Relieving emergency using acupoint method

Relieving “emergency” using acupoint method

In life, some people will inevitably suffer from acute illness, and if they are rescued in a timely manner, the patient can return to danger.
The following introduces several common acupoint treatment methods for acute diseases.
  1、点压阳陵泉穴治胆绞痛  胆囊炎、胆结石发作右上腹发生剧烈绞痛,若距医院较远,病人可在右小腿外侧腓骨头下寻找压痛敏感点,此点多在阳Lingquan point.
  Press the acupuncture points on the thumbs of both hands and massage for 2 minutes.
  2, point pressure to Yang points to relieve angina pectoris angina attacks often accompanied by chest compressions, suffocation, the condition is very critical.
At this time, you can hold a five-cent coin and press the edge of the coin to the Yang acupoint.Pressing for 3-6 minutes, angina can be relieved.
If you press the yang acupoint 3 to 4 times daily, it can effectively prevent angina pectoris.
  3, point pressure Sanyinjiao treatment of renal colic renal colic is a surgical emergency caused by urinary system stones.
The patient suffers from severe pain.
At this point, you can use the thumb to press and press Sanyinjiao (3 inches above the medial malleolus) and massage repeatedly for 3-5 minutes, and the renal colic can be relieved.
  4, point pressure Gong acupoint treatment of blood pressure sudden increase in blood pressure in patients with hypertension due to anger, anger or excitement, blood pressure will rise sharply, which is a great threat to the patient’s life.
At this point, you can press the Laogong point (that is, where the fingertips in the fists are pointed) to control blood pressure and gradually return to normal blood pressure.
The method is: use the thumb to press from the Laogong acupoint, press each fingertip one by one, exchange the compression left and right, and keep the heart calm and breathing evenly when pressing.
  5、点压合谷穴治晕厥  中暑、中风、虚脱等原因所致晕厥,病人突然昏倒,不省人事,面色苍白,大汗淋漓,病情紧迫,可用拇指掐捏患者合谷穴(虎口上),持续2-3 minutes, the syncope quickly disappeared.
Then go to the hospital for symptomatic treatment.
  Health reminder: urination beware of urination syncope 6, pressure on the heel followed by rhinoplasty labor, going out, etc., nose bleeding is prone to occur.
In the case of no medicine and far away from the hospital, you can quickly pinch the heel of the foot (the depression between the ankle and the calcaneus), the left nose bleeding, pinch the right heel; the right nose bleeding, pinch the left heel, can play a hemostatic effect.

Coarse grain children eat less computer family eat more

Coarse grain children eat less computer family eat more

Eating coarse grains has become a fashion.

Because too many “rich and noble diseases” are caused by eating too much, and as a result, some citizens are afraid of over-fine food and over-pursuing coarse food.

Nutrition experts point out that blindly eating coarse grains is not necessarily healthy.

  Eating coarse grains has a high content of calcium and iron in the absorption of cellulose and B vitamins in coarse grains. Fiber itself stimulates the large intestine in the human body, promotes intestinal peristalsis, and makes the stool soft and smooth.

At the same time, it has great benefits in preventing bowel cancer and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases caused by high blood lipids.

Therefore, it has been favored by urban people who have been invaded by “rich and noble diseases”.

And microfibers will combine with heavy metals in the body and harmful metabolites in food to replace the body.

Therefore, it is beneficial to the human body to eat a moderate amount of coarse grains containing high cellulose.

  However, there are three major drawbacks to coarse grains: The first is that coarse grains are not easily digested and the human body has a low absorption rate of nutrients in coarse grains.

Taking soy products as an example, the digestion and digestion rate of protein in the human body is only 50% when eating, cooking, and frying soybeans. However, after processing soybeans into tofu, the absorption rate rises to 90% -95%.

The second major drawback is that coarse grains affect the body’s absorption of calcium, iron and other nutrients.

