Women don’t want to be too old, often eat healthy food, nourish the body ruddy, even feminine!

Women don’t want to be too old, often eat healthy food, nourish the body ruddy, even feminine!

What food is the most healthy food for women?

In fact, many women are afraid that they are too old, and they are afraid that their skin will become too bad. In fact, everyone can try the conditioning of the diet. Eating more health care foods can make women’s body aging slower, women don’t want to be old.Too fast, often eat health food, nourish the body ruddy, beyond the feminine!

1, spinach spinach may be iron, iron is one of the human hematopoietic raw materials, is a good food for women during menstruation.

People who often eat spinach are ruddy, radiant, and can stay away from iron deficiency anemia.

Spinach can cleanse the heat in the human stomach, avoid constipation, and keep the excretion unobstructed.

And the speed of spinach is very low, so you don’t have to worry about getting fat.

2, broccoli broccoli high blood pressure antioxidant vitamin C and carotene, open cross-flowered vegetables have been confirmed by scientists as the best anti-aging and anti-cancer food, and fish is the best source of protein.

3, coriander cilantro is rich in nutrients, coriander contains vitamin c, carotene, vitamin b1, b2, etc., but also rich in minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and so on.

Coriander also contains potassium malate and the like.

The amount of vitamin C contained in parsley is higher than that of ordinary vegetables.
10 grams of coriander leaves can meet the body’s demand for vitamin C; the carotenoids contained in parsley are more than 10 times higher than tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, etc.

The above introduces everyone to eat something that has a good effect on our body. In fact, you can try some spinach broccoli, etc. These are very good for our body and can help us anti-aging, anti-agingCancer, the risk of keeping women away from disease.

10 tricks you to control your life temperature

10 tricks you to control your life “temperature”

From fried egg cakes to easy sleep, from fish farming to green tea, each life has its own optimal temperature.
What temperature does it show at its best?
You don’t have to carry a thermometer with you, Fashion Network tells you the secret of controlling the best temperature in your life.
The optimal water temperature for brewing green tea is 76 degrees Celsius.
Because the leaves of green tea are weaker than black tea, there is no need for excessive water temperature. If the water temperature is too high, green tea will become very bitter.
The pot that boils the boiling water does not cover the lid. When the water just starts to bubble, it is the best water temperature for green tea.
The optimal water temperature for bathing is 35 to 40 degrees Celsius.
Excessive water temperature can damage the protective layer of the skin, causing the skin to lose its resistance to pollution and bacteria.
It is recommended to try it first. If the hand feels hot, then it is hot for other parts of the body. Don’t think that the body is suitable for the hot temperature, because our body can adapt to the water temperature within 3 minutes, but the temperature is too high.Still harmful to the skin and the body.
The favorite water temperature of fresh cut flowers is 32~37.

7 degrees Celsius, a bit like the water temperature of the bath water.
The warmer water can swim faster and better in the rhizome of the flower, which is good for flowering.
But except for narcissus, tulips, hyacinths and other flowers, they like cooler water.
The water for fish farming should be at room temperature, which is 18 to 23 degrees Celsius.
Too high or too low water temperature will make the fish drift.
Store the tap water in an open container overnight after the temperature of the room temperature.
The most suitable temperature for drinking red wine is 16 to 18 degrees Celsius.
Therefore, it is best not to chill the red wine. It is best to open the bottle for 1 hour before drinking red wine.
The most suitable temperature for drinking white wine is 4 to 10 degrees Celsius.
Just take the white wine from the refrigerator for 20 minutes before leaving it at room temperature.
銆€銆€7.Many people use hair curlers to make disposable curls for themselves. Experts recommend that normal hair volume is suitable for hair curls with a medium heat capacity of about 160 degrees Celsius; thick hair with high heat heat curls, about 221 degrees Celsius.
The curling time is 5 seconds in contact with the hair when curling.
Frying eggs to keep the egg’s inner temperature at 71 degrees Celsius is the best nutrient and delicious temperature to keep the eggs.
Put a teaspoon of butter in the pan, turn the heat to medium high, and when the butter melts, you can put the eggs in.
If you put the cooking oil, put your hand over the pan and you can lay the eggs when you feel the temperature.
The best working temperature for rejuvenation is 22 to 25 degrees Celsius.
Scientific research shows that at 22 degrees Celsius, work efficiency will decrease, but above 25 degrees Celsius will be sleepy.
Therefore, it is necessary to properly adjust the air conditioning temperature of the office to avoid being too high or too low.
銆€銆€10.The comfortable sleep temperature of the human body is 20 suspension.

