Longli Bio participated in the 20th China Production Industry Forum

Longli Bio participated in the 20th China Production Industry Forum

On August 13, 2018, the 20th China Health Care Industry Forum hosted by the China Health Care Association and the National Ageing Office Information Center opened at the Jinan High-tech Zone International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Longli Bio-Marketing Center Jinan Terminal Product Sales Department representatives attended the conference to learn about the latest trends in the development of the big health industry, collect customer information and distribute more than 200 copies of promotional materials.

The organizing committee of the forum invited Zhou Bangyong, vice chairman of the China Health Care Association, Li Wei, director of the Information Center of China’s aging office, and other leaders of the relevant state departments. Experts gathered to study how to maintain old-age health and eco-tourism, technological innovation, humanistic economy.The integration of industries in different fields such as inclusive finance and socialized services, the use of the Internet + to create a new model of the old-age health production industry, and the sustainable development of large health industries such as pension and health care.

At the meeting, the relevant person in charge of Longli Bio-business and long-term partners had an in-depth exchange on the promotion and sales plan of the company’s terminal health products.

This forum summarizes the achievements of previous forums. The senior officials of the National Information Office of the Office of the Elderly, Mr. Xin Xin and the participating experts have made suggestions and suggestions, and should thoroughly understand the relevant policies of the national pension maintenance production industry issued by the multi-department;The sustainable development system has effectively communicated the practical problems faced by the old-age health production industry and made in-depth exchanges and put forward their own opinions.

At the far end, Longli Bio actively conforms to the trend of big health development, proposes the development strategy of “Great Health + Internet”, and uses various technologies such as big data to develop a variety of end products such as interactive health care, functional tea, hypoglycemic and weight loss.To help maintain health and to develop the health industry.

The company will continue to refine the end product categories such as xylo-oligosaccharide, xylitol and soymilk powder, strengthen the new Internet format, and actively explore a new model of health industry marketing under the big health industry to promote the company’s continued development.

Apple puree carrot soup for infant diarrhea


Apple puree carrot soup for infant diarrhea

[Introduction]The dietary principles for treating general infant diarrhea are to reduce the amount of food to reduce the burden of obesity, to limit the mildness to prevent lower fatty acids from irritating the intestinal wall, and to limit the increase in peristalsis caused by the products of intestinal fermentation.

Basically, that is to give a light diet for internal repair.

  Carrots often use food for diarrhea.

When using, make carrots puree, add water to make carrot soup.

500 grams of carrots make 1000 ml of soup, about 4 rice bowls.

This carrot soup contains about 300 kcal per 1000 milliliters, and it contains only 0.

2%, it is rich in nature and contains pectin, which has the effect of forming stool and adsorbing bacteria and toxins.

  Therefore, in the early stage of diarrhea in children, if treated with carrot soup, you can receive better results.

Apple fiber is thinner, has less asynchronous stimulation, and is full of oozing. It contains pectin and has an adsorption effect. The acid contained also has astringent effect. The heat energy contained is slightly equal, which is also in line with the principle of treating diarrhea.
  When eating, wash the apple with soap, cut it in half, gently scrape the apple flesh with a spoon, and feed it to the sick child while scraping.

  This kind of dietary treatment, because of the very low heat energy, the content of other nutrients is also very small, it should not be taken for too long, so as not to affect the nutritional status of the sick child.

When diarrhea is relieved, it should be changed to other diets, such as rice soup, dilute skim milk, yogurt, etc. according to the actual situation, from light to thick, so that there is a stage of functional recovery.

Left hand commonly used to prevent stroke in the elderly

Left hand commonly used to prevent stroke in the elderly

In the middle-aged and elderly population, the majority of patients with three high levels, therefore, the incidence of stroke will increase. If elderly friends want to do something in life to prevent the occurrence of stroke, you can use the following method.

That is, you must always use your left hand in life. Experts point out that this will have a good effect on preventing strokes.

  Most of the elderly have hypertension, hyperlipidemia and other symptoms, and they are very prone to stroke.

According to brain experts, the latest research finds that elderly people often use their left hand consciously to help prevent strokes.

“This view was made because Japanese medical scientists studied more than 60% of stroke patients with hemorrhage due to cerebrovascular rupture due to microvascular rupture and hemorrhage in the right hemisphere.

