Seven secret weapons for working women

Seven “secret weapons” for working women

They think women can be pretty but not tasteless.
Professional women can be sharp, but not rough.
Women can be mothers, but not mothers-in-law.
Their slogan is “We want to grow old gracefully.”
  ”Men are afraid of entering the wrong line, women are afraid of marrying the wrong man” is an old saying. For modern women, career paths have also become an important choice in life.
  Capital rankings are the most beautiful.
  The women who really fell in love with the country and were shocked are still rare animals, so of course women who understand this truth also know how to change themselves, make up for their innate deficiencies, and become natural beauty.
With clothing, hairstyles, and cosmetics . when all the guys who can use it are complete, which woman will not let the man stun?
Beautiful regardless of age, women at every stage have her beauty, knowing how beautiful she is, and learning to use her beauty, the world is indomitable and unfavorable-who likes the sloppy yellow face woman?
  The second is concern.
  A woman’s concern is one of the most touching things in the world, whether she comes from a mother, wife, lover or colleague.
A gentle word of care can sometimes make someone you care about remember for life, believe it or not!
  The third is calmness.
  Women aren’t born calm animals, they shout when they meet anything.
The next time you want to scream, you will give yourself a slap, and if you get used to it, you will remember it for a long time. When the time is longer, the calm will naturally occur.
At that time, even if you are too scared to breathe, other people will admire your courage and fear when you are just like walking in a courtroom, and think you are a unique leader.
  The fourth is quiet.
  You have to be like a tomboy, slamming the door in the office and hitting the table all the time. Who can rest assured to tell you what?
Of course, you ca n’t make short messages like that of bored women in the old society. You have to be like at least half a lady and learn to use smiles to answer or interrupt questions and topics that you think will affect collective unity.
  The fifth is orthodoxy.
  It doesn’t matter how much you love to laugh, but you have to be an orthodox and irresponsible woman. In the minds of everyone, women with orthodox education are not frivolous and will not make the office a windy field. Everyone knows that you will behave properly.Doing things well and being a person will not worry that you will make the young people in the office “bad”.
  The sixth is self-confidence.
  You should understand that the office is not the world of men. You should also know that your rights are equal to those of male colleagues. You should also understand that your ability is not inferior to anyone. Therefore, you can look at everything with confidenceeveryone.
  The seventh is health.
  Who still likes sick beauty like Lin Daiyu now?
Besides, in the workplace, you are in pain all day, and others are uncomfortable looking at it, and you feel that you are being arrogant. Do n’t you embarrass yourself?
In fact, there is one of the most beautiful weapons in common, and that is: happiness!
There is no need to say more about happiness, because you understand that happiness is the foundation of all your careers. Water is the weakest thing, but dripping water can wear stones; modern women, like water, are soft and firm.
For them, this is an era full of opportunities, but also an era of contradictions.
However, these often affect women’s performance at work and at home, forming a vicious circle.
Therefore, to give full play to women’s potential in the workplace, and to understand the complex complex of modern women, is the first priority for women’s career planning.
  Warning: Five misunderstandings of professional women in the 21st century. Psychologists believe that women are prone to failure in their careers, and their psychological factors dominate. Many women are lurking with psychological obstacles. The most common are the following five: First, beautiful produces superiority.感  从心理上看,男女对于成就感的需求各不相同,策动男性追求成就感的心理关键是竞争,女人的动机却是社会的接纳,女子只要漂亮贤慧就能被社会所接纳的观念至今仍There is a market, so beautiful women tend not to be aggressive.
  Second, success will replace love. There is such a phenomenon in society. The higher the education, the harder it is to find people.
Successful women often cannot stand behind a strong man.
As a result, many women are convinced that career success will not only be rejected by society, but also take away love between husband and wife.
  三、缺乏竞争欲望  一个人事业成功的因素中,竞争意识的重要性不亚于才干,不幸的是,女性的心理似乎总是使她们自觉样样不如人,同时,也不喜欢靠竞争来满足Own desire.
  四、同性的嫉妒心理  女性不喜欢与人竞争,但在爱情上,在对待同性时,却竞争意识十足如果把这种“竞争”带入工作中,盲目地同那些不应与之竞争的对象To compete, you will lose the big picture.
  Fifth, the continuity psychology is not strong. Women always like to focus on understanding and imitating the original thinking results. The purpose of thinking is only to continue the existing things, not to create new things.