Therefore, in the summer, do not modulate the air conditioner too cold, nor can it be too high in winter.

It is best to use hot water to soak your feet before going to sleep in winter to increase your body’s blood circulation and increase your body temperature to help you sleep. At the same time, you must keep your sleeping environment ventilated. Don’t wear more sleep. It is a good way to shake the quilt before going to bed.

Respiratory failure should eat some vegetables and eat some vegetables to prevent respiratory failure


Respiratory failure should eat some vegetables and eat some vegetables to prevent respiratory failure

Respiratory failure is caused by various causes of severe respiratory dysfunction. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the nutritional status of the body and enhance nutrition to increase the intake of sugar, protein and various vitamins.

So what are the vegetables for chronic respiratory failure?

[Respiratory failure to eat these vegetables is good]1, melon melon is a food that is easy to digest and absorb, can promote appetite, enhance the role of immunity, is helpful for the recovery of patients.

200-300 grams of fried food per day.

2, chicken leg mushroom chicken leg mushroom has a sweet and smooth flat, beneficial to the spleen and stomach, clear heart and soothe the role, which is conducive to patient sleep, which is conducive to patient recovery.

200-300 grams per day is appropriate.

[Principles of respiratory failure in the elderly]1 meat: beef, pork, dog meat, rabbit meat, chicken and so on.

2 vegetables: cabbage, leeks, ginger, lotus root, tomatoes, potatoes, chestnuts, walnuts, peanuts, etc.

3 fruit: apple, orange, grapefruit, grape, bayberry, pomegranate, peach, hazelnut, longan and so on.

Eat less cold and avoid eating mustard, radish, mung bean, kelp, seaweed, watercress, day lily, sword flower, watermelon, bitter gourd.

Because most patients with respiratory failure have poor body weight and are thin, they should add enough protein, such as lean meat, eggs, milk, soybeans and soy products, but should eat less shrimp, crab, salted fish, milk and other foods to prevent allergies.

At the same time, respiratory failure pathogens consume a lot, so the diet should be supplemented, such as rice, noodles and so on.

Calcium carbonate


Calcium carbonate

Some friends choose to eat protein powder for fattening, but found that the effect is not too obvious after eating.

It may be because everyone has read too many books or listened to too much from others, there will always be a misunderstanding that they will grow muscle when they eat protein powder.

In fact, we must look at our own situation.

If you are born thin, so what you need at the beginning is to increase energy. For you, eating muscle-stimulating powder is better than eating protein powder.

However, there are concerns that the replacement of muscle-stimulating powder will affect the effect of muscle gain.

銆€銆€In the foreign countries, muscle-enhancing powder is a kind of conventional supplement, not a mysterious thing, and the consumption of muscle-enhancing powder is not very extensive in China. The replacement of muscle-enhancing powder is something that some people want to know.

So is there any muscle-enhancing powder?

銆€銆€The muscle gainer is purely natural and it has no substitute.

However, there are many types of muscle-enhancing powder. If you want to eat it, you need to understand its function and how to take it. If you buy it home for a spoon a day, or because it is expensive, you will not be able to eat it.Even better than not eating.

銆€銆€The muscle-enhancing powder should be taken in proportion to its own body weight. There is no substitute for it. Don’t worry about kidney pressure.

銆€銆€Muscle-increase is the name of the domestic people. It is called weight-increasing powder in foreign countries. The superior weight-increasing powder mainly contains maltodextrin and a content of 30%-40% protein, about 2% of the protein, only protein and protein.The ratio is 2:1 or 2.