After scientific analysis, this is directly related to the habit of using the right hand in daily life.

“People are accustomed to using their right hand in life, and few people often use the left hand, and they are often ridiculed as” left-handed. ”

This results in an imbalance in the use of the two hemispheres of most human brains.

The right hand is often used to increase the elasticity and function of the left cerebral hemisphere vascular nerve. The left hand is rarely used, and the elasticity and function of the right cerebral hemisphere vascular nerve cannot obtain the long-term exercise and strengthening of the left cerebral hemisphere.

  Therefore, experts suggest that the elderly who mainly use the right hand in their daily life should pay special attention to the conscious use of the left hand and the right foot. Braking exercises and enhances the elasticity and function of the right cerebral hemisphere vascular nerve by increasing the activity of the right limb.This can greatly reduce or prevent elderly cerebral vascular rupture and bleeding, thereby preventing the common disease of elderly with cerebral hemorrhage.

“This is also one of the easiest ways to prevent stroke.

Causes of chest enlargement Beware of varicose veins in the upper and lower extremities

Causes of chest enlargement Beware of varicose veins in the upper and lower extremities

Many women not only pay attention to their face at all times, but also pay attention to their body shape, so their daily diet will be adjusted, but most people will worry about why the body ‘s meat is reduced by taking medicine, dieting, etc., butOn the contrary, the meat has not been reduced, and the top is getting bigger day by day, becoming a big ass girl and wearing pants are not good-looking.

In fact, there are certain reasons for this phenomenon.

  Due to the different nature of work, the vast majority of women in the military work in the office. Because they have been sitting on chairs for a long time and do not often get up and move around, it is inevitable that they will grow larger.

However, if you find that your tibia has become larger, you will not change the bad habit of sitting for a long time in the office, which may cause people to suffer from varicose veins in the upper and lower extremities.

  Sedentary postures that tend to make the buttocks bigger can not only easily distort a person’s body shape, but also make the tibia larger, which is the case for sedentary.

Most people like to sit on a chair with their backs against their backs, step on Erlang’s legs or put their feet in front, etc. These sitting positions not only make the shoulders sag and enlarge easily, but also cause back pain and discomfort.

  In fact, whether at home or at work, if you always step on Erlang’s leg, one punch is a whole day, and it will turn into blood and lymph circulation in your legs, causing swelling in the lower body.

No matter how well you take care of edema, a small amount of massage will gradually highlight the veins of the lower limbs, which will seriously affect the circulation of the lower body, resulting in a slight thickening, and even the muscles will be stiff.

Therefore, it is reasonable to make the butt bigger.

  Other reasons for the front end to become larger. 1. Wearing high heels for a long time and poor sitting posture tend to make your butt bigger and bigger. There are other reasons.

In order to make the figure look tall and sexy, women will wear high heels for a long time. When walking in high heels, they will naturally form the habit of bending and bending, and some people are used to focusing on one leg.

These bad habits will cause the pelvis to distort. When the pelvis is distorted, it will become wide and the hips will become larger.

  2. Wear tight clothing. Most women choose to wear tight clothing in order to be slimmer. Although the figure looks slim at the moment, it is a big threat to their health in the long run.

Wearing underwear that does not fit your size, too small will pinch your skin and prevent blood flow, and too large will have a gap between the top and the underwear. Failure to support the buttocks will also cause stepping and sagging.

If the underpants are too large, the previous hips lack sufficient support and sag and expand, while the underpants are too small or too tight, the meat will be squeezed out and it will inevitably deform forward.

  Large butt beware of suffering from varicose veins in the upper and lower extremities. The content above mainly tells everyone that the buttocks are getting larger and larger, and what the content can reflect the harm of this sitting posture.
Because the venous valve acts on the veins of the lower limbs of the human body, due to the presence of the venous valve, blood flows unidirectionally (to the heart).

It is this one-way flow characteristic that ensures that blood flow will not flow backward and accumulate.

The contraction of the muscles causes the return of blood in the lower limbs. In addition to the role of the venous valve, the contraction of the muscles in the lower limbs also needs assistance.

When the lower limbs move, the corresponding muscles contract, squeezing the veins, and at the same time, the venous valve opens to promote venous blood flow.

