[How to make home-made steamed sea bass juice]_How to do_How to do

[How to make home-made steamed sea bass juice]_How to do_How to do

Fish meat foods are very common in people’s daily diet. Among many fish, sea bass is one of the most commonly eaten freshwater fish, and sea bass has many functions and nutrients, so the nutritional value of sea bass that needs to be supplemented is the best.Method, but some people think that this method is too light, and they will eat with some dipping sauce.

So, how to make home-made steamed sea bass juice?

First, how to make home-made steamed sea bass juice?

Remove the internal organs and scales of the sea bass, clean them, cut them obliquely, cut the shallots into scallions and spring onions, and slice the ginger.

Mix the cooking wine and salt and absorb it evenly on the fish. Put some ginger slices and green onion on the bottom of the dish, then put the fish, and put the green onion and ginger on the fish.

Boil the water in the pot, steam the fish for 8 to 10 minutes, and steam off for 35 minutes after turning off the heat.

Pick a portion of the shallot and ginger from the steamed fish dish, discard the excess soup from the dish, and sprinkle the shredded shreds on the fish.

Heat the oil in a pan and pour over the fish.

Then pour the steamed fish stew into the pot, add a little water to boil and pour on the fish.

Second, eating fish is nothing more than a word of “fresh”, and steaming is the best way to experience the “fresh” cooking of fish.

If you think that steamed fish is just steamed in the pot, then you are totally wrong, saying that you are not ignorant of the way of eating and drinking, you are simply spoiling the godsend food.

Steamed fish cooking is also a science, from the selection of fish to the ingredients, from the plate to the pan, from the heat to the virtual steam, every step has particular attention.

Of course, the taste can be adjusted according to your own preferences, but the heat and virtual steaming are the basic guarantees for the steamed fish to be “fresh”.

How to make home-made steamed sea bass sauce?

Fish seasoning: Mix a small amount of meat into a little soy sauce, sesame oil, salt, ginger, and shiitake mushrooms at the end of the fish belly, which will not only make the fish taste fresher, but also steam the fishy fish.

Fish plate: take a large piece of ginger and green onion, cut into long and uniform pieces of reconstituted silk, spread it on the fish plate, put the fish on the plate, and sprinkle a little onion and ginger on the fish. It is beautiful and tastes even when it is mature.

Fish heat: The heat is the key to steaming fish. Like many steamed vegetables, be sure to boil the water in the pot before putting the fish into the pot and steam off for 6 to 7 minutes.

Shentong Express (002468) Interim Review: Business volume growth remains high, maintaining single ticket gross margin down slightly

Shentong Express (002468) Interim Review: Business volume growth remains high, maintaining single ticket gross margin down slightly

Event: The company released the semi-annual report for 2019, and the company achieved operating income of 98 in the first half of the year.

71 ppm, an increase of 48 in ten years.

62%; net profit attributable to mother 8.

32 ppm, a decrease of 4 per year.

04%; net profit after deduction to mother 7.

8.2 billion, down 5 every year.


The business volume maintained a high growth, and the gross profit per ticket decreased slightly.

The volume of business completed in the first half of 201930.

1.2 billion pieces, an annual increase of 47.

25%, the growth rate is significantly faster than the industry.

Market share reached 10.

85%, an increase of 1 over the same period last year.

59 uniforms.

In terms of single ticket data, single ticket income3.

19 yuan, down by 0 every year.

93%, but due to the change in the number of self-operated transfer centers, the single ticket revenue caliber has changed; in terms of structure, single ticket information service revenue has dropped to zero.

53 yuan / single, down 25 before.

85% is mainly to cope with market competition and increase the enthusiasm of franchisees, and the rebate for face-to-face orders has increased; the single-ticket delivery income has dropped to 1.

61 yuan / single, down by 7 every year.

97%, mainly because the company adjusted the dividend payment rules; single ticket transfer income1.

05 yuan / single, an increase of 38 in ten years.

36%, mainly due to the company’s addition of 13 directly under the transfer center, transit income and cost growth in ten years.