High-fiber foods that have been eaten in large quantities for a long period of time have led to blocked protein supplementation, insufficient micro intake, and lack of trace elements, resulting in damage to bone, heart, blood and other organ functions, reducing the body’s ability to resist disease.

The third major drawback is that the coarse grains have poor sensory properties, and their nutritional value is not high. The same quality of fine grains and coarse grains must be the nutrients of the fine grains, which must be high in energy.Certainly related.

  Elderly people with long-term dysfunction have three principles of eating less coarse grains: First, the coarse and fine mix requires citizens to supplement their food, “coarse and fine grains can be complementary”; the second is the combination of coarse grains and non-staple foods.Milk and other non-staple foods complement its deficiency; the third is to eat coarse grains carefully. Generally, coarse grains have the disadvantages of poor sensory and poor absorption. You can solve this problem by cooking coarse grains or mixing them with fine grains.

Specific how to eat coarse grains should be divided into age groups: elderly people with long-term poor function (over 60 years old) and children with poor digestive function should eat less coarse grains and eat coarse grains carefully; middle-aged people especially have three highThose who have symptoms such as constipation, those who have been sitting in the office for a long time, contact the computer to target the family, and those who are targeted for entertainment should eat more coarse grains; athletes and manual workers must ask for energy as soon as possible and eat less coarse grains.

  Patients with gastric ulcer and hypertension who are cautious of different conditions should also eat coarse grains.

Patients with chronic gastritis, gastrointestinal ulcers, and acute gastroenteritis require soft foods, so avoid eating coarse grains;

Soy beans are rich in nutrition and osteoporosis. Middle-aged and elderly people who are in menopause can eat more, but patients with impaired renal function should eat less.

  Coarse grains are best eaten at dinner. Citizens should eat coarse grains at dinner. Normal people should eat them once every two days. If it is necessary for the “three highs”, they can also be arranged twice a day.

Or the specific amount of coarse grains consumed can be measured using cellulose as a benchmark, which is proportional to the daily absorption and conversion of the body.

The maximum adult daily absorption of 1800 calories requires 25 grams of cellulose, 2400 calories is 30 grams of cellulose, and 2800 calories is 35 grams of fiber.

For children between the ages of 1 and 18 years old, it is better to add 5-10 grams of cellulose to the age.

Medicated rid of cold cough

Medicated rid of cold cough

In recent days, Guangzhou has become cold, and the sudden cold has caused too many people to catch colds and colds, causing headaches, fever, sneezing, and coughing.

  There are several dietary recipes that can help eliminate colds and coughs-■ Lily Pear is commonly used with 15 grams of lily, 1 pear, 15 grams of sugar, and steamed for 2 hours.

It has the functions of clearing heat, moisturizing the lungs, relieving cough and urination, and it is used for cold cough.

■ Chuanbei Pear uses 1 large raw pear, peeled and cut out the heart, add 3 grams of Chuanbei Fritters, cover well, put in a bowl and steam for 1-2 hours, drink soup and eat pears, 1 a day.

Cough for a cold.

Chuanbei can nourish the lungs and relieve cough, and dissolve phlegm.

Pharmacology proves that the total alkaloids and non-alkaloids in Chuanbei have obvious antitussive and expectorant effects on experimental mice.

Pear can regenerate hydration and dryness, clearing heat and resolving phlegm, and used for lung heat and cough.

■ Lichuanbei Baiju Decoction 1 pear, cored slices, Chuanbei, lisianthus, and white chrysanthemum 3 grams each, decoction to remove residue, add crystal sugar to drink.

Cough for cold bronchitis.

The bellflower tastes bitter, spicy and flat.

Function Xuanfei, throat, expectorant, purulent.

Pharmacological studies have found that Platycodon grandiflorum has immune-enhancing effects, anti-inflammatory effects, expectorant and antitussive effects.

White chrysanthemum is sweet, bitter, and slightly cold.

