[How long can potatoes be kept in the refrigerator-]_ Storage time_How long

[How long can potatoes be kept in the refrigerator?

】 _Storage time_How long

Many people like to eat potatoes. Potatoes are rich in starch. They taste good. The preservation of potatoes is very important. If the potatoes turn green, do n’t eat them.In fact, this approach also prevents many people from participating. So, can potatoes be stored in the refrigerator?

How long can potatoes be kept in the refrigerator?

Let ‘s take a look next.


How long can potatoes be stored in the refrigerator?

In the low temperature environment of the refrigerator, the starch in the potatoes is gradually converted into sugar. If such potatoes are used for cooking or cooking, a series of terrible chemical reactions will occur.

The specific process is this. Under high temperature conditions, the sugar in potatoes will react with asparagine to form acrylamide.

According to research, polyamidoamide is a carcinogen that can synthesize the growth and division of nanotubes in the body, which is extremely harmful to health.


Because the refrigerator is relatively upstream, there is a lot of water, and potatoes are easy to germinate in this environment continuously.

Everyone knows that potato sprouts must not be eaten, otherwise they will be poisoned.


Reasons why potato sprouts cannot be eaten 1.

The germinated potato contains a toxic substance called solanumin, which has a very strong stimulating effect on the fever mucous membranes, has a paralytic effect on the respiratory central system, and also has a hemolytic effect on blood cells.

The specific manifestations of human poisoning are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, severe blood pressure drops, smoking, dyspnea, and even heart failure and death.


If the potato is intact, the content of solanine is very small. Once germination occurs, the solanine content will increase by 5 or 6 times. It is mainly concentrated in the buds and around the buds. Fortunately, solanine does not spread.
Therefore, try not to eat germinated potatoes, if you eat, you must dig out the buds.


After the potatoes are stored in the refrigerator, the taste and taste of the potatoes will also be greatly reduced. From this perspective, potatoes are not suitable for the refrigerator, and they are not delicious.

Therefore, the best way to store potatoes is to keep them in a ventilated, dry, cool place, but not in direct sunlight.

When potatoes are exposed to sunlight, chlorophyll will increase, making the skin green, and at the same time, solanin will also increase.


Note that everyone must know that not only does potato have vegeterin when they germinate, but they also produce a lot of solanin when the potatoes turn green, soft, and black, so be careful.

Solanine is an alkaline substance that easily decomposes under high temperature and acidic conditions.

Therefore, when you fry potatoes, you must fry them. In addition, add a little vinegar and neutralize the acid and alkali to reduce the content of solanine more effectively.

[Delicious and home-cooked meals]_How to do it_Methods Daquan

[Delicious and home-cooked meals]_How to do it_Methods Daquan

People now feel that they are especially fat.

Many people want to lose weight.

So now the most people hear is that I am so fat and I want to lose weight.

Losing weight is a constant process.

It is not something that can be accomplished in a day or two.

Weight loss must first be adjusted in the diet, but this does not mean that you do not eat.

Let ‘s take a look at home-cooked meals that are delicious and lose weight.

The first type: Fat-removing winter melon soup Ingredients: One pound of winter melon, four or two pieces of kelp, two pieces of tangerine peel, half a catty of papaya, salt amount Method: first peel and wash the winter melon, soak the kelp in water and prepare for use.

Add tangerine peel and papaya into the pot, add eight bowls of water, cook for about two hours, and season with salt to serve.

Efficacy: It can relieve heat and remove heat, eliminate feces and cholesterol in the body, and have obvious weight loss effects.

Section 2: Kelp tofu soup Ingredients: 3 pieces of tofu, 100 grams of kelp, soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate, green onion, sesame oil, water starch, each appropriate amount Practice: Cut the tofu into small cubes, soak the kelp in water and wash and shred; Add the right amount of peanut oil to the soup pot, heat it, pour it into the onion shabu-shabu, then cook the soy sauce, add refined salt and start adding water, diced tofu, and kelp. After the soup is boiled, add an appropriate amount of MSG, and dilute with water starch, Then drizzle with sesame oil and serve.