  Dangers of varicose veins in the lower limbs1, causing swelling and soreness of the legs. Suffering from this disease has no obvious symptoms at first, but it makes the skin of the lower legs feel itchy, swelling, soreness, fatigue, and heaviness in the legs.Especially when I stand all day, my calf is sore and my feet are broken and swollen. It is more comfortable to raise my feet.

  2. There is a high probability of blood stasis in some people. Some people have a higher probability of developing this disease, especially women who have just given birth to a child. The symptoms are more obvious before the holiday. The more severe the varicose veins, the lower the local pain in the lower limbsThe more obvious, even blood stasis in the feet occurs, and the toes appear purple.

  3. It is difficult for the blood to return. Some people find that their skin pigmentation is more severe, and skin diseases such as skin eczema may occur, which is actually caused by varicose veins in the upper and lower limbs.

In addition, in severe cases, the blood is not easy to return, and may cause silt ulcers, and sometimes rupture and bleeding of the vein.

  4. Causes pulmonary embolism. In addition to the above diseases, it can cause more serious diseases, and pulmonary embolism is one of them.

Some perineal vein walls produce blood clots, which are inflamed, that is, thrombotic vasculitis, and the epidermis will show redness, swelling, pain and other symptoms through the veins, and even palpable nodules can be touched.

If blood clots move to the lungs with blood flow, fatal pulmonary embolism may occur.

  Many women think that their own growing front is caused by overeating, but in fact this is not the case. It may also be caused by long-term bad sitting posture, and sedentary is one of them.

Sitting for long periods of time not only causes varicose veins in the limbs, but also makes people susceptible to varicose veins in the upper and lower limbs. This disease not only makes the lower limbs feel sore, which can cause skin diseases and pulmonary embolism.

Therefore, if you want to be healthy, it is best to get rid of these bad sitting postures.

Members of the Grain Family

Members of the Grain Family

With the improvement of people’s living standards and reduction of physical expenditure, lifestyle diseases such as excessive and high blood pressure have appeared.

At this time, due to the rich trace elements and supplementary fiber, the health value of cereals gradually emerged.

  Miscellaneous grains include: 1.

Cereal cereals are small, coarsely ground grains such as oats, buckwheat, millet, millet, and so on.


Leguminous cereals such as mung bean and cowpea.

Coarse grain is not absolute. It mainly depends on its processing method. Small-yield grains that have been slightly processed. Fine grains such as wheat can also become coarse grains, such as 90 or more or whole wheat flour.

  Although cereals are one of the essential foods for life, there must be certain limits and skills when eating them.

On average, miscellaneous grains should account for 1/3 of the daily staple food accumulation, and should not exceed 1/2 at most, of which cereals account for 2/3 and legumes account for 1/3.

  When eating, cereals, beans and fine grains should be reasonably matched. Fine grains account for about 70%, coarse grains are about 20%, and beans should be 10%. This is more beneficial to the human body.Absorption and utilization of nutrients.

Take steamed rice as an example, 70% rice, 20% corn, and 10% mung bean can be used to steam nutritious and healthy multi-grain rice (because coarse grains are hard, you can soak them in water for 6 hours before steaming).

  Note: It is not recommended to eat coarse grains alone, unless it tastes bad, and is not easy to digest and absorb. It should be eaten with fine grains, fruits and vegetables.

Miscellaneous grains are not the main ingredient of daily life, and excessive consumption is wasted.

In addition, it is not advisable for infants, the elderly and patients to eat more grains.

Develop students’ interest in physical education

Develop students’ interest in physical education

Summary of content: To improve the quality of physical education, it is first of all to capture students’ interest in physical education.

Learning without interest is passive and creative.

This article starts from establishing the correct learning motivation, cultivating students ‘practice interest and awareness of participation, and the connection between teachers in physical education. It is simply divided into the fullness of interest in physical education and how to cultivate students’ practice interest, becoming a lifelong beneficiary of sports.

  In physical education, some students often do not take the initiative in physical education classes. They lack enthusiasm for the exercises provided by teachers and adopt a coping attitude.

This is a big obstacle to doing a good job in physical education and cultivating all-round talents. There are many reasons for this, but the main reason is that students lack interest in physical exercise.