Function: Dispersing wind and clearing heat, calming the liver and eyesight, used for wind-heat and cold.

Chrysanthemum preparations have been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects.

■ Almond, ginger, radish soup, 10 grams of almonds, 3 slices of ginger, 60 grams of white radish, decoction with water.

Cough for a cold.

Almonds are bitter, slightly warm, and have little poison.

Function of reducing qi, relieving cough, asthma, laxative.

For cough and asthma.

Ginger releases cold, removes dampness and water, and expectorant.

White radish has a sweet taste, is flat and non-toxic.

Dissipate qi, remove phlegm and lungs, and cough.

White radish contains mustard oil and amylase, which can promote appetite and help digestion.

Lignin in radish can enhance the body’s immunity.

■ Wujiang ginger soup 9g Wuyuan, 3 slices of fresh ginger, brown sugar seasoning, decoction and juice.

For colds and coughs.
The taste of glutinous rice is warm and spicy, it can sweat and digestion.

The provitamin A in turnip leaves has an anti-vitamin A deficiency effect.

Vitamin A can improve immunity and greatly increase resistance to colds.

Appropriate cold eggplant in winter for better health

Appropriate cold eggplant in winter for better health

Because of the cold weather in winter, many people will like to eat some steaming food.

However, eating too much hot food can easily cause water shortage and fire in the body, so even if the weather is cold in winter, you should also eat some cold food, which is more beneficial to your health.

Today I will teach you a few cold dishes suitable for winter eating.

Not only does eating cold salad in winter feel uncomfortable, but because the cooking method is simple and natural, it makes the body feel different.

Xiaobian suggested that everyone should also try cold dishes in winter. Of course, pay attention to the amount of oil and salt used in the cooking process to prevent excessive intake of oil and salt.

Today’s cold salad is tossed eggplant.

Raw cold-cooked eggplant raw materials: 2 eggplants, 3 cloves of garlic, 2 spring onions, 20ml of sesame oil, 30ml of raw soy sauce, 5g of sugar, and 10ml of vinegar.

Method: 1. After the eggplant is washed, cut into 5cm long sections, then steam it in a pot and steam it soft.

2. Steam the eggplant, let it cool and tear it.

3. Wash and chop the shallots and sprinkle them on the eggplant.

4. Shred garlic cloves, sesame oil, raw soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, and heat.

5. Pour the eggplant over the heat and stir well.

Chinese medicine believes that eggplant is a cold food.

Therefore, eating in the summer can help clear the heat and relieve the heat, and it is especially suitable for people who are prone to rash and ulcers.

People with indigestion and prone to diarrhea should not eat more, which triggers Li Shizhen in “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “The coldness of eggplant is cold.

“Southern Yunnan Materia Medica” records that eggplant can disperse blood, reduce swelling, and widen the intestine.

Therefore, people who have big feasibility, hemorrhoids bleeding, and jaundice who have dampness and heat, eat more eggplant, it can also help, you can replace purple eggplant with rice to make porridge.

The “Compendium of Materia Medica” introduces that the pedicled eggplants are dried, ground into fines, and treated with wine to treat blood loss from intestinal winds; “Southern Yunnan Herbal Medicine” states that rice soup is more suitable to take blood because of intestinal windAnd hemorrhoids bleeding, should not use alcohol.

Dry pedicled eggplants and grind them into fines, more often for external use.

Cardiovascular protection, ascorbic acid: Eggplant is rich in vitamin P. This substance can enhance the adhesion between human cells, enhance the elasticity of capillaries, reduce the brittleness and permeability of capillaries, prevent microvascular rupture and bleeding, and keep the cardiovascular system normal.Functions.

In addition, eggplant also has heart scurvy and promotes wound healing.

Eggplants are eaten a lot, but a lot of them are cooked at higher temperatures and longer periods of time, which are both greasy and have a great loss of nutrition.

The amount of vitamin loss in fried eggplant has reached more than 50%.