Efficacy: Both kelp and tofu have the effect of weight loss. The combination of the two makes your slimming effect more obvious, and the foods that replace calcium and iron in kelp can improve the body’s cold resistance.

In addition, this soup can help us toxins from the body.

The third paragraph: Bitter gourd scrambled egg material: 2 bitter gourds, 4 eggs (can be adjusted according to the number of eaters) Method: Prepare the raw materials, and add an appropriate amount of salt to the eggs to break up, add boiling water, add salt and a few dropsOil, add bitter gourd into the water, immediately remove it and put in cold water.

Then heat the pan, add the right amount of oil, add ginger and green onion to sauté, pour in the egg liquid, turn the pot to allow the egg liquid to set and fix, then fry the eggs and cut into small pieces., After adding an appropriate amount of garlic chili sauce, stir fry again to serve.

Efficacy: Eggs are rich in protein and a variety of amino acids, trace elements, and vitamins needed by the human body.

These nutrients have a very important role in promoting the body’s metabolism and burning adults in the body.

The bitter gourd has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, alleviating fatigue and regenerating together. It is also a very good type A food for girls who want to lose weight.

The combination of the two can maximize the effect of weight loss.

[How to make thick egg roasted sushi]_Homemade method of thick egg roasted sushi_How to make thick egg roasted sushi_How to make thick egg roasted sushi

[How to make thick egg roasted sushi]_Homemade method of thick egg roasted sushi_How to make thick egg roasted sushi_How to make thick egg roasted sushi

For animals, eating is a verb.

For us humans, this can be done in two ways.

There are many aspects to eating, both delicious and good for the body.

And if you can do it yourself, both will be satisfied.

Let me introduce you how to make thick egg roasted sushi.


Take a pound of rice as an example.


1 Prepare two seaweed and duck eggs.


After washing the rice, add twice the water, the ratio is 1: 1. You can also increase or decrease it appropriately according to the water absorption of the rice you use, and steam it to complete rice.


Some chicken essence.


Beat the eggs and add the least salt.


drops of sesame oil.


twenty one
some soy sauce.


1 steamed rice.


2 Stir well.


Loose the rice and let it cool a little.


Add Haitian apple cider vinegar.

1 shake the rice evenly, let the apple cider vinegar and rice fully blend.


2 pounds of rice, add 6 to 7 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, increase or decrease according to personal preference.


1 egg liquid is half solidified and rolled into an egg roll.


2 Brush a thin layer of oil on the frying pan and pour half of the egg liquid.


Then pour the remaining egg liquid down.

Then continue to roll.

18 years old

Fry until golden on both sides and cut into sections.


Load the tray for use.


Cut seaweed into thin strips and prepare a glass of pure or cold water.
Dip your hands in water to prevent sticking. Take some rice, hold them into small balls, and add thick egg to boil.

twenty two

The middle part of the seaweed sticks is placed on the egg roast and sticks down to the rice.

twenty three.

A thick egg roast is done, and so on, and the remaining rice can be used for other sushi.

The thick egg-roasted sushi introduced above is nutritious and the production method is not very complicated. If you want to try it, get ready to prepare the ingredients!

Binhua shares (601678): the price of cyclopropane caustic soda is expected to develop in the future

Binhua shares (601678): the price of cyclopropane caustic soda is expected to develop in the future

The company announced its semi-annual report for 2019.

19H1 company achieved operating income of 30.

90 billion (-8.

46%), net profit attributable to mother 2.

50 billion (-45.

75%), net of non-attributed net profit2.

35 billion (-47.


Among them, Q2 deducted non-attributed net profit for a single quarter.

9.9 billion (previously -47%, -27% MoM).

The decline in the prices of cyclopropane and caustic soda increased the company’s performance.

Due to weak downstream demand, the prices of 19H1 cyclopropane and caustic soda continued to decline.

The average price of 19H1 cyclopropane is 8614 yuan / ton (excluding tax, the same below) (approximately -15%), the average price of Q2 is 8495 yuan / ton (becomes -14%, chain ratio -3%);(Membrane) average price of 665 yuan / ton (once-16%), the average price in the second quarter of 605 yuan / ton (previously -26%, -17% MoM).