As the saying goes: “Interest is the best teacher.”

It can be seen that the students’ interest in learning is stimulated and cultivated. Teachers can further master the characteristics of zoology of interest and can gradually take physical education to the next level.

  Interest is a manifestation of human psychological activity. It is the psychological height that people actively know something or engage in certain activities. It is generated and developed on the basis of need. It is not inherent, but an acquired society.Cultivated by practice.

How to properly guide and cultivate students’ interests in the teaching of physical education is suddenly particularly important.

  First, help students establish the right motivation for learning.

  Incentive is the intrinsic reason to motivate people to act to achieve a certain purpose. Motivation is based on need and becomes the fulcrum and source of interest.

  Although the current middle school students are active in thinking, they still have certain limitations in their cognitive ability. They often take their own needs as the starting point for sports cognition and use their personal preferences as their own motivation for learning.

As a result, there are good, correct, and comprehensive motivations for learning; there are also negative, temporary, and one-sided motivations for learning.

Due to different learning motivations, students’ learning attitudes and practice interests will be different.

Teachers are bound to strengthen moral education and teach students about physical education and health, as well as intellectual development, personality development, and social abilities.

To enable students to gradually establish a good physical education class, and often participate in physical exercise for today, for the future better study, employment and healthy living needs, as well as the realization of personal value, in order to gain a place in the fierce social competition is necessaryHave a basic quality.

Establish a good and correct motivation for learning.

In addition, combining the deeds of successful people in Chinese and foreign sports, with their hard work and tenacious qualities, set an example for students, and further promote students to establish the correct motivation for learning, so that they can truly become an intrinsic motivation to stimulate their interest in learning.

Therefore, enabling students to establish a good and correct learning motivation is the ideological basis for cultivating learning interest.

  Second, to protect students’ practice interests with feasible teaching requirements.

  In physical education, teachers can only be accepted by students when they meet the teaching requirements that meet the actual conditions of the students, and can complete them with confidence and happily. Otherwise, it is easy for students to be discouraged. This requires the following considerations:Aspects.

First of all, when making teaching progress and arranging lesson plans, we should consider the initial coherence of the textbook content. Based on the current level of students, gradually increase the difficulty and quality requirements of action technology, and put forward what most students can accomplish after hard work.Teaching requirements, for too high or too low requirements, are not in line with the students’ psychology, and often produce fear or disdain to suppress emotions.

Secondly, in the combination of teaching materials, we must consider the rationality of the students’ physical practice parts and the comprehensiveness of the development of physical fitness, and truly achieve the scientific unity of the differences in practice methods and the practice effects. Otherwise, it is easy for students to develop physiologyAnd psychological fatigue.

Third, when determining the load of the students, we must consider the tasks of the lesson, the characteristics of the teaching materials, and the physiological characteristics and actual bearing capacity of the students. Therefore, as a starting point, the three are organically combined to ensure thatStudents have high emotions and energy during the study and practice.

If the teaching task is set too high or too low, it cannot properly adapt to the students’ physiological load, which often results in loose discipline, laziness or exhaustion, which is not conducive to the physical development of students.

Fourth, the overall ability of the students being taught is uneven and generally distributed normally. Such teachers should focus on the middle while paying special attention to the “two ends”, and pay attention to the majority of students in the middle while teaching according to their aptitudeTo take care of the “both-end” students with appropriate lifting requirements, this will not cause psychological relaxation or inferiority to a small number of students, and will increase the feasible rate of the exercise, and mobilize the overall enthusiasm for participating in the exercise.

Therefore, reasonable teaching requirements are a prerequisite for protecting students’ practice interests.

  Third, the diversity of teaching methods and organizational teaching methods.

  From a physiological point of view, continuous single stimuli are prone to over-limitation inhibition, causing decline or dispersion. Repeating exercises of the same content can easily make students feel bored and boring, leading to a decline in exercise interest. Therefore, a variety of teaching methods must be used.And flexible organizational teaching methods to meet the needs of students’ interest conversion.

  In determining the teaching methods and selecting teaching methods, it should be consistent with the characteristics of the teaching materials, starting from the tasks, objectives, and requirements of the lessons, and starting from the students’ actual conditions, to serve the content of the teaching in a variety of teaching formats.