Of all the ways to eat eggplant, ketchup is the healthiest.

First of all, the kneaded tomato puree has the shortest heating time, and only needs to be steamed on high fire, so the nutrition loss is minimal.

Then, mix the eggplant puree with the least amount of oil. After steaming the eggplant and mashing it, you only need to drizzle a little.

Finally, the nutritional absorption of ketchup puree is the most complete, because it does not need to peel off the eggplant skin, and the eggplant skin contains a large amount of bioactive substances.

The mashed tomato feed is best made with olive oil, sesame sauce, garlic, and a small amount of salt.

Olive oil is no doubt a healthy oil, sesame sauce is rich in calcium, protein and vitamins, and garlic has antiseptic and anti-cancer effects.

How can it make coughing fast? Five kinds of foods can quickly cure cough

How can it make coughing fast? Five kinds of foods can quickly cure cough

Coughing is a very painful thing, and the course of the disease is relatively long. After a lot of people catch a cold, it often takes a long time to cough. How to make the cough better? In fact, it is only a lot of food to cure coughing. It is very effective.A selection of foods that allow you to completely surpass your cough and have a healthy body.

Five kinds of food cure cough one, garlic is chopped with 60 grams of garlic, add 300 ml of cold boiled water, dip for 10 hours, then add juice to the amount of sugar, 5 hours for children over 5 years old, 15 ml each time, halving every 5 years, every 2 hoursEat 1 time.

After 201 children with whooping cough, the effective rate was 95%.

The folks also have 1 garlic, peeled and chopped with orange cake, add 1 bowl of water, cook soup, and it is suitable for children who have pertussis.

Second, rock sugar is ice crystals that are sautéed by white sugar, so it is called rock sugar.

“Materia Medica renewed” said that it can “cough cough, phlegm.”

“Children with whooping cough should drink water or contain food, so it is used in a large number of cough singular.”

White sugar, rock sugar and brown sugar have different effects.

Brown sugar has the function of blood stasis, suitable for women during menstruation or maternal postpartum consumption; and rock sugar, sugar can heat, anti-inflammatory, go to the fire, stop the heat cough, phlegm, pertussis children eat rock sugar, have the effect of relieving cough.

Third, kumquat has the effect of qi and phlegm.

“Chinese Medicine Map” said: “Kumquat cures whooping cough.

“Children with whooping cough should use kumquat fried water or tea.”

Kumquat is made with a sugar-pressed pressed cake, a kumquat cake, and a whooping cough is chewed.

Fourth, celery is also called early parsley, medicine and parsley.

It has the effect of clearing heat and calming the liver, and it is suitable for liver-fired pertussis.

Treatment of whooping cough: 500 grams of celery whole plant, wash the simmering juice, add salt for a period of time, warm water, morning and evening, each serving 1 wine cellar, and even served for several days.

“Five, pears are cool, have phlegm, moisturizing, clearing the lungs.

Pertussis is mostly caused by exogenous sensation, which is caused by heat and obstruction of lung qi. Pear can relieve phlegm and relieve cough, clearing lungs and moistening, so it is especially suitable for children with whooping cough.

Recipes for Men with Kidney Deficiency and Spleen Deficiency

Recipes for Men with Kidney Deficiency and Spleen Deficiency

Recipes for Men with Kidney Deficiency and Spleen Deficiency.

Experts from Yan’an Sunshine Hospital pointed out that kidney-reinforcing kidney is still the “most important thing” for men.

Men with kidney deficiency are mostly symptoms of backache, cold limbs, soft legs, decreased sexual function, tinnitus and other symptoms. The winter diet supplement should be based on kidney and yang, and nourishing blood and solid essence.

  Recipes for Men with Kidney Deficiency and Spleen Deficiency.
  A, how can men make up for kidney deficiency?

