the next layer, and it becomes redder as it goes.

The poorer eggshells are dark, with white or black spots, easily broken, and have an extended shelf life.

After peeling, the protein is soft, rotten, and salty.

The protein and a small amount of salted eggs are marinated, and the salt enters the eggs. Due to the effect of salt, the protein slowly decomposes and solidifies. It slightly expands from the protein and accumulates in the Qi. Therefore, the salted eggs can be seen clearly when cut.The oil is suitable for the crowd: it is edible for the average person.

Food supplements for yin deficiency and fire prosperous people.

Patients with hypertension and diabetes should not eat more.

Appropriate amount for pregnant women: half a day can prompt: should not eat with turtles, plums.

Eggs are cold, so the spleen is inadequate, and those with cold and wet diarrhea should not eat.

Eggs also have a higher cholesterol content. People with cardiovascular disease and liver and kidney disease should eat less.

Salted eggs have high salt content, high blood pressure, and people with diabetes should not eat more.

The estrogen in pregnant women has the effect of promoting excessive retention of water and salt in the body. The intake of dietary salt from edible salted eggs far exceeds the body’s requirements, resulting in a high degree of edema in pregnant women, which greatly reduces the effective blood circulation in the body.

Decreased blood supply will cause vitamins to become hypoxic in the womb, affecting growth and development.

And because of placental contraction, it is also easy to trigger pregnancy hypertension syndrome.

Salty eggs should not be eaten more, drink plenty of water after eating.

The best season for salted eggs is around Qingming.

Second, the disadvantages of salted eggs to the human body are mainly twofold: (1) Pickled foods contain a certain amount of nitrite, which has a certain cancer-controlling effect if eaten for a long time.

(2) The salt content of pickled foods is very high.

Long-term high-salt diets can easily induce hypertension.

In addition, salty things are bad for the digestive system, especially the mucous membranes.

Recommendation: Reduce consumption and frequency.

If you change to eat one every day, slowly change to eat one the next day; another method of pickling salted duck eggs quickly is recommended.

Can avoid the generation of nitrite.

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