At the same time, the company’s main raw materials, raw salt, and the price of raw coal fell, so the company’s performance declined.

At present, the profits of caustic soda and cyclopropane are both at a low level, and there is less room for further decline in the second half of the year.

The fluorine chemical and epichlorohydrin projects are progressing smoothly.

The company actively promotes the transition to fluorine fine chemicals.

The report summarizes that the company’s electronic-grade hydrofluoric acid operates stably, lithium hexafluorophosphate has replaced qualified products, and the R125 conversion to R32 project has been approved for record and has construction conditions.

Epichlorohydrin project put qualified products on July 3, and by the end of July it had sold 2927 tons, and realized a sales profit of 25.13 million yuan.

The C3C4 comprehensive utilization project will greatly enhance the company’s comprehensive competitive advantage.

The company plans to issue 2.4 billion convertible bonds to build a comprehensive C3C4 utilization project, which is the company’s main focus in the future.

The total investment in one phase was 63.

3.4 billion, constructing 6苏州夜网论坛0 access to PDH and 80 access to butbutane replacement units, with a total investment of 65 in the second phase.

5.7 billion yuan to build a combined ammonia, PVDF, cyclopropane / t-butanol unit.

The first-phase project provides the company with propylene raw materials, improves the anti-risk ability of cyclopropane, and provides diol and isobutane for the second-phase co-oxidation method; the second-phase project will make the company’s environmental protection pressure with a single single chlorohydrin method, and increase the scale of cyclopropaneAdvantage.
We forecast the company’s net profit attributable to mothers in 2019/2020/20215.



25 billion, EPS 0.



47 yuan, corresponding to the current price of PE 16.



3x, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk reminder: cyclopropane, 无锡夜网 caustic soda prices fall, new project construction progress is less than expected

Longping High-tech (000998): The main business is in the adjustment period, and there is huge space for GM business

Longping High-tech (000998): The main business is in the adjustment period, and there is huge space for GM business
Incidents: (1) Two GM corn traits obtained biosafety certificates.On December 30, 2019, the Ministry of Agriculture announced that it plans to approve the submission of two GM corn traits, namely Dabeinong DBN9936 insect-resistant corn-transgenic (Bt Cry1Ab) insect-resistant corn, Ruifeng Biological and Zhejiang University double-antibodies (Longping, TsunyinRelated) 12-5 Maize-Cry1Ab2AjG10evo (EPSPS) transgenic insect-resistant glyphosate-resistant maize. Two varieties have successfully obtained the agricultural genetically modified organism safety certificate (production application) on January 21, 2020, with a validity of 5 years.(2) The company announced that it will report a loss for 2019.7-2.600 million, a profit of 7 in the same period last year.9 billion. Approved on schedule, the commercialization of genetically modified maize has been progressing smoothly, with rapid expansion achieved.The successful approval of the food company this time means that there is no suspense for the commercialization of genetically modified corn.Follow-up needs to follow up additional details of the variety approval method, the transfer of traits and the rhythm of variety approval.An optimistic estimate is that there may be products on the market in 2021.The promotion of transgenic corn is a major technological upgrade of the Chinese corn industry. Significant potential differences are trying to make transgenic corn seeds expand rapidly in China. Genetically modified technology “dual carriage” has abundant reserves.The dual-resistance trait of Ruifeng 125 approved this time matches the current domestic demand, and it has certain resistance to Spodoptera frugiperda.Long Ping holds Ruifeng 25.14% equity, the related party CITIC Agriculture holds 16.67% equity, deeply bound with 南宁桑拿 Ruifeng.From the perspective of Longping, in addition to Ruifeng, Hainan Longping, a wholly-owned subsidiary, also has a wealth of talents and genetically modified varieties, and has realized a “dual carriage” operation from the perspective of biotechnology. The main business is in the adjustment period, and we look forward to light loading in the future.The reasons for the pre-loss in 2019 are mainly (1) the cost of M & A Brazil’s Dow supporting loans, and the reduction of Dow Brazil’s reduction (a total of more than 2 billion in 2018); (2) non-recurring profit and loss projectsDecrease in the previous period (this income in 20184.400 million); (3) Affected by the downturn of the industry, the profit of the seed industry declined.The company’s 2018 performance commitment period has ended. Multiple mergers and acquisitions between 2016 and 2017 require running-in and combing, and hybrid rice, and the corn seed boom is not high.In general, with the release of genetically modified corn, the industry opens up space. We believe that after the adjustment period, the company will enter the market lightly and take advantage of it. Investment suggestion: The launch of genetically modified corn will benefit the seed sector in a comprehensive way. In the medium and long term, companies with both traits and seeds will be the first choice for success.The cross-corn market share of the Longping system ranks first in China, and it is expected that in the genetically modified era, traits and varieties will increase market share and consolidate the leading position.It is recommended to continue to focus on Longping Hi-Tech, as well as Dabeinong and Denghai seed industries in the same sector. Risk warnings: approval progress is not up to expectations, changes in agricultural product prices, policy changes, and trade conditions