  Kidney-reinforcing is still the main feature of men.
Men with kidney deficiency are mostly symptoms of backache, cold limbs, soft legs, decreased sexual function, tinnitus and other symptoms. The winter diet supplement should be based on kidney and yang, and nourishing blood and solid essence.

  Tonic principle: For men with kidney deficiency, tonic should eat more fish, shrimp, oysters and chives.

This type of food protein, taurine, arginine and zinc, animal whip and turtle is also a good choice for kidney.

In winter, you should eat more foods that are warmer and are able to warm the kidney yang. Proper supplements are rich in nutrients, warm kidney filling essence, high heat production, easy to digest food, such as mutton, deficiency of the complement, Qi of the kidney,Improve immunity.

You can also eat warm fruits, such as jujube, oranges, persimmons, etc., to nourish the blood and kidneys and fill the essence, resist the cold.

  Dietary regimen: Angelica ginger mutton soup: 20 grams of angelica, 30 grams of ginger, 500 grams of mutton, rice wine, seasoning.

Wash the mutton, cut into pieces, add angelica, ginger, rice wine and seasoning, stew for 1-2 hours, eat meat and soup.

  B, how can men make up for spleen deficiency?

  The temperature drops sharply, the spleen is suffering from cold, the spleen is not transported, or the body is weak.

  Tonic principle: Men with spleen deficiency should mainly supplement the spleen with yang, and eat foods that are warm and spleen-rich, such as previous rice, lotus seeds, coriander, and catfish, catfish, carp, belt fish, shrimp and other aquatic products.

Yam, jujube, lotus?

  Diet plan: drink more yam porridge, jujube porridge, catfish soup, carp soup on the basis of ensuring daily nutritional balance.

  C, how do men with poor liver make up?

  Drinking is an important means of social occasions. Many men have drinking as one of their daily habits.

In the staggering of the chips and pushing the cup to change the cup, the alcohol “moisturizes” silently hurting the male liver.

Men with poor liver function are prone to fatigue, nausea, anorexia, and vomiting.

  Tonic principle: For typical men, tonic should be based on high vitamins, suitable for transfer and protein food.

  Dietary regimen: fish, shrimp, chicken, beef, protein, amino acids required by the human body, and easily absorbed and used by the human body, red beans, jujube are also very suitable for this type of men.

For lunch, scrambled eggs with chives, shredded beef with spinach, and egg soup with tomatoes.

Millet porridge, cauliflower stew, and red bean carp soup are ideal dinner options for men with poor liver.

Eat more cabbage antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and calcium supplement

Eat more cabbage antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and calcium supplement

Cabbage can be regarded as a “strange flower” in vegetables.

Because it contains low oxalic acid, the absorption rate of calcium is higher.

Fresh cabbage can inhibit bacteria and anti-inflammation, and has good healing effect on ulcers and accelerate wound healing. It can also supplement folic acid and iron, which can be eaten by pregnant women and patients with anemia.

  Modern people use a variety of ways to supplement calcium, in fact, the body’s absorption of calcium is different.

Studies show that a large number of vegetables have a higher calcium content, but because many vegetables contain oxalic acid, calcium absorption is reduced.

For example, white lotus root, bamboo shoots, spinach, cabbage, amaranth, celery and so on.

Cabbage can be regarded as a “strange flower” in vegetables.
Because it contains low oxalic acid, the absorption rate of calcium is higher.
Cabbage is a good source of calcium. It also lies in that the calcium content of the same weight reaches 60% of milk, and the ratio of calcium and phosphorus is appropriate, which is beneficial to the health of bones and teeth.

Cabbage contains more potassium and less sodium, which has more complications for the cardiovascular system, and is easy to make people feel happy.

  In addition, fresh cabbage can inhibit bacteria and anti-inflammation, has good healing effect on ulcers, and can accelerate wound healing; it can also supplement folic acid and iron, and pregnant women and patients with anemia can eat more.

  Cabbage is suitable for cold raw meals, or stuffed with buns and dumplings.