5:1 will play its biggest role, ensuring that the muscle is increased.

Because protein can only exert the maximum muscle-enhancing effect when your body has sufficient energy.

銆€銆€It is vital to supplement nutrition during training. If there is no reasonable nutrition, it will not have a good body shape.

銆€銆€Both the muscle-increasing powder and the weight-increasing powder are added with a certain proportion of additives and a small amount on the basis of the protein powder, mainly to increase the absorption of the transformation.

In this way, the abnormality of the muscle-increasing powder is clear at a glance, and they have no substitute.

銆€銆€The best time is to take it once every half hour before exercise, within 1-2 hours after exercise, with whey protein, brew with warm water, take it, eat more, eat more, there will be a substitute, eat more will growfat.

Therefore, it must be eaten scientifically, not excessive.

When your consumption and absorption are not proportional, it will increase by chance.

Four toxic fish do not eat

Four “toxic” fish do not eat

Due to environmental pollution, toxic substances may accumulate in the fish. When buying fish, besides paying attention to whether the fish itself is fresh, try to avoid buying poisonous fish.
銆€銆€Contaminated fish: Toxic fish include fish contaminated with phenols, heavy metals or pesticides, and fish containing biotoxins.
Fish and shrimp with a strong kerosene taste are the result of phenolic contamination; large sea fish such as sharks, tuna, swordfish, squid and tilapia are susceptible to mercury poisoning.
In particular, pregnant women, lactating women and women preparing to become pregnant should not eat these fish.
銆€銆€Malformed fish: other fish such as malformed fish do not eat, fish do not eat, dead turtles, squid can not eat; fish with parasites: there may also be parasites such as clonorchiasis in fish, in addition to processing thoroughlyWash it out and cook it carefully.
銆€銆€Salted fish, smoked fish, dried fish: Because it contains nitrosamine-based carcinogens, it should not be eaten too much. Frying, especially charred fish, contains a strong carcinogen heterocyclic amine, which is better.
銆€銆€Eating fish and eating fish will be more beneficial to your health.

5 bad habits lead to inelastic front end


5 bad habits lead to inelastic front end

In the summer, do you have a pair of slender legs and legs, do you also have a rounded, sturdy buttocks?

The chest is plump and strong, and naturally it will show the slender lines of the waist.

If your humerus is inelastic, then the complications below the waist will be lost, and the proportion of the lower body will give you a sense of loss of balance.

So, don’t let the domino effect of your hips drag your body curve.

銆€銆€Tips The ideal ratio of hips is: height divided by 2, plus 10 cm.

銆€銆€Bad habits affecting the beautiful buttocks When sitting obliquely, the pressure is concentrated at the end of the spine, the blood circulation is poor, and the oxygen supply is insufficient, because the weight is placed at the small square in front and continues to deform downward.

銆€銆€Long-term standing for too long, the blood is not easy to reflow, resulting in insufficient oxygen supply at the tip, bad metabolism, and may cause varicose veins.

銆€銆€Smoking, drinking, staying up late are all related to the chest.

The blood circulation is not good, the metabolism is bad, the connective tissue is slack, how can there be a rich and round rib?

銆€銆€The taste of heavy diet, high calorie, high sweetness, and heavy taste of the modern diet is the primary cause of obesity.

Plus, do not like activities, fat is a matter of course.

銆€銆€Wearing a brief underwear during exercise, wearing thin and unsupported briefs, I don’t know what is wrong with my youth. As I grow older, I will be in line with the core because of the slack of elastic fiber and insufficient support.

Don’t use band-aid as a wound protector


Don’t use band-aid as a wound protector

Band-aid is a common surgical medicine used in people’s daily life, but it is caused by improper replacement to cause skin infection.

Band-aid has a temporary hemostasis to protect the wound.

Due to the limitations of the structure, “band-aid” can only be used for emergency treatment of small wounds.