Oriental Fashion (603377): Net profit after deducting non-profit increased by 88% in ten years Aviation training + VR helps new stage of growth

Oriental Fashion (603377): Net profit after deducting non-profit increased by 88% in ten years Aviation training + VR helps new stage of growth

19Q1-3 revenue increased by 5 in ten years.

9%, net profit after deducting non-return to mothers increased by 88 each year.


2019Q3 company gross profit margin 57.

29%, an increase of 9 per year.

57pct; Enter aviation training, actively explore new training business models, and improve word of mouth and training professionalism.

In April 2018, Oriental Fashion International Aviation Development Co., Ltd. was established. In 2019, Oriental Fashion Airlines acquired a 55% equity interest in Hairuo General Aviation, which was later referred to as Oriental Fashion General Aviation.

Oriental Fashion General Aviation has accumulated many years of experience in the field of aviation training. The main business scope includes flight training, aircraft sales, aircraft maintenance, air tours, airport operations, etc. It has CCAR-91 navigation operations, CCAR-141 flight training, CCAR-145 aircraft maintenance qualifications. It is also an authorized sales agent and an authorized service center for Textron’s Cessna single-engine aircraft in China.

At present, Oriental Fashion General Aviation has established a training and support team consisting of flight, maintenance, air traffic control, aviation, and service professionals.

Has been stationed in “Dezhou Plain General Airport” and “Zhoukou Xihua Airport”, and has established cooperative relations with a number of institutions and airlines.

Relying on the advantages of its own airport, a dumbbell-shaped, comprehensive training route layout is established.

Technology has changed its strength, and it has exploratively applied VR intelligent technology to driving training education. While providing driving skills training for this book, it focuses on studying the safety and civilization awareness of this book.

Maintain profit forecast and give Buy rating.

Through continuous improvement of service quality, adjustment of teaching plans and extensive market promotion, the company has further increased market share and achieved scale, process and standardization 杭州桑拿 in the industry, number of people, number of graduates, number of employees, number of training vehicles and trainingThe site area and other indicators are at the forefront of the industry.

Under the preliminary guarantee of high-quality services, driving training institutions with rich training experience and good reputation will be more likely to gain the favor of the literature.

The basis of the company’s market development and marketing plan is to continue to maintain high-quality services, continue to improve the brand image, and more effectively turn word-of-mouth advantages into follow-up students.

We expect the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to be 0.



46 yuan, PE is 7/7/6.

Risk reminder: Expansion in different places is less than expected, labor costs rise too fast, driving school policy changes

Causes of chest enlargement Beware of varicose veins in the upper and lower extremities

Causes of chest enlargement Beware of varicose veins in the upper and lower extremities

Many women not only pay attention to their face at all times, but also pay attention to their body shape, so their daily diet will be adjusted, but most people will worry about why the body ‘s meat is reduced by taking medicine, dieting, etc., butOn the contrary, the meat has not been reduced, and the top is getting bigger day by day, becoming a big ass girl and wearing pants are not good-looking.

In fact, there are certain reasons for this phenomenon.