From the cost side, the single ticket cost for 2019H1 is 2.

83 yuan / single, up 7 before.

6%; of which the single ticket delivery cost is 1.

63 yuan, down by 1 every year.

01%; single ticket shipping cost is 0.

57 yuan / single, an increase of 16 in ten years.

87%, mainly due to the increase in self-operated vehicles and transshipment centers; single-ticket employee salaries, depreciation, amortization and transfer costs all increased.

As a whole, the single ticket revenue and expenditure have increased from the self-operating rate of core assets to the uplink. However, because the assets have not reached the optimal utilization efficiency at the initial stage, the associates have alternately supplemented the price competition to reduce the single ticket 青岛夜网 gross profit.

The self-operated rate of core assets increased, and price competitiveness improved.

The low self-operating rate of the Air Force Transit Center has always been the core pain point of the company. From the second half of 2017, the company expanded the construction of its operating platform infrastructure. During the reporting period, the proportion of self-operated vehicles reached 70.

26%, independent outlets increased 29 compared to the earlier period.

87%, the transfer center self-employment rate reached 88.

twenty four%.

The military Yiwu price war cease-fire indicates that companies have begun to shift from pursuing business volume to pursuing overall revenue. Mild price wars have gradually replaced market share from small and medium-sized express delivery companies. The vicious competition between access systems will not occur in the short term.Hope for relief.

Profit forecast: It is expected to realize profit 20-2021.900 million, 25.

0 ppm vs. 29.

3 trillion, corresponding to the current sustainable PE of 17.

5, 14.

7 and 12.

5 times, maintaining the “recommended” level.

Risk reminder: unit volume recovery is not up to expectations, and industry competition has caused unit prices to fall.