In the practice environment, organizational form, and equipment, etc., we must always be creative.

In the same learning content, transforming a variety of practice forms to stimulate students ‘practice interest, so that students always feel fresh throughout the learning process, which also ensures that students’ enthusiasm for practicing is always maintained at a greater level.

In addition, according to the characteristics of students’ age, master their psychological characteristics, and have a special charm of training students with rich interest in practice.

Teenage students, who are eager to win successfully and richly, use competition methods in teaching. They are simple and easy to use and lively in form. The students ‘learning mood is high, their practice interest is strong, and even the quality of teaching is improved, replacing the student’s study time.And, in addition, it can give full play to students’ subjective initiative, which has a very obvious effect on teachers’ further grasp of students’ physical quality differences and personality characteristics.

It can be seen that the diversity of teaching methods and organizational teaching methods is the key to cultivating students’ practice interest.

  Fourth, refine the language expression of the image, and gracefully stretch the demonstration action to create a strong level of learning interest for the students.

  Language is a way of thinking exchange, a medium and a tool for teachers to preach, teach, and solve puzzles.

In the teaching of physical education, the teaching of knowledge technology and skills; the cultivation of ideological and moral character; the formation of will quality; the completion of classroom tasks;Teachers need to have accurate language, clear levels, and strong logic to inspire students’ thinking and generate interest in class.

Similarly, from the teacher’s demonstration movements, for a correct, skilful and graceful demonstration movement, it can not only give students a beautiful enjoyment, but also often establish a brand new, correct movement appearance in the students’ brains.Invigorate the thinking, stimulate the desire for beauty with a deep image and beauty, and learn the psychology at the historic moment. Of course, the good demonstration effect complements the explanation.

Grasp the rationality of the timing, direction, location, and angle of the demonstration. In the long run, it will not only greatly increase the students’ interest in physical education, but also truly learn and use the essence of physical education.

  Of course, there are many ways to cultivate students’ interest in the practice of physical education, and there are various means.

Teachers should organize physical education and activities correctly and reasonably according to the characteristics of middle school students.

Make students have both direct and indirect interest in physical education, and follow the principle of gradual and orderly, arrange the content of teaching materials from easy to difficult, so that students can see and achieve the desired results through hard work, and produce a pleasant emotional experience.

As long as you continue to enrich your teaching art, you can stimulate students’ interest in learning and practicing. Boots enable students to enter the halls of sports and become lifelong beneficiaries of sports.

The cultivation and formation of interest requires a process. Teachers must be patiently guided and strengthened repeatedly, so that they can cultivate a strong and stable interest.

Note: nose hair prevention should not be overdone

Note: nose hair prevention should not be overdone

Mr. Hao, who lives in Zhengzhou, has been suffering from nasal cavity erosion, pain, and high fever.

In the Department of Otolaryngology, Henan Provincial People’s Hospital, chief physician Zhu Youli was diagnosed with nasal vestibitis.

After careful inquiry of the medical history, Mr. Hao’s cause led to a small bad habit-plucking his nose.

  In the otolaryngology clinic, you can often encounter diseases like Mr. Hao because of plucking nose hair.

Because the structure of the hair follicles of the nasal hair is the same as the structure of the skin hair follicles, pulling the nose hair often destroys the structure of the hair follicles. Once the bacteria invade, it causes inflammation of the hair follicles, resulting in nasal vestibitis or nasal bloating.

  Chief physician Zhu Youli said that for modern people who are pursuing quality of life, nose hair is not too beautiful.

Long nose hair quietly “red apricot out of the wall”, usually people are embarrassed and embarrassed, and even well-dressed, it will give people the impression of procrastination.

It is recommended that people who love beauty should always pay attention to the length of the nose hair and cut off the exposed nasal cavity in time.

Chief physician Zhu Youli reminded that nose hair cannot be pulled out, and the enlargement should be moderate, not exposed, and should not be cut too short.

  Do n’t betray your nose hair, it ‘s your first health portal.

Long nose hair is woven into a net in the vestibule of the nasal cavity to block dust; its cilia movement helps the nasal cavity excrete secretions; in addition, dry or cold air is filtered through the nasal cavity and becomes warm and moist.