  Due to the different nature of work, the vast majority of women in the military work in the office. Because they have been sitting on chairs for a long time and do not often get up and move around, it is inevitable that they will grow larger.

However, if you find that your tibia has become larger, you will not change the bad habit of sitting for a long time in the office, which may cause people to suffer from varicose veins in the upper and lower extremities.

  Sedentary postures that tend to make the buttocks bigger can not only easily distort a person’s body shape, but also make the tibia larger, which is the case for sedentary.

Most people like to sit on a chair with their backs against their backs, step on Erlang’s legs or put their feet in front, etc. These sitting positions not only make the shoulders sag and enlarge easily, but also cause back pain and discomfort.

  In fact, whether at home or at work, if you always step on Erlang’s leg, one punch is a whole day, and it will turn into blood and lymph circulation in your legs, causing swelling in the lower body.

No matter how well you take care of edema, a small amount of massage will gradually highlight the veins of the lower limbs, which will seriously affect the circulation of the lower body, resulting in a slight thickening, and even the muscles will be stiff.

Therefore, it is reasonable to make the butt bigger.

  Other reasons for the front end to become larger. 1. Wearing high heels for a long time and poor sitting posture tend to make your butt bigger and bigger. There are other reasons.

In order to make the figure look tall and sexy, women will wear high heels for a long time. When walking in high heels, they will naturally form the habit of bending and bending, and some people are used to focusing on one leg.

These bad habits will cause the pelvis to distort. When the pelvis is distorted, it will become wide and the hips will become larger.

  2. Wear tight clothing. Most women choose to wear tight clothing in order to be slimmer. Although the figure looks slim at the moment, it is a big threat to their health in the long run.

Wearing underwear that does not fit your size, too small will pinch your skin and prevent blood flow, and too large will have a gap between the top and the underwear. Failure to support the buttocks will also cause stepping and sagging.

If the underpants are too large, the previous hips lack sufficient support and sag and expand, while the underpants are too small or too tight, the meat will be squeezed out and it will inevitably deform forward.

  Large butt beware of suffering from varicose veins in the upper and lower extremities. The content above mainly tells everyone that the buttocks are getting larger and larger, and what the content can reflect the harm of this sitting posture.
Because the venous valve acts on the veins of the lower limbs of the human body, due to the presence of the venous valve, blood flows unidirectionally (to the heart).

It is this one-way flow characteristic that ensures that blood flow will not flow backward and accumulate.

The contraction of the muscles causes the return of blood in the lower limbs. In addition to the role of the venous valve, the contraction of the muscles in the lower limbs also needs assistance.

When the lower limbs move, the corresponding muscles contract, squeezing the veins, and at the same time, the venous valve opens to promote venous blood flow.

  Dangers of varicose veins in the lower limbs1, causing swelling and soreness of the legs. Suffering from this disease has no obvious symptoms at first, but it makes the skin of the lower legs feel itchy, swelling, soreness, fatigue, and heaviness in the legs.Especially when I stand all day, my calf is sore and my feet are broken and swollen. It is more comfortable to raise my feet.

  2. There is a high probability of blood stasis in some people. Some people have a higher probability of developing this disease, especially women who have just given birth to a child. The symptoms are more obvious before the holiday. The more severe the varicose veins, the lower the local pain in the lower limbsThe more obvious, even blood stasis in the feet occurs, and the toes appear purple.

  3. It is difficult for the blood to return. Some people find that their skin pigmentation is more severe, and skin diseases such as skin eczema may occur, which is actually caused by varicose veins in the upper and lower limbs.

In addition, in severe cases, the blood is not easy to return, and may cause silt ulcers, and sometimes rupture and bleeding of the vein.

  4. Causes pulmonary embolism. In addition to the above diseases, it can cause more serious diseases, and pulmonary embolism is one of them.

Some perineal vein walls produce blood clots, which are inflamed, that is, thrombotic vasculitis, and the epidermis will show redness, swelling, pain and other symptoms through the veins, and even palpable nodules can be touched.

If blood clots move to the lungs with blood flow, fatal pulmonary embolism may occur.