Men and women who speak less are more preferred

Men and women who speak less are more preferred

Although it is an advantage for a man to have excellent eloquence, it is rarely emphasized when the advantages of two men are women, especially when they describe the characteristics of a loved one.

  In fact, on many occasions, many women prefer to keep her favorite man silent, rather than listen to him chattering superficially. Even in the two-person world, women want men to be good listeners.

At this time, women do not necessarily require men to express their opinions or make other reactions. Men just need to sit there and say “um”, “yes” to satisfy women, even when men are reading the newspaper or television,In time to fill in the two sentences “good”, “it doesn’t matter” and the like, women may not feel left out.

  That’s why, a man with few words often makes a woman’s heart, in addition to feeling mysterious, but also because he looks deeper and can be nurtured.

Women can tolerate their ignorance, but they cannot tolerate men’s shallowness.

The way to insure is to express opinions only on things you are familiar with.

At least it makes women feel that you are really reliable.

Eight kinds of injuries need to be prevented in spring fitness exercise

Eight kinds of injuries need to be prevented in spring fitness exercise

Spring is blooming, people’s outdoor activities have greatly increased, and sports wounds have also increased.

According to clinical statistics, sports injuries in this season are 30% higher than in other seasons.

Therefore, experts suggest that spring sports should be well protected.

  Sudden death Sudden cardiac death includes both quiet and exercise.

Of these, 81% of sudden deaths were silent, due to sudden coronary heart disease and pulmonary embolism.

In addition to sudden death from heart disease, excessive exercise is also an important cause of sudden death.

Such as long-distance running exercise, the heart circulatory system will be overwhelmed, the amount of blood and oxygen required will suddenly increase, while the supply will be relatively reduced.

In this state of metabolism of blood and oxygen, the runner’s heart will have an acute attack, followed by cardiac arrest and interruption of cerebral blood flow.

When running, you must ensure the safety of your exercise. If you feel unwell while running, stop immediately, and do n’t hold on to avoid accidents.

  Tennis elbow The symptom is not only that tennis can cause “tennis elbow”. Playing badminton and table tennis can also cause illness.

Patients often feel pain on the outside of the elbow, reduced grip strength and poor force, and have severe difficulty playing backhand.

This is mainly due to inflammation in the muscles and tendons.

Acute pain after exercise should be cold compresses, taken orally, topical anti-inflammatory painkillers.

Chronic inflammation can be treated with physiotherapy and elbow support.

  Shoulder Tendon Strain This symptom is mainly caused by repeated overloading of the muscles and muscles around the shoulder.

The affected area will become inflamed, swollen, and aggravated during movement.

Periarticular tendon injury can be divided into acute injury, chronic strain and tendon tear.

Typical defects are local muscle swelling and pain in the shoulder after playing, and when the arm is slowly raised, it feels painful or even difficult to lift. If the tendon is torn, it will feel weak.

After the injury, the patient should be treated with ice, and the shoulder joints should be rested and the amount of activity reduced. Repeated and severe injuries should seek medical treatment.

  Knee ligament, meniscus injury Knee ligament is very important to stabilize the joint.

Sprains and collisions during exercise can easily cause ligament tears, joint instability, and swelling and pain after exercise.

The meniscus is two cartilage pads in the knee joint and is the shock absorber of the human body.

After a meniscus injury, tears in the joints can cause joint pain, and the pain worsens when squatting.

Knee joint ligament, if not found in time after meniscus injury, it is very easy to be repeatedly injured when continuing to move, the sleeve causes traumatic synovitis, and the joint bundle is scratched, leading to joint degeneration in advance.

  Fractures There are two common types of fractures.

One is without a wound and the flesh is not damaged, called a closed fracture; the other is the tip of the bone penetrating the flesh, called an open fracture.

For open fractures, they cannot be held back, rubbed, or massaged, otherwise vaginitis is likely to occur. Apply sterile gauze to bandage the affected area. After hemostasis, fix it with a flat board and send it to the hospital for treatment.

If the fracture is in the upper limb, the joint can be fixed on the trunk; if the fracture is in the lower limb, the leg and foot can be straightened, fixed on the contralateral limb and sent to the hospital for treatment.