If the nose hair is cut too short, cold air will directly enter the pharyngeal cavity or lungs, causing irritation to tissues and organs, causing pharyngitis and bronchitis.

Without the filtering and excretion effect of nose hair, it is easy to reduce human immunity and cause upper respiratory tract infection or other diseases.

Competent people may not be able to manage people

Competent people may not be able to manage people

Being able to do it yourself is not the same as bringing everyone together.

  Xiao Li, whose parents work in government agencies, returned to China after graduating from a major in mass communication in a well-known American university and entered a well-known media advertising department.

He started as a salesman, absorbed the advanced marketing concepts he learned, as well as his parents’ resources, coupled with his diligence and understanding, his career developed rapidly.

Soon, the company appointed him as the director of the advertising department to take charge of the operation of the advertising department.

It didn’t take long, although the sales staff in the advertising department continued to increase, and the performance was declining. Xiao Li was so anxious every day that he had to often charge forward, but this greatly reduced his overall management of the work in the department, and the advertising department fell into nowhere.There are many people talking and talking . Li Xiaoli’s IQ is undoubtedly relatively high. He went abroad to study abroad at a young age. He always can sharply smell business opportunities in work and collect information on manufacturing, customers and other aspects in time.Perfect and feasible marketing plan to continuously increase business volume.

But after such high IQ employees become leaders, they may not be able to follow other people to achieve continuous business growth.

Whether it is in the business world, or in institutions, schools, this phenomenon is very common. What is the reason for this?

  First of all, managers with high IQs may be “scared.”

High IQ means that you have a strong learning ability, can quickly absorb new knowledge and ideas, and turn them into a part of your own knowledge structure, so as to gain an advantage in the competition.

With the increase of successful experience, individuals expect more and more of their own abilities, become more confident, and act more vigorously.

However, when such a highly intelligent person carefully manages the manager, it is likely that he will not listen to other people’s opinions, thinking that his subordinates only need to implement the concept of leadership and what the leader thinks is right.

The more successful he was in his previous career, the more confident he was and the more different voices and opinions he put aside.

But because of the change of position, the business to be handled is different from before. If you close your eyes and listen, it will inevitably go “not far away.”

  There is no doubt that managers with high IQs may struggle to achieve “delayed gratification”.

Professor Sternberg, a psychologist at Yale University in the United States, believes that people with successful intelligence can well control their impulses, know when to persevere, and when to give up.interest.

In the enterprise, some managers with high IQs often get involved immediately if they find business opportunities, because they especially believe that “opportunities cannot be lost and they don’t come again.”

They have a strong feeling of winning, so it is easy to ignore some small and inconspicuous information. This asymmetry of market information is the source of most wrong decisions.

Nobel Prize-winning psychologist Daniel?

Professor Kahneman has used a large number of experiments to prove this limited rationality of man in economic activities.

And some high IQ managers often become impulsive and desperate leaders, with disastrous consequences for the enterprise.

  Third, high IQ managers may lack a sense of equilibrium.

People with high IQs may have good ideas, may find good solutions, and solve practical problems well.

But as Professor Sternberg originally pointed out, the key question is: Can we achieve an effective balance of these three aspects?

Only by achieving an effective balance can we achieve the main goals in life and become a competent manager.

Scientific research has consistently shown that any success is the result of individuals using the ability to create and practice to adapt to the environment, choose the environment, and shape the environment.

Managers with high IQs should see both trees and forests.

Therefore, it is not enough to have a high IQ. Only by combining previous successful problem-solving experience with an open mind and creative exploration to achieve an effective intelligent balance, can an excellent manager be achieved.

  Therefore, after becoming a manager, high IQ people must be good at listening to their subordinates’ complaints, reasonable accusations, and criticisms.

While maintaining independence, collect information extensively, effectively balance your intellectual resources, and achieve truly efficient and rational management.

People over the age of forty should step by step

People over the age of forty should step by step

As more and more people enter the yoga studio, there are also extra people who start to study whether yoga is as magical as the legend.

The New South Wales Injury Hazard Research Center recently listed a list of sports injuries, pointing out that the sport with the highest probability of injury is fishing first, followed by yoga.

Sea fishing was because someone was fishing on the reef and was caught in the sea by the big waves.

In Yoga, the research at the Research Center revealed that one in four people who practice yoga has been injured.