  Many women think that their own growing front is caused by overeating, but in fact this is not the case. It may also be caused by long-term bad sitting posture, and sedentary is one of them.

Sitting for long periods of time not only causes varicose veins in the limbs, but also makes people susceptible to varicose veins in the upper and lower limbs. This disease not only makes the lower limbs feel sore, which can cause skin diseases and pulmonary embolism.

Therefore, if you want to be healthy, it is best to get rid of these bad sitting postures.

Fast weekly fitness for men

Fast weekly fitness for men


Arm-biceps and triceps 2.

Anterior-Anterior Shoulder Muscle, Mid Shoulder Muscle 3.

Chest-upper pectoralis major, midside 4.

Back-Latissimus Dorsi and Trapezius 5.

Abdomen-upper and lower abdomen 6.

Thigh-quadriceps 7.

Calf-Soleus and Gastrocnemius Among the muscles listed above, the pectoralis major, latissimus dorsi, abdominal muscles and muscles located on the legs are the largest and strongest, which is the basis and guarantee for all weight-bearing training.

  Day 1: First warm up for 10 minutes, you can choose to ride a stationary bike or brisk walking on a treadmill for 8 minutes, and then perform 3 15-second stretching exercises on the shorts, back and legs to be trained, so that the muscles are fully active.

2 sets of flat barbell bench presses 12-15 times each, with 1 minute rest between groups 2.

Two sets of barbell squats 12-15 times each, with 1 minute rest between groups3.

Instrument sitting position, drag and drop 2 groups of 12-15 times each, rest 1 minute between groups4.

The supine crunches are performed 12-15 times in each of the two groups, and a break of 1 minute or more between the groups is all the weight-bearing exercises to be done in the first training class. Note that the target muscles must be stretched during a few minutes of rest between the groups.At the same time, adjust your breathing to recover and prepare for the next set of exercises as soon as possible.

The first exercise trains the muscles in the middle of the pectoralis major muscle, the second trains the quadriceps muscles in the legs, and the seated position shift can effectively train the outside of the latissimus dorsi muscles, and the last supine curl can train the abdomenMove up close to the chest.

All exercises are completed in 20 to 30 minutes.

Finally, do another 10 minutes of light aerobic training to end the training of the first class.

  Day 2: Rest Day 3: Also start with a 10-minute warm-up, then stretch your arms and calves to prepare for the next training session.


2 sets of barbell curls 12-15 times each, with 1 minute rest between groups 2.

Seated dumbbell presses on the shoulders of the two groups 12-15 times each, with a 1 minute rest between the groups3.

The supine arms are flexed and stretched 12 to 15 times in each group, with 1 minute rest between groups.

Calf lift 2 groups 12-15 times each, rest 1 minute between groups 5.

The two groups of supine crunches are 12-15 times in each group, and the target muscles are stretched and the breathing is adjusted during the 1-minute rest between the groups.

Barbell curls are the basic movements of abdominal biceps training, and must be done correctly. Seated dumbbells and shoulder presses are the most common training exercise for training the middle beam of the shoulder.The biceps and calf lifts are one of the most effective exercises for training the calf.

The same is done in 20-30 minutes.

Finally, the course ends with 10 minutes of light aerobic training.

  At this point, all the muscles that will be trained in the first month have been practiced once.

After training, a certain degree of attenuation pain will occur, and the symptoms will automatically disappear in the next 2-4 times.

  Day 4: Rest Day 5: The third lesson in the first week. This time, the first two lessons will focus on weight training. The third lesson will use more intense aerobic training instead of weight training.The training intensity will gradually increase the depth of training.


Aerobic training: You can choose your favorite aerobic equipment to practice, 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

  After aerobic exercise is completed, you can rest for 5 minutes, and then proceed to the next abdominal training2.

The two groups of supine crunches are 12-15 times in each group. The rest of the group is 1 minute. The fifth day of the lesson is over. The next 2 days of rest and adjustments. During the rest, you can think about all the exercises you have trained this week.Prepare for the next exercise.