If made into vinegar and cabbage, it can better absorb the calcium in it.

Of course, if the cabbage is cooked with the right amount of meat, the calcium effect will be better.

Because meat products are rich in vitamin D, it can promote calcium absorption very well, just like cabbage meat slices, cabbage meatballs are a good match.

Man refuses to gain muscle blindly

Man refuses to gain muscle blindly

Many people dream of having beautiful muscles.

So, I went to the gym to practice hard, but the effect was not obvious.

In fact, it is not difficult to build a muscle. In addition to persistent training and perseverance, there are many fitness skills to master. Beginners should pay attention to practicing under the guidance of professional coaches to avoid muscle strain.

  Exercise time is best fixed at the same time each exercise is scheduled, so that you can develop good exercise habits, help the internal organs of the body to form conditioned reflexes.

Do not exercise one hour after meals and one hour before bedtime, otherwise it will affect digestion and sleep.

The best time for physical strength is generally between 15: 00-20: 00, which can be considered as the main exercise time.

  Exercise time should be suitable for beginners and normal laborers. It is advisable to work three times a week, 1-1 each time.

5 hours, but each exercise should include all muscle groups of muscles.

Those who insist on exercising every day can divide the muscle group into two parts and practice the next day to ensure that the muscles can effectively recover.

  For example: practice shoulder, abdomen, chest today, practice back, arms, legs and other parts tomorrow.

  The amount of load depends on your physical strength. Generally speaking, the number of effective muscles developed is 8 times 12 times, at least not less than 8 times, this amount should be the best effort.

At present, the load should be controlled at 70% -80% of the individual’s maximum power, that is, the most effective number of times to use this load is to do with a large load, not more than 5 times.

The most effective times to develop endurance and reduce misfortune are to do 20 times with a small load, and slightly reduce the waist and abdomen until you can’t move.

  Each movement needs to be practiced in several groups. Each exercise movement needs to be practiced in several groups so that the stimulated muscles can enter the state and the muscle volume can be exerted.

In general, the number of large muscle groups can be more, and the number of small muscle groups can be less.

For beginners, it is advisable to have three movements in each of the three groups, which is more than reorganization. After having a certain foundation, add to three to five groups according to the degree of strength growth.

  Do not take long breaks. The rest time between each practice group should not be too long. Generally it is between 40 seconds and 50 seconds. For heavy loads, the rest time for high-intensity exercises should not exceed 15 minutes.

Excessive rest periods can affect exercise results.

  Master the right breathing method The right breathing method can help you focus your mind, make your movements coordinated and rhythmic, and lift more weight during exercise.

General movements and small weight trials are forced, inhale when the muscles contract, and exhale when you relax.

When lifting a heavy weight or the last time you try to lift, exhale deeply, hold your breath, and then take a deep lift, then breathe deeply.

Mouth breathing during exercise, strenuous exercise before exercise to prevent muscle ligament strain, relaxation exercise after training to help eliminate muscle tension and restore fatigue.

5 bonus points to make you have good popularity

5 bonus points to make you have good popularity

Whether in the workplace or in daily life, having good interpersonal relationships is a pleasant thing.

Today I will teach you a few tricks to cultivate good relationships and let you have good relationships.

  Hei Youlong, the head of Carnegie training, pointed out that domestic education is only for specific academic studies. However, in the case of similar professional abilities, the promotion after going out of society is key. Often, it is based on attitude and interpersonal communication skills.There are many interpersonal setbacks in the workplace, only to realize that there is something wrong with your interpersonal relationship.

  In this way, Hei Youlong also pointed out many people’s misunderstandings of interpersonal relationships. “I mistakenly assumed that interpersonal relationships are checking accounts and are good for myself. But in fact, interpersonal relationships are like bank accounts. You must save money first.”.
People get along with each other for a win-win situation, pay first, save money first, and have room for access when needed. In addition, people still have a misunderstanding of interpersonal relationships. “It is misunderstood that interpersonal relationships are with strangers. However, couples, parents, etc. cannotTake it for granted and not care, because the quality of your relationship directly affects your life.

