[How to cook flat food]_Dumplings_How to make

[How to cook flat food]_Dumplings_How to make

Do you know flat food, some people may find it strange. In fact, flat food is what we call dumplings. It is another name for dumplings in Shandong. Dumplings are very delicious. It can be made into various flavors. DumplingsThe key to the deliciousness is to adjust the filling. Experienced people will know that the dumplings are well adjusted.

So how do you cook the wrapped dumplings and what is the best maturity?


Let the boss process the pork stuffing in the vegetable market, otherwise you will be tired of chopping it yourself, depending on your taste to choose, like more pork, put more pork, like celery, buy more celery, how you like it.

Flat food practice diagram 22.

This is almond peel, it is square.

It’s almost the same as the dumpling skin, just the shape is different.


Chop the celery into the stuffing, and place the pork in a larger bowl 4.

Tofu celery pork knead together in a large bowl!

(Wash your hands clean, people with long nails will be scared when I see them) 5.

The good stuff looks at the stuffing, so I forgot to take a snapshot of the stir-fry part. The fire is better. The main process is: oiling, when the 8 is separated, the stuffing, the water is quickly absorbed, the cooking wine is put on, and then the cooking is continued.

It ‘s best to scent the scent. It ‘s just a little bit salty under normal circumstances. How to fry this one is good. I need to improve it.


With the filling slightly cooler, make a suitable amount with a spoon and place it on the skin 7 position.

Press the middle part to fold it inward and press it in. During the folding process, press the gap next to the head.


Continue to fold in half.


The part that breaks through the stuffing is crooked.

Squeeze together, if not, dip 10 in water.

Wrapped shape, wow.

Sorry, my bag is not professional enough.


Ok, so much processing, you can steam on various steamers.

Recipe Tips: Don’t stick a little water to stick, it’s faster.

If you pack a lot and want to save it for tomorrow, remember to steam it first.

Otherwise, the flour has hardened and will fall out.

Speaking of flat food, I remembered 馄饨 again.

These three types of dumplings are actually planned as dumplings in my eyes.

I think it’s just the shape is different, and it’s different when eating.

When should we eat, everyone should know.

There may be some requirements for the taste of these foods.

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