  Muscle contractions and cramps are caused by muscle contraction due to cold stimuli, excessive mental tension, and excessive physical exertion.

It is most common in some long-term exercise or swimming. It is also prone to cramps when the warm-up exercise is not fully prepared.

When cramps occur, the muscles are hard, the pain is intolerable, and often cannot be relieved. Improper handling can cause muscle damage.

  Muscle damage In addition to muscle damage caused by direct external force, muscle damage is mainly caused by indirect external force.

After a muscle strain, the wound is painful, swollen, tender, convulsive, and hardened.

When the injured muscle makes active contractions or passive stretches, the pain worsens.

  Abdominal tingling and flank pain occur mainly in the early stages of stopping exercise, resuming exercise training, or occasionally participating in physical activity.

It is generally believed that flank pain is hypoxic pain due to insufficient blood flow to the respiratory muscles during exercise.

Immediately after a meal, exercise or intestinal gas accumulation is also an important cause of flank pain.

Divorced, how can I be satisfied?

Divorced, how can I be satisfied?

Divorce blows can cause endocrine disorders. According to the introduction, bad life events such as the death of a spouse, divorce and spouse separation will cause different levels of psychological shock to life individuals.

This is called “stress response” psychologically.

Some people may feel depressed, frustrated, depressed, and lonely when they are emotionally hit. Some are indulging in their past relationships, while others have resentment against their partners.

Although a person in this state of depression may not necessarily suffer from depression, she can still live and work normally, and others can’t see any change on the surface, but it does not mean that she is normal.

Investigations have shown that divorced and separated people’s immune function will decline, and symptoms such as headache, palpitations, headache attacks, decreased appetite, weight loss, and hair loss will increase significantly; the rate of seeking medical treatment for acute diseases will increase.

But whether the endocrine problem occurs, you must make a correct prediction after checking by a doctor.

  Loss of a fixed sexual partner should be adjusted psychologically. In divorced women, sexual problems are more common.

Some women who are not in good psychological divorce experience sexual apathy.

They need to be treated with medication and psychotherapy after being diagnosed by a doctor.

  In addition, some women have maintained a regular sexual life before divorce.

After divorce, she feels that “sexual desire” and “don’t want it” are just psychological adjustments made by women when they temporarily lose their legal and fixed sexual partners.

Sexual activity has been reduced to varying degrees, which can help them adjust to their new lives.

If remarried, these people can still resume normal functions.

  Appropriate sex supplies can reduce stress. For people who have no sexual partners after divorce, it is normal to buy and use sex products to masturbate.

Human sexual organs, like other functions, are used and retired.

Appropriate use of some masturbation to resolve sexual desire can relieve mental stress.

The investigation found that after a large number of people use sexual alternatives, the body will also react physiologically.

  However, in the face of strange sex products on the market, doctors cautioned that they must choose soft, smooth and regularly disinfected to ensure hygiene.

In particular, do not choose quirky sexual products for the pursuit of excitement and pleasure, otherwise the husband will not be able to meet his requirements after remarriage.

4 tips that don’t add sugar to drink Chinese medicine


4 tips that don’t add sugar to drink Chinese medicine

There are many people who cannot choose Chinese medicine to cure the disease because Chinese medicine is too bitter.

The key is that the doctor is still not allowed to add sugar!

Indeed, many traditional Chinese medicines for clearing away heat and detoxifying, clearing away heat and dampness are very bitter. Adding sugar will affect the effect of the drug. It is necessary to drink such a bitter Chinese medicine for treatment. What should we do?

銆€銆€Why can’t I add sugar to Chinese medicine?

銆€銆€First of all, more sugar will help the heat, if the patient has full bloating, thick and greasy tongue and other symptoms of hot and humid stop, generally can cancel the sugar, to avoid adverse reactions, and those who are not suitable for taking.

銆€銆€In essence, sugar is cool and brown sugar is warm. If sugar is added to the warming agent, or brown sugar is added to the cold medicine, it will attenuate the drug, inhibit the full absorption of the drug effect, and affect the efficacy.