  Fortunately, there are 5 great ways to improve interpersonal relationships. It is never too late to improve interpersonal relationships: 1. Get along with yourself first and be poor with others. It means that you have a discordant heart. Human inertia often counteracts things you do n’t like.Prone to conflict.

Therefore, it is not easy to get stabbed by knowing things or feelings you dislike.

In addition, many people often argue about themselves in order to change the other side to agree with one another. In fact, it does not prevent easy response, allows others to talk nonsense, does not make people feel offensive, and others are more willing to be close.

  2. Interpersonal relationships cannot be fast and ruthless. The society sets the slogan “fast, ruthless, accurate” for success, but it is not applicable to human relationships at all.

Because interpersonal, in addition to the interaction between two people, there is also the interaction between people in groups, so it must be slowly operated.

Moreover, the figure to be with people must be soft and not fierce.

In addition, it should be noted that people will change, and they will inevitably like or hate a person at the beginning. Be careful not to see the whole picture and be inaccurate.

  3, learning to be close to others wondered, “Would you like to do what you want in order to get the friendship of each other?”

“Actually, as long as it’s not unethical, what’s so bad about preparing topics that the other party is interested in?

Actively practice approaching people to see others face differently and care about their needs.

  4. Think twice before exporting. Some interpersonal problems are caused by inappropriate expressions, which are clearly kind, but make people sound stressful.

In the same sentence, using the wrong tone, speed, and vocabulary can lead to adverse effects.

Therefore, even if you follow someone who knows you better, don’t blurt out your words without practicing your brain. Practice practicing anti-prophetic predictions once more, and then export without any trouble, which will make the other person uncomfortable.

  5. Give another chance forever. Interpersonal relationships ca n’t always go smoothly, and often even learn to get along with each other in the process of encountering obstacles. Therefore, do n’t use the dichotomy to slop “who is not my race”, or even “give each other another chance, andTake the opportunity to break the ice yourself.

“So, if you are willing to release goodwill, you can resolve the bad interactions by saying yes, maybe” Sorry “or” Thank you “.

  Editor’s note: Experts say that these methods can help you to be a person who lives in peace with others, but whether you can build a deeper relationship, you should hold the idea of “working hard but not forcing” because of the values and beliefs of people.Whether it is a good match or not, it has to change with different timings. Even relatives may not always be close, but they can achieve basic peace with each other, and there is less chance of a break.

How to change your child’s nest

How to change your child’s “nest”