In addition, the outer layer of the tape is impervious to air, the size is reduced and the surrounding skin is white and soft, which in turn leads to infection, so the use time should not be too long.

銆€銆€Experts suggest that it is best not to wear band-aid for more than two days. In general, if it is only a slight epidermal abrasion, absorption with iodine or ethanol can prevent infection.

If the skin damage is relatively deep, and the site is unconditionally treated, you can first rinse the wound with clean water, then use the 鈥渂and-aid鈥? for simple dressing, and at the same time, go to the hospital for disinfection as soon as possible to avoid secondary infection.

Patients should pay attention to the following aspects when using Band-Aids.

銆€銆€First, the length of the cut exceeds the width of the band-aid.

鈥淏and-Aid is mainly used for hemostasis in acute small wounds, especially for slightly tidy, clean, superficial, and small without excessive cutting injuries.
鈥?For deeper wounds, there are large blood vessels, nerves, tendon injuries and wounds suspected of foreign bodies. Band-Aids cannot be used. As for bloated, burned, purulent infections and various skin diseases, it is not advisable to use Band-Aids.

銆€銆€In fact, the wound must first be sterilized.

Before using a band-aid, carefully check the wound for dirt.

If there is any uncleanness, wash the wound with saline, dry it, apply iodine glycerin, and then stick a band-aid.

If the wound is scratched by rust, the tetanus antitoxin should be injected first, and the wound should be slightly pressurized when applied.

銆€銆€Third, pay attention to wound protection.

After applying the band-aid, the patient should pay attention to protect the wound and avoid active bleeding, that is, cut less local activities, do not touch the water, and avoid pollution; do not often crush the wound by hand to prevent the wound from colliding and avoid cracking.

銆€銆€Finally, pay attention to the changes in the wound.

If the wound is aggravated 24 hours after the band-aid is applied, or the secretions are exuded, the test should be opened in time; if the wound is found to be red, swollen, or oozing, the band-aid should be stopped and the hospital should be treated promptly.

Heavy snow and cold from the foot


Heavy snow and cold from the foot

Time: December 7th of the Gregorian calendar, the seventh day of the lunar calendar.

銆€銆€Customs: There are often heavy snowfalls in the north of the spring, breaking branches and blocking roads.

In agriculture, there are 鈥渢hree layers of wheat cover, sleeping on the head鈥?, and the statement of 鈥淩uixue Zhaofeng Year鈥? which mainly means that the snow cover is on the ground, because of the low temperature, it can kill the wintering insects and bring agriculture.benefit.

The folklore of heavy snow is basically the same as that of Xiaoxue.

銆€銆€Living: After the heavy snow festival, the weather is getting colder and colder, the wind is chilly, the snow is fluttering, and the interior of the north begins to experience a significant cooling and snowfall.

The wind after the snow caused the temperature to plummet, coughing, and more people than usual.

Some diseases have a lot to do with not paying attention to keeping warm. Chinese medicine believes that the three parts of the head, chest and feet of the human body are most vulnerable to cold evil.

銆€銆€As the saying goes, “the cold starts from the foot”, the foot is farthest from the heart, the blood supply is slow and less, the subcutaneous sputum is thinner, and the warmth is poor. Once exposed to cold, it will reflexively cause contraction of the respiratory mucosal capillaries, making the disease resistanceFalling, leading to upper respiratory tract infections, therefore, the warmth of the nine cold feet should be strengthened.

銆€銆€Because the elderly are cold and cold, they love to wear more clothes when they sleep in winter. In fact, this is not good for health.

Because when the person’s central nervous system activity slows down during sleep, the brain and muscles enter the rest state, the number of heart beats decreases, the muscles’ movement and tension are weakened, and then the clothes are undressed, and the fatigue can be quickly eliminated, so that all organs of the body areGet a good rest.

In addition, wearing thick clothes to sleep will hinder the normal “breathing” of the skin and the evaporation of sweat. The compression and friction of the clothes on the muscles will affect the circulation of the blood, causing the surface changes to be reduced, and even thicker quilts will feelcold.