[How to make up for kidney deficiency]_How to make up_How to make up

鐢锋€ц韩浣撻殢鐫€骞撮緞鐨勫闀匡紝缁忓父浼氬彂鐢熷緢澶氭兂璞′笉鍒扮殑鐤剧梾銆傚叾涓渶甯歌鐨This is a play on the screen: a play on the screen: a key on the screen, a screen on the screen, a screen on the screen, a screen on the screen, a screen on the screen, a screen on the screen, a screen on the screen, a screen on the screen, a screen on the screen, a screen on the screen, a screen on the screen, a screen on the screen, a screen on the screen, a screen on the screen, a screen on the screen, a screen on the screen, a screen on the screen, a screen on the screen, and a screen on the screen.鎴栬€呮槸鍏朵粬鍘熷洜锛屽鑷磋偩铏氥€傝偩铏氱殑琛ㄧ幇姣旇緝澶氾紝姣斿鍦ㄥか濡荤敓娲讳腑浼氭湁蹇冩棤鍔涖€傝€屼笖澶氭暟鑲捐櫄鐨勪汉瀹规槗鍙戠敓鑵伴儴鐤肩棝鐨勭棁鐘躲€傞渶瑕佸強鏃舵不鐤椼€傞偅涔堣偩铏氭€庝箞琛ュ憿?鑲捐櫄璇ユ€庝箞琛ヨ偩铏氬凡缁忔垚浜嗗晢瀹跺彨鍗栫殑涓€鏋氭瀛愶紝杩欏氨闇€瑕佹垜浠摝浜溂鐫涳紝璁ゆ竻鑲捐櫄鐨勭湡闈㈢洰銆傚嵆渚夸笉灏戜汉鏈夎偩铏氾紝瀹冪殑鍗卞涔熻澶稿ぇ浜嗐€傚湪涓尰涓I do n’t know how to donate, I do n’t know how to do it, I do n’t know how to do it, I do n’t know how to do it, I do n’t know how to do it, I do n’t know how to do it.The effect is very faint, and the stack is very difficult to read. It ‘s very difficult to find out how to do it. It ‘s easy to do it.瑗垮尰瀛︿腑鍐呭垎娉岀郴缁熴€佺敓娈栫郴缁熴€佹硨灏跨郴缁熴€佽繍鍔ㄩ楠肩郴缁熴€佸懠鍚哥郴缁熺瓑The effect of the hydrogen reactor is very important. It ‘s a good idea. You do n’t know how to do it. You do n’t know how to do it. Donate it. Donate it. Donate it.The village of Huaxuan has been in power, and the wind and wind have been linked to the ruggedness of the hydrogen chain.紦鎬ヤ箣鍒嗭紝濡傛灉浠呬粎灞炰簬杞荤棁锛屼笉褰卞搷鏃ュ父宸ヤ綔鍜屽涔犵殑璇濓紝骞朵笉闇€瑕佸埢鎰忓幓澶цˉ锛屼絾鑻ユ槸褰卞搷鍒版甯哥殑宸ヤ綔鍜岀敓娲讳簡锛屽氨搴旇鍘绘瑙勭殑涓尰闄㈡垨鑰呬腑鍖荤锛屾壘涓撲笟鍖荤敓杈ㄨ瘉鏂芥不锛屽崈涓囧埆鎿呭仛涓诲紶婊ヨˉ銆傚姝わ紝缁欏ぇ瀹舵寚鍑哄嚑鎷涙姢鑲句箣瀹濅竴銆佹槸楗璋冪悊銆傚父鐢ㄦ枟榫欒姖閰嶆灨鏉炴场姘村枬锛屾枟榫欒姖鏄竴绉嶈棌鑽伒鑺濓紝鍏舵樉钁楃殑鍔熸晥鏄ˉ浜旇剰銆佹壎姝e浐鏈€佸仴鑴捐儍澹偩銆傛枟榫欒姖閰嶆灨鏉炲瓙杈惧埌闃撮槼骞惰ˉ锛屽叿鏈夌泭绮捐ˉ鑲俱€佸浐鏈煿鍏冦€傜敤浜庤偩瀵掔簿鍐枫€佽櫄鍔充綋琛般€侀潰鑹茶悗榛勩€佽叞鑶濋吀杞€佸姏涓嶄粠蹇冦€佸厓姘斿け璋冦€佽ˉ鑲惧.闃炽€佸姞寮烘寔涔呫€佺簿绁炰笉鎸箣鍔熸晥銆傚父鐢ㄧ殑鏂规硶鏄細鏂楅緳鑺?-7 What’s the matter?5棰楋紝娉℃按鍠濓紝闃茬梾銆佹姉鐧屽張琛ヨ偩锛岃€屼笖瀵瑰墠鍒楄吅涔熸湁涓嶉敊鐨勫ソ澶勩€傛澶栵紝骞冲父鍙互澶氬悆榛戣壊椋熺墿锛屽榛戣姖楹汇€侀粦绫炽€侀粦璞嗐€侀粦鏈ㄨ€崇瓑锛岃€屾牳妗冦€佹澘鏍椼€佹灨鏉炪€侀楂撱€佺尓鑵颁篃涓嶉敊銆傛澶栵紝鑲捐繕涓烩€滃織鈥濓紝鍥犳锛屼竴瀹氳淇濇刔 鈹  ソ 镄 勫 師 討 上 纴 锷  姏 鎺 у 埗 Tweets  繁 镄 勬 式 焏  纴 阆 Critical History 曩 澩 環 駰 篰 駰 田田 焰 焰 焧夎妭鍒躲€傝櫧鐒舵病鏈夌粺涓€涓€鍛ㄥ灏戞鏈€濂界殑璇存硶锛屼絾搴斾互鎴夸簨鍚庣殑鐢熺悊銆佸績鐞嗘劅瑙夎垝閫傘€佹剦鎮︿负渚濇嵁锛屽鏋滄埧浜嬪悗绗簩澶╁嚭鐜扮柌鍔炽€佷笉鎰胯捣搴娿€佸ご鏅曠瓑鎰熻锛屽氨搴斿噺灏戞鏁般€備笁銆佹槸鎶よ偩鎸夋懇鎿嶃€備竴绉嶆槸鍚屾椂鎸夋懇鍏冲厓绌?(呜 尬 间 笪 嬊 夊 凊 ) 銜 屽 懡 闂 ㄧ ┐ (馜 尬 钖 咤 庞 庤 庸 庸 溂 鐩 鐩 珩 珃?漠 ュ 强 線 ゆ 梺 墮 偩 偩 淇 炵 ┐ (覠 呬 簬 甬 介 撬 绌 绌 翠 袱 镞?.5?銆傛寜鎽╁墠鍏堝皢鍙屾墜鎼撶儹锛屽乏鎵嬪湪鍓嶏紝鍙虫墜鍦ㄥ悗锛岄『鏃堕拡鍜岄€嗘椂閽堟悡鎻夎嚦鍙戠儹涓烘銆備竴绉嶆槸鎼撴弶浣嶄簬鑴氬簳鐨勬秾娉夌┐锛屽弻鎵嬪乏鍙充氦鍙夋悡鎻夎嚦鍙戠儹涓烘锛屼竴鑸瘡娆?20涓嬶紝鏈€濂芥棭鏅氳繘琛屻€?

