Farewell to frizz shortcuts to promote smooth and smooth hair_1

Say goodbye to frizz and promote smooth and smooth hair

Cut a fashionable and fashionable hairstyle, but it is greatly discounted because of frizzy hair?

Don’t let fluffy messy hair ruin your image!

The editor first corrects the wrong concept of hair care, then teaches the secrets and techniques of good hair quality, and finally exposes the easy-to-use word-of-mouth products to guide you to replace the smooth and smooth hair!


  No-Rinse Conditioner helps you get rid of myths!


Reaching the wrong concept of soft and shiny hair, not only does the hair quality not get better, but it can also make the situation worse.

Cuties first correct the wrong concept of hair care, and solve your doubts about hair care products, you can easily develop enviable shiny hair.

  Myth 1: Is “running” equal to “hair care”?

  The function of the moisturizer is to make the hair smooth. The maintenance effect only works on the surface of the hair. After flushing with water, the moisturizing will not stay on the hair.

However, the nourishment of the hair cream can deeply repair the sebum layer, and the nutrients can remain on the surface of the hair.

  Myth 2: The more expensive hair care, the better?

  Price and quality are not necessarily directly proportional.

Before buying, you should pay attention to the ingredients on the back of the product. Choosing ingredients containing “silicon phosphorus” and “cationic polymer” can effectively combat frizz and help you to say goodbye to frizz.

  Myth 3: Does the conditioner have to be cleaned?

  The main point of using the nursing hair is to leave the moisturizer on the hair, the rush is too clean, but the effect is greatly reduced!

A little smooth feel is the right way to use it!

  Myth 4: It is good to use hair conditioner once a week, even if the hair is used many times?

  As long as you wash your hair, you need hair.

Because the nutrients of hair are lost every day, nourishment is required by the action of hair care.

People with dry hair need more frequent use of conditioner to give hair a nourishing fraction.

  Myth 5: The longer the hair care products stay on the hair, the better?

  Hair absorbs nutrients for about 10-15 minutes, and the longer it stays, the better the results will not be.

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