This season, the elderly suffer from fractures such as wrists and femurs. From the perspective of prevention, the elderly should reduce outdoor activities in snowy days.

銆€銆€Diet: Sun Siyun: “The foundation of rest, you must pay for food. I don’t know how to eat, not enough to survive.
鈥?”A reasonable diet can make a person’s body strong and prolong life, and improper diet is one of the important causes of disease and premature aging.

In order to avoid thick and dense blood, you should eat more foods that protect your heart and brain, such as salvia, hawthorn, black fungus, tomatoes, celery, red radish and so on.

Suitable for eating hypolipidemic foods, such as bitter gourd, corn, buckwheat, carrots, etc.

This season should eat warm-to-eat foods and kidney foods.

Warm-to-eat foods include lamb, beef, chicken, dog meat, antler, etc.; kidney food has cashew nuts, medlar, yam porridge, chestnut stew, ginkgo stewed chicken, big bone soup, walnuts, etc.

In addition, eat more stews and black food such as black fungus, black sesame, black beans and so on.

TCM health has seven injuries, you may be injured three or four times a day


TCM health has “seven injuries”, you may be injured three or four times a day

The title of “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” is almost a household name, and we will not talk about the contents of it today, let’s talk about its historical value.

During the Northern Song Dynasty, Gory used the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics and Lingshu” in exchange for Chinese history books. Although Su Shi was opposed five times at that time, the emperor still changed back to the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon.”

In 2011, the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic was selected into the Memory of the World.

In the words of Nan Huaiyu, it is a double medical technique, which includes “medical world, medical people, medical country, medical society.”

For health and treatment, the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” put forward his own views, among which “five labors and seven injuries” pointed out a variety of diseases and causes of disease.

Let’s take a look at the 鈥渟even injuries鈥?


Sacrifice spleen and fullness, in fact, is full, eat more.

Eat more often, the first is to hurt the stomach, reduce digestive function, indigestion, constipation, bad breath, stomach ulcers and other issues.

In the long run, it is expected to increase the risk of obesity, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and diabetes.

Some scholars have found that about 20% of patients with Alzheimer’s disease like to eat when they are young.


The situation of anger and rebellion against the liver is not ubiquitous, but we ignore that anger is one of the causes.

Chinese medicine believes that long-term anger, easily lead to liver qi stagnation, and liver qi stagnation lead to physiological disorders, such as irregular menstruation, breast hyperplasia, endocrine disorders.

Some current surveys show that people who are prone to anger are 6 times more likely to have coronary heart disease than normal people, and liver disease may be 8 times higher than normal people.

Therefore, even doctors recommend that patients with liver disease should maintain a positive and cheerful attitude.


Strong weightlifting, sedentary wetland injury, the so-called strong weightlifting, meaning simple, that is, barely lifting their own weight, easily lead to muscle, sprained waist.

The Chinese doctor thinks that the waist is the house of the kidney, the waist is injured, and the kidney is also vulnerable.

The sedentary tide refers to the place where the cold is raised in a row, and the body is easily exposed to moisture and cold, and it is easy to hurt the kidney.

Even today, we find that sitting in a cold place, such as a stone, is prone to diarrhea.


The cold-cold cold lungs mean that once the body is cold, or if you eat cold food, the lungs are easily injured, such as coughing, coughing, runny nose, and stuffy nose.

Moreover, Chinese medicine also said that “the lungs are warm and aversion to cold, if the cold is in the lungs or cold,” it can be seen that children who eat cold drinks or suffer cold are the root causes of respiratory diseases.


Intentional damage to God’s body is too tired, tired, often worried, and over-thought.

Of course, I will be mentally tired.

In fact, today it also refers to the inability to work and rest, resulting in overwork, loss of resistance, insomnia, neurasthenia and other issues.


Wind and cold, cold and hot weather, in the Chinese medicine, refers to the four evils that cause disease. In fact, it also refers to the damage of the external environment to the human body, such as rain, cold, heatstroke, etc., which can lead to physical illness.