Lier Chemical (002258): Glyphosate Creates New Low and Broad Project

Lier Chemical (002258): Glyphosate Creates New Low and Broad Project

The company released its semi-annual report for 2019 and achieved revenue of 20.

53 ppm, an increase of 12 in ten years.

68%; Realize net profit attributable to mother 1.

60 ppm, a reduction of 38 per year.

80%; EPS0.

30 yuan.

At the same time, the company announced the January-September 2019 performance forecast, and expects to achieve net profit attributable to mothers1.

6.7 billion-2.

9.3 billion, down 60% -30% before.

The price of glufosinate continued to decline, and the prices of some raw materials rose, leading to a significant decline in performance.

The company achieved revenue of 20 in the first half of 19 years.

53 ppm, an increase of 12 in ten years.

68%, it is expected that some of the original pharmaceutical projects in the Guang’an base will gradually reach production in the fourth quarter of 2018, and the production and sales in the first half of 19 will continue to increase, and the revenue of other chemical materials will also increase significantly; the gross profit margin will be 29.

21%, a decrease of 2 per year.

86PCT, the reason is expected to be the rise in the price of some raw materials, the Guangan base put into operation to increase depreciation; sales costs 68.89 million yuan, a continuous increase13.

22%, administrative expenses 1.

06 ppm, an increase of 8 years.

89%, financial expenses of 50.13 million yuan, an increase of 641 throughout the year.

95%, R & D expenses 1.

33 ppm, a 107-year increase of 107.

66%; Period expenses 17.

21%, an increase of 4 per year.

51PCT; net interest rate 9.

52%, a decrease of 6 per year.


In the second quarter, a single quarter achieved revenue of 10.

3.5 billion, an increase of 1.

67%, an annual increase of 12.

87%; net profit attributable to mother is 87.28 million yuan, an increase of 20.

80%, a decrease of 39 per year.


Glyphosate formaldehyde hit a record low, and the construction of methyl dichloride will reduce production costs.

According to Zhuochuang data, the average price of glufosinate in the 杭州桑拿 first half of 19 was 14.

80 million / ton with a temporary interval of 24.

18%; Until August 19, the glufosinate drug reached 11 tons / ton, a record low.

The company’s Guang’an base grass ammonia formaldehyde workshop was put into trial production at the end of 18 years, and the production capacity will be gradually released, 1.

5 Fluoride intermediate methyl phosphorous dichloride production capacity has also begun construction in the first half of 19, is expected to reach production in June 20, after the production is expected to significantly reduce glufosinate cost.
The construction of 3,000 tons of L-glyphosate is expected to start in January 20, and production will be completed in January 22nd.
The company is currently the largest glufosinate pharmaceutical company in China. When Guangan glufosinate production capacity 青岛夜网 is completed, it will become the largest in the world. If the price of glufosinate rebounds, the company’s performance will be very flexible.

Guang’an Base’s original drug project resumed production, and each project continued to advance.