The “Matthew Effect” in home education tells us that the more you ask for your baby, the more you ask for it.
On the one hand, parents love their babies and give them whatever they want; on the other hand, babies become more and more dependent on their parents, and they want to let parents do it for themselves.
If you just let it go, the baby will take it for granted that the parents do things for themselves, the parents should serve for themselves, and even give orders to instruct the mother.
As the baby grows, the demand becomes more and more, and more and more are collected until the day when parents cannot afford to pay.
  In fact, most of the babies living in “nest” are living in overprotected and coddled families of their parents, especially those born in different generations, which is more likely to cause such problems.
These parents are always afraid that their baby will be bullied by others or have an accident. They are not allowed to go out to associate with their peers, or scare the baby to say that there are bad people outside, they will sell the baby, and the baby will naturally be timid and afraid; at home,In order to let the baby play with peace of mind, parents go all out to follow him and focus on the baby, thus cultivating the baby’s habit of dominating the king.
  Once such a baby goes out of the house, in the interaction with peers of the same age, he often moves out of the house to instruct others, but the small partner can not eat this set. At this time, the baby not only can’t direct others, but will be met by the small partner.Our rejection.
After several such frustrations, coupled with insufficient self-ability, the baby had to evade, hide behind and sullen, and refused to play with the children.
Over time, when the baby’s dissatisfaction and resentment have accumulated to a certain extent and need to be vented, the breach naturally turns to the “weak” in the family, and compensates with more domineering at home to achieve a temporary psychological “balance”.
  The “Matthew Effect” in family education The “Matthew Effect” in family education tells us that the more you ask for your baby, the more you ask for it.
On the one hand, parents love their babies and give them whatever they want; on the other hand, babies become more and more dependent on their parents, and they want to let parents do it for themselves.
If you just let it go, the baby will take it for granted that the parents do things for themselves, the parents should serve for themselves, and even give orders to instruct the mother.
As the baby grows, the demand becomes more and more, and more and more are collected until the day when parents cannot afford to pay.
When the requirements are not met, the baby may even use violence against the parents. Many tragedies are caused by the parents themselves.
  Psychological analysis of the baby: The baby feels scared outside, which is psychologically typical of insufficient self-strength. The baby who is “horizontal” lacks collision with the outside world, and after leaving the “nest”, he is at a loss.
When he was in an unfamiliar environment, he didn’t know what he should do, he just hid behind his parents and did nothing to protect himself.
Babies think that their ability is not enough to compete with external forces, and they can only stick to their parents, expecting adults to protect themselves.
This kind of baby can’t play with other children in the kindergarten, he always entangles the teacher.
The teacher could not deal with only one baby, so the baby became more and more uneasy and gradually did not want to go to kindergarten.
If this continues, the baby’s ability to make friends will not grow up.
  There are coups to change the baby. The family should change the education method of coddling. Parents overdoing the baby will unconsciously form a baby-centered family relationship, causing the baby to become arrogant, selfish, and wayward.
Therefore, parents should change the education model, be strict with each other, let the baby’s status in the family become educated and ordinary members of the family, redefine the rules of the family, and everyone must abide by it.
  Teach your baby to be polite and obey the rules. These two points are important in interpersonal communication. Only by fully respecting the rights of others, your rights will be respected.
Only by following common rules can life be orderly.
  停止对宝宝的过度保护  对于宝宝力所能及的事情,要求宝宝自己尝试去做,由于宝宝在这之前一直是被大人帮着做事情,所以,一开始时他还会说“帮我做”,这时Instead of fulfilling his requirements, say to him, “Try to do it yourself.
“In this case, the baby will gradually start to have the courage to try to do it by himself.
The baby has a little success, a little hard work, should praise the baby in a timely manner, do not blame the baby at this time, blame will make her even more overwhelmed.
Babies need guidance from parents.
Do not set too high goals for your baby at this stage.
Once the baby feels frustrated, he will feel lost and inferior.
  Don’t compare. Don’t compare your baby with someone’s.
Some mothers always complain to their babies: “You are so stupid, what can be scared of this?
“You look at Doudou.”
“Wait, babies have their own strengths and weaknesses. Remember: everyone has their own strengths, give play to their strengths, and work hard to supplement their weaknesses is the most important thing.
  Create opportunities for interaction. The courage and ability of the baby is not innate, nor can it be given by the parents. It must be obtained by the baby’s interaction with the society. No one can give it.
  Parents need to create opportunities for the baby to take the initiative to take the baby out to play outdoors, let the baby more contact with children of the same age, and let the baby learn to cooperate with children in interaction with children.
As long as there is no danger in the quarrel of the baby’s interaction, parents should not interfere.
In case of trouble, let the baby try it by himself to cultivate the baby’s sense of responsibility and self-confidence and reduce dependence.  Parents need to have patience, and it takes a process for a baby to become courageous from being timid, but this process is definitely the only way to make him not timid, and even to essentially enhance the baby’s self-power.

In the course of this little bit of successful experience, the baby will gradually develop such confidence: I can!

  Only when parents release their big hands to protect, can the baby dare to take the lead, and consciously exercise the baby’s courage, and insist on consistent cultivation, it will bear fruit.