Fear is not closely related to the emotional and health of people, excessive fear, sexual intercourse is not temperate, easy to hurt the kidney.

This in turn leads to a decline in human immunity and is prone to multiple diseases.

Conclusion: These are the “seven injuries” in Chinese medicine, but we may hurt three or four times a day.

And health, we even have to raise, but also “set”, to quit our bad habits.

How to detoxify and clear the intestines to protect the health of Chinese medicine to recommend 4 major detoxification methods


How to detoxify and clear the intestines to protect the health of Chinese medicine to recommend 4 major detoxification methods

Chinese medicine’s understanding of “poison” Chinese medicine has a long history of understanding “poison”.

In the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon”, which was written more than two thousand years ago, there were 58 references to the word “poison”.

However, the poison at that time mainly referred to the toxicity of the drug, the poison of the beast and the “epidemic poison” causing the infectious disease.

Later, the so-called poison of Chinese medicine is mostly hot poison, that is, “the poison of the hot”.

Especially the mood is not smooth, liver qi stagnation, long-term fire or eating spicy and thick taste, accumulated less and more, fire poison endogenous is the most common cause.

Therefore, there are heat poisoning, fetal toxicity, fire poisoning, and later expanded to wet poison, blood poison, evil poison, scorpion venom and so on.

In general, the so-called human poison of Chinese medicine is essentially a substance that is not excreted by the human body and is harmful to the human body.

In the course of medical development for thousands of years, Chinese medicine has accumulated rich experience in detoxification and health care, which is worthy of inheritance, promotion and promotion.

In general, female detoxification is to maintain bowel movements, urinating, sweat glands “three ways” usually can.

The best detoxification method of the body, diarrhea, defecation and detoxification: it is the most direct and effective detoxification method.

It is used for people with phlegm, constipation, irritability, headache, toothache, sore throat, and cold.

The representative prescription is Fangfengtongsheng Pill.

Because of its comprehensive efficacy, it can cure diseases and health care. Therefore, there is a saying that “there is no disease, no wind, no wind.”

Keep your stools smooth in your life, eat more fruits and vegetables, and eat less spicy food.

Diuretic and dampness detoxification method: plain vegetarian food tastes thick, easy to get wet and turbid, water wet inside stop, sip gradually, and become poisonous for a long time.

The performance is yellow and swollen, dizzy, heavy and lazy, and urinary.

The representative party is Alisma Decoction (Aesthesia, Atractylodes).

In the ancient book, there is a record that “Shen Nong tastes a hundred herbs, and when he encounters seventy-two poisons in a day, he gets tea and solves it.”

From this point of view, in addition to the detoxification effect of tea itself, diuretic detoxification is also an important means of detoxification.

Drink more water, no more than 2000 ml per day, eat more than a lot of food, such as melon, watermelon, cucumber, loofah, tomatoes, radish, cabbage and so on.

Sweating and Detoxification Law: As early as in the summer, business, and Zhou era, our ancestors had “mu”, “bath”, that is, good hygiene habits such as shampooing and bathing. Later, the hot spring bathing was basically clean.On the basis of the skin, promote blood circulation of the skin and detoxify by sweating.

“Nei Jing” “Difficulties” has the method of internal disease and external treatment, and also put forward the idea of “opening the ghost door” of sweating and detoxification.

Diet detoxification method: Modern Chinese medicine believes that it is an effective way to remove toxins from the body, such as mung bean, which can be used to eliminate alcohol toxins.Make up the gas, sweet and soft, with intestines, detoxification, pain relief and other functions.

Fruit and vegetable juice (fresh fruit juice and fresh vegetable juice) enters the body and the recombinant blood is alkaline, so that the toxin accumulated in the cells is dissolved and then replaced.

Conclusion: The method of TCM detoxification in the article is very simple. Some daily ingredients can also be detoxified. So do female friends see this article with any heartbeat?

Do not choose to use drugs when it comes to detoxification. If you intervene in the body, you will bounce back. Why not try to try the above Chinese medicine detoxification method.