On November 22, 2018, an accident occurred in the distillation still in the workshop of the propionium fluchloride project (capacity of 1,000 tons) at Guang’an Base, and the production was resumed in May 19 after rectification. The 1,000-ton flurazole drug project is expected to be completed in 20 years Monthly production; the glufosinate project is expected to reach full production in October 19th.

At the same time, in order to continue to maintain the advanced technology and scale of glufosinate products, the company launched 1.

5Toluyl methyl dichloride, phosphorus-containing flame retardant, L-gluosinate production line and supporting engineering construction projects, of which methyl phosphorus dichloride project has begun construction.

In addition, the projects of the company’s subsidiaries are also moving forward.

Maintain “Highly Recommended-A” investment rating.

The company expects the company to achieve revenue of 45 to 20 years.

3.3 billion, 51.

6.8 billion and 59.

6.2 billion, realizing net profit attributable to mothers2.

44 billion, 3.

3.1 billion and 5.

8.6 billion, EPS is 0.

47 yuan, 0.

63 yuan and 1.

12 yuan, PE is 24 times, 18 times and 10 times respectively, glufosinate is currently at the bottom of the cycle, maintaining “strongly recommended-A” investment rating.

Risk warning: The risk of glufosinate formaldehyde’s continued downturn, and the risk of new projects not being built as expected.

Jiuyang shares (002242): Q3 growth momentum continues the future space is expected

Jiuyang shares (002242): Q3 growth momentum continues the future space is expected

Recently, the company disclosed the 2019 third quarter report: revenue, return to mother, deduction 62.

55 billion, 6.

18 billion, 5.

83 billion, +15 a year.

02%, +8.

54%, 25.

20%; corresponding to 2019Q3: income, return to mother, deduct 20.

6.8 billion, 2.

12 billion, 2.

5.0 billion, previously +14.

98%, + 6.

35%, +18.

68%; revenue performance was in line with expectations.

  I. Revenue analysis: Product R & D innovation, improved channel efficiency, accelerated export orders, and growth in 2019Q1-3 revenue62.

55 trillion, +15 for ten years.

02%; 2019Q3 revenue of 20.

68 ppm, ten years +14.


Product R & D innovation, improved channel efficiency, accelerated export orders, and the three aspects jointly led to the rapid growth of Jiuyang’s revenue.

  In terms of products, the company actively researches and develops new products. In the first half of the year, it launched self-cleaning broken wall soymilk machine K1S, K mini soymilk machine, Ksolo soymilk machine, and uncoated steam rice cooker S5.

In the third quarter, the company launched new models with initial advantages based on new categories, such as the hands-free wall-breaking machine Y1 and the steam rice cooker S3.

  In terms of channels, the company focused on promoting channel transformation and upgrading, building high-end commercial complex stores such as shopping malls, and promoting the volume of mid-to-high-end products; upgrading and remodeling of brand stores to optimize the consumer experience; testing new retail at the same time, and cooperating with Alibaba on “one-stock”Mode to reduce the cost of goods circulation.

  In terms of export, the company is 杭州夜网 good at excellent domestic supply chain management capabilities and can quickly accept orders from shark ninjas.

It is expected that future product innovation, improved channel efficiency and accelerated export sales will continue ahead of schedule, driving the company’s stable growth.

  2. Profit analysis: The gross profit margin increased slightly, and the sales expense ratio further improved the gross profit margin: 2019Q1-3 was 32.

34%, -0 per year.


2019Q3 is 32.

35%, ten years +1.


In general, the company’s gross profit margin has been stable at about 32% for a long time, and its ability to control operating costs is very strong.

  Expense ratio: 2019Q1-3 Sales, management and period total expenses14.

32%, 4.

07%, 21.

65%, twice -2.

01pct, +0.

76pct, -1.

26 points.Q3 single season 南京桑拿网 sales, management and period total expenses13.

32%, 4.

07%, 21.

07%, -0 per year.

91 points, +1.

18pct, +0.

02 points.

The decline in the sales expense ratio stemmed from the fact that the World Cup promotional expenses deposited in the same period of the past year can be driven by the improvement of efficiency after the adjustment of the channel is completed.