Many patients who are injured in practicing yoga are clinically treated, some ligament strains, spinal lacerations, arthritis, neuralgia, Achilles tendon tears, lumbar disc herniation, etc.

    It was clinically found that the majority of patients injured in practicing yoga were women in their 40s.

Because the bones of people over the age of 40 have already been formed, they will not reach such a level in the short term. If they have excessive demands on themselves in this regard, they may cause some harm.

This kind of muscle group contraction exercise, we must remember that it is enough to stop, and gradually.

    Many movements of yoga are the extreme gradients of the body, so experts recommend that you must be very gentle during the practice process. Don’t rush to achieve it. One step in place should be performed step by step according to the actual situation.

Eating too full for dinner is bad for your health

Eating too full for dinner is bad for your health

In urban life, many people can work during the day, casually make up for lunch, but eat a lot at dinner, and even get full.

In fact, the danger of eating too much for dinner is very big.

If you eat too much for an obesity dinner, the extra transformations will be stored in your body and make you fat.

Therefore, the transients absorbed by dinner should not exceed 30% of the total transients injected throughout the day, which is critical for preventing and controlling overshoot.

Diabetic middle-aged people have a long-term dinner full, and repeatedly stimulate a large amount of insulin secretion, and diabetes often occurs.

Pancreatitis dinner is too good to eat, coupled with drinking too much, it is easy to cause acute pneumonia, making people shock in sleep.

The peak of urination in people with stones is usually after meals?
For 5 hours, if dinner is eaten too late, all urine produced after dinner will be retained in the urinary tract and cannot be excreted in time.

In this way, the calcium in the urine of the urinary tract will continue to increase, and over time, urinary tract stones will form.

Excessive conversion of coronary heart disease dinner can cause increased blood stasis.

Excessive high blood pressure is implanted in the arterial wall, which can cause arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

I eat too much for dinner, and swell into the surrounding organs to cause stress, activate cells in some parts of the brain, and cause various nightmares.

Moreover, terrible dreams can easily make people tired, and over time, they can cause diseases such as neurasthenia.

Bowel cancer If most of the non-staple food of the day is ingested at dinner, these substances will be affected by anaerobic bacteria in the large intestine, which will produce harmful substances.

These harmful substances can increase liver and kidney burden and toxic stimulation to the brain, and caused by gastrointestinal peristalsis during sleep, which will prolong the time that these substances stay in the intestinal cavity, which may easily cause colorectal cancer.

Whether you eat too much meat for high blood pressure dinners will not only increase gastrointestinal burden, but also increase blood pressure and blood pressure suddenly.

When a person sleeps, the blood flow speed is greatly slowed down, and a large amount of blood lipids will be deposited on the blood vessel wall, causing atherosclerosis.

According to relevant scientific experiments, people who eat food regularly for dinner have higher blood lipids than people who eat vegetarian food 2?
3 times.

And if people suffering from high blood pressure and hypertension eat food at dinner, the harm is inevitable.

In addition, there are some foods that cannot be eaten for dinner?

Desserts after dinner are contraindicated. Many people like to eat desserts after dinner. It feels like a meal is complete, but too sweet things can easily burden the digestive system.

At the same time, the sugar in the dessert is difficult to break down in the state of rest, and the boots will be converted into aunts, easily causing obesity.

In the long run, it may also cause cardiovascular disease.

Greasy foods should be rejected. In addition to greasy foods, there are some animal offal with higher cholesterol content.

These foods will increase the workload of the intestines, stomach, liver, gall, and pancreas, stimulate nerve centers, and affect sleep quality.

The three high populations should be strictly controlled.

It is not advisable to eat “expansive gas foods” at night. Some foods produce a large amount of gas during digestion, resulting in expanded gas.

Such as beans, Chinese cabbage, onions, corn, bananas, etc.

Excessive bloating can even make the stomach upset and affect sleep.

Therefore, you should try to avoid eating such food at night.

High-calcium foods caused by stones at night are not suitable for eating foods that are too high in calcium, such as shrimp skin and rib sampling.

Because the five internal organs are in a rest state at night, the calcium in high-calcium food is easily accumulated in the kidney and urethra after decomposition, causing stones.

Dinner is very important to us, so be sure to eat it.