  Day Six: Rest Day Seven: Rest

How can it make coughing fast? Five kinds of foods can quickly cure cough

How can it make coughing fast? Five kinds of foods can quickly cure cough

Coughing is a very painful thing, and the course of the disease is relatively long. After a lot of people catch a cold, it often takes a long time to cough. How to make the cough better? In fact, it is only a lot of food to cure coughing. It is very effective.A selection of foods that allow you to completely surpass your cough and have a healthy body.

Five kinds of food cure cough one, garlic is chopped with 60 grams of garlic, add 300 ml of cold boiled water, dip for 10 hours, then add juice to the amount of sugar, 5 hours for children over 5 years old, 15 ml each time, halving every 5 years, every 2 hoursEat 1 time.

After 201 children with whooping cough, the effective rate was 95%.

The folks also have 1 garlic, peeled and chopped with orange cake, add 1 bowl of water, cook soup, and it is suitable for children who have pertussis.

Second, rock sugar is ice crystals that are sautéed by white sugar, so it is called rock sugar.

“Materia Medica renewed” said that it can “cough cough, phlegm.”

“Children with whooping cough should drink water or contain food, so it is used in a large number of cough singular.”

White sugar, rock sugar and brown sugar have different effects.

Brown sugar has the function of blood stasis, suitable for women during menstruation or maternal postpartum consumption; and rock sugar, sugar can heat, anti-inflammatory, go to the fire, stop the heat cough, phlegm, pertussis children eat rock sugar, have the effect of relieving cough.

Third, kumquat has the effect of qi and phlegm.

“Chinese Medicine Map” said: “Kumquat cures whooping cough.

“Children with whooping cough should use kumquat fried water or tea.”

Kumquat is made with a sugar-pressed pressed cake, a kumquat cake, and a whooping cough is chewed.

Fourth, celery is also called early parsley, medicine and parsley.

It has the effect of clearing heat and calming the liver, and it is suitable for liver-fired pertussis.

Treatment of whooping cough: 500 grams of celery whole plant, wash the simmering juice, add salt for a period of time, warm water, morning and evening, each serving 1 wine cellar, and even served for several days.

“Five, pears are cool, have phlegm, moisturizing, clearing the lungs.

Pertussis is mostly caused by exogenous sensation, which is caused by heat and obstruction of lung qi. Pear can relieve phlegm and relieve cough, clearing lungs and moistening, so it is especially suitable for children with whooping cough.

Do n’t do it lightly

Do n’t do it lightly

To say that a woman is a good wife and mother may be justified, but please do n’t be a good wife and mother easily, otherwise you will be hurt easily.

  She is the youngest member of her family. She has two successful siblings. She has been loved by her family since she was a child, but she has not been indulged by her bad temper. Instead, she is always diligent and organized.Help parents and siblings handle a lot of things at home and abroad.

  Such a girl with a good family background, a high education, and a simple and lovely, gentle and capable girl has almost perfect conditions. Therefore, once a boyfriend is made, she will experience the love of her first love boyfriend.

Naturally, the boyfriend she chose is also quite good: handsome, high-educated, good unit, promising future, and especially know how to make her happy, often looking for various reasons to give her gifts.

  She believes: he loves her deeply.

Therefore, he demanded that she all strive to meet.

  He asked her to move to his dormitory and live with her; she did it; he loved his face and wanted to go out in bright clothes every day. She also naturally washed and ironed him, and bought various designer clothes to make him look like a star.She loves to dress up and is a little bit embarrassed about herself. She only buys clothes with seasonal discounts. He wants to buy a high-end house. Depending on his income, he will still have some difficulties in the short term.With the help of my brother, he went to a foreign company army to work for a high salary.

Soon, they bought a downtown hot spring mansion.

  Three years later, she was as fond of him as ever, and treated him like an emperor, but he seemed a little absent-minded towards her.

What happened to her?

He Zhenzheng has a saying: “According to the research of scientists, no matter how good the relationship is, it can only last for one and a half years. After this time, the passion will gradually fade until it disappears. If people live in passion all the time, it will definitely affecthealth.

Although the passion between us has disappeared, the relationship is still stable. What are you afraid of?