The increase in management expense ratio was mainly due to the increase in management staff salaries, travel expenses and equity incentive amortization.

  Net margin: 2019Q1-3 is 9.

71% for a year -0.

69pct to; 2019Q3 is 10.

04%, -0 per year.

71 points.

Combined with historical net interest rate data, this value falls within a reasonable range of fluctuations.

  The company’s export sales are not due to the ODM order acceptance and the gross profit margin has been slightly lowered but the net profit rate has increased. In the future, export orders are expected to maintain double growth and continue to contribute to EPS growth; the expense ratio will continue to improve with the expansion of revenue and efficiency; plus ShangkeNingjia (China) has integrated and advanced. In the first half of the year, handheld vacuum cleaners and steam mops have performed well in the cleaning field, and they are expected to turn a profit in the future.

Together, the overall profitability has risen steadily.

  3. Cash flow analysis: accounts receivable, the proportion of payables increased, and operating cash flow soared at the end of the period7.

0.8 billion, previously +21.

65%; accounts receivable 4.

81 trillion, ten years +114.

73%; payable 18.

45 billion, previously +91.


Net cash flow from operating activities in Q1-3 20199.

2.2 billion, previously +120.


  There are three reasons for the increase in inventory: (1) Complying with e-commerce enterprise regulations and stocking in order to cater for large-scale e-commerce activities at the end of the year; (2) SharkNinja related orders require the company to stock up in advance; (3) Cooperation with Ali “one stock” to change the inventory model.

  The increase in accounts receivable was mainly due to the increase in income; the increase in payables caused by the supply of bills payable by supply chain finance; the increase in net cash flow from operating activities was mainly related to the surge in cash received from sales of goods and the provision of labor services, while the net cashReduced project growth is limited.

  It is expected that the cash flow situation in the fourth quarter will gradually improve with the cooperation, and the efficiency of the supply chain and channel efficiency will gradually improve.

  4. Prospects: From R & D collaboration to supply chain integration, the space can be expected to look to the future. The biggest highlight of Jiuyang Co., Ltd. is that the Shark brand household cleaning and western kitchen appliances are dating to China, and SharkNinja continues to increase ODM order transferThe considerable increase brought by the company can be expected to continue rapid growth!

  This article estimates that the income for the years 19-21 will be 89.

2.5 billion, 99.

31 ppm and 113.

42 trillion, net profit attributable to mother is 9.

04 billion, 10.

6.7 billion and 12.

70 ppm, currently corresponding to PE18x, 15x, 13x; maintain “Buy” level.

  Risk reminder: New products are less than expected risks, industry competition intensifies risks, and raw material costs rise

Fuling mustard (002507) 2018 annual report review: boutique + Xiaxian + new production capacity long-term growth can be expected

Fuling mustard (002507) 2018 annual report review: boutique + Xiaxian + new production capacity long-term growth can be expected

Investment Highlights The company released its 2018 annual report, and the company achieved total operating income19.

140,000 yuan, +25 year-on-year.

92%; net profit attributable to mother 6.

620,000 yuan, +59 year-on-year.


In the fourth quarter of 2018, the company’s revenue was 3.

6.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of +25.

86%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

390,000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of +25.


The company’s performance is in line with market expectations.

In addition, the company expects a 19-year operating income target of 24.

120,000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 26%, and the goal is positive.

  The reported company’s revenue increased significantly, mainly due to the increase in 深圳丝袜会所 volume and price of main products compared with the same period last year, of which sales increased by +10.

65%, ton price +13 for ten years.


Gross margin increased by ten in ten years.

54 pct to 55.

76%, mainly due to the company’s main raw material price of green cabbage fell sharply compared with the same period last year and the price increase in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Sales expense ratio increased by 0.

22 to 14.

66%, mainly due to the company’s channel expansion and product promotion costs increased.

At the same time, the company has newly added R & D for automatic chopped lettuce and optimized expansion of crispy products. The R & D expenses have increased significantly by 215.


  All categories have developed steadily, with multi-regional efforts.