銆€銆€Thirdly, the chemical composition of traditional Chinese medicine is more complicated. Sugars, especially brown sugar, contain a lot of elements such as iron and calcium. The proteins and metabolites in Chinese medicine can be combined with them to form a chemical reaction, so that some effective groups in the liquid medicineSeparation and coagulation, which in turn produces turbidity and precipitation, which not only affects the efficacy but also harms health.

銆€銆€Can’t add sugar, how to relieve the bitterness in the medicine?

銆€銆€1, pay attention to the drug temperature.

Expert studies have confirmed that the tongue is particularly sensitive to temperatures above 37 掳 C. Therefore, should the temperature of bitter soup be held at 15 掳 C?
37 掳 C.

銆€銆€2, pay attention to the content of the pharyngeal Chinese medicine.

Human bitter receptors are mainly concentrated in the front half of the tongue, especially the tip of the tongue.

Therefore, after the drug solution is imported, it is best to immediately put the drug in the base of the tongue and swallow it naturally. You can also use the spoon to directly send the drug solution to the tongue root and swallow it.

銆€銆€3, pay attention to the speed of medication, the longer the medicine stays in the mouth, the more bitter the taste, therefore, the bitter taste of Chinese medicine should not be slow.

銆€銆€4, immediately after taking the medicine, rinse with cold water, and then drink the right amount of warm water.

銆€銆€Without sugar, you can alleviate the bitter taste of Chinese medicine. You have mastered the four tips.

If you drink tonic, you can add some honey properly, and the honey itself can nourish the blood.

It is really the need of certain conditions, and the bitter Chinese medicine is also drunk.

Winter itch, please don’t panic. Chinese medicine has a prescription.

“Winter itch”, please don’t panic. Chinese medicine has a prescription.

As the weather turns colder, many people, especially the elderly, often feel itchy all over the body, especially at night, especially after heating in the north, the degree of itching will become heavier.
This kind of old man with winter pruritus, although itching is serious, but generally there will be no obvious rash.
The cause of the disease is mainly due to the dry climate in winter, coupled with the old blood deficiency and yin deficiency, the skin’s oil secretion is reduced, and the skin is lost due to nourishment.
銆€銆€Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of winter itch is mainly to nourish yin and nourish blood, phlegm and itching.
銆€銆€Clinically, use more than nourishing and nourishing soup: 15 grams of raw land, 15 grams of rehmannia, 12 grams of angelica, 15 grams of white peony, 20 grams of salvia, 10 grams of Gentiana, 30 grams of Polygonum, 10 grams of flax, 10 grams of Kochia scoparia, 铦? grams of clothing, Shuijianbi, one dose a day, and even served 5-6 doses.
銆€銆€If the syndrome is obvious yin deficiency, you can add yoghurt, asparagus, yuan ginseng, etc.; blood heat plus jaundice, fried medlar, paeonol, medlar, and bone skin one or two flavors; qi deficiency and spleen deficiency plus jaundice, Codonopsis, Atractylodes, 鑼嫇; upset insomnia plus Schisandra, fried jujube, night vine; in addition, mother-of-pearl, stone cassia, wind, hedgehog, Cnidium, white sable, whole worm, schizonepeta, mint, etc. often with the card addition and subtraction.

Four toxic fish do not eat

Four “toxic” fish do not eat

Due to environmental pollution, toxic substances may accumulate in the fish. When buying fish, besides paying attention to whether the fish itself is fresh, try to avoid buying poisonous fish.
銆€銆€Contaminated fish: Toxic fish include fish contaminated with phenols, heavy metals or pesticides, and fish containing biotoxins.
Fish and shrimp with a strong kerosene taste are the result of phenolic contamination; large sea fish such as sharks, tuna, swordfish, squid and tilapia are susceptible to mercury poisoning.
In particular, pregnant women, lactating women and women preparing to become pregnant should not eat these fish.
銆€銆€Malformed fish: other fish such as malformed fish do not eat, fish do not eat, dead turtles, squid can not eat; fish with parasites: there may also be parasites such as clonorchiasis in fish, in addition to processing thoroughlyWash it out and cook it carefully.
銆€銆€Salted fish, smoked fish, dried fish: Because it contains nitrosamine-based carcinogens, it should not be eaten too much. Frying, especially charred fish, contains a strong carcinogen heterocyclic amine, which is better.
銆€銆€Eating fish and eating fish will be more beneficial to your health.