In 2018, the company planned and promoted the market trial sales of new products such as Huitong Kimchi and Wujiang Xiaoshukou, and actively carried out standardized display, popularized China, and experiential marketing. The three major activities were to launch “large flood flooding” marketing and use promotional sales to buy gifts.It actively cultivates consumption habits, and continuously cultivates and develops alliance merchants and key dealers in second- and third-tier cities, which has effectively promoted steady growth in performance.

In terms of products, mustard, other appetizers and pickles are +26 twice.

76%, +25.

93%, +19.


In terms of regions, North China, Northeast China, East China, Central China, Northwest China, and Central Plains were changed to +41.

07%, +30.

68%, +33.

58%, +34.

37%, +30.

82%, +36.


Due to the base of resistance and fierce competition in South China and Southwest China, the income exceeded +14.16%, 14.


  Excellent products + lower counties + new production capacity can guarantee future growth.

In 2019, in terms of products, we expect the company to further promote the boutique strategy, comprehensively improve the quality of raw materials, comprehensively break through the three pickles and three squeezes, and continuously improve the reputation and loyalty of the Wujiang brand.

At the same time, we will comprehensively improve the channel power, focus on channel innovation, and go through the county.

High-line market innovation opens up new terminals under new retail, low-line market weaves network, and actively supports the development of dealers.

In addition, in mid-2018, the company started annual production1.

6 The initial crispy mustard production line and annual output 5 pointed out that the Kimchi production line construction project is expected to be completed in 19 years, which is expected to further guarantee the company’s future performance growth.

  Investment proposals increase operating income and gross profit margin.

Estimated operating income for 19/20/21 is 23.



8.3 billion, net profit attributable to mother is 8.



620,000 yuan, EPS 1.



47 yuan, corresponding to PE 29.



55 times, maintaining the “overweight” rating.

  Risks signal food safety incidents; sales fall short of expectations.

People over the age of forty should step by step

People over the age of forty should step by step

As more and more people enter the yoga studio, there are also extra people who start to study whether yoga is as magical as the legend.

The New South Wales Injury Hazard Research Center recently listed a list of sports injuries, pointing out that the sport with the highest probability of injury is fishing first, followed by yoga.

Sea fishing was because someone was fishing on the reef and was caught in the sea by the big waves.

In Yoga, the research at the Research Center revealed that one in four people who practice yoga has been injured.

Many patients who are injured in practicing yoga are clinically treated, some ligament strains, spinal lacerations, arthritis, neuralgia, Achilles tendon tears, lumbar disc herniation, etc.

    It was clinically found that the majority of patients injured in practicing yoga were women in their 40s.

Because the bones of people over the age of 40 have already been formed, they will not reach such a level in the short term. If they have excessive demands on themselves in this regard, they may cause some harm.

This kind of muscle group contraction exercise, we must remember that it is enough to stop, and gradually.

    Many movements of yoga are the extreme gradients of the body, so experts recommend that you must be very gentle during the practice process. Don’t rush to achieve it. One step in place should be performed step by step according to the actual situation.

Medicated rid of cold cough

Medicated rid of cold cough

In recent days, Guangzhou has become cold, and the sudden cold has caused too many people to catch colds and colds, causing headaches, fever, sneezing, and coughing.

  There are several dietary recipes that can help eliminate colds and coughs-■ Lily Pear is commonly used with 15 grams of lily, 1 pear, 15 grams of sugar, and steamed for 2 hours.

It has the functions of clearing heat, moisturizing the lungs, relieving cough and urination, and it is used for cold cough.

■ Chuanbei Pear uses 1 large raw pear, peeled and cut out the heart, add 3 grams of Chuanbei Fritters, cover well, put in a bowl and steam for 1-2 hours, drink soup and eat pears, 1 a day.

Cough for a cold.

Chuanbei can nourish the lungs and relieve cough, and dissolve phlegm.

Pharmacology proves that the total alkaloids and non-alkaloids in Chuanbei have obvious antitussive and expectorant effects on experimental mice.

Pear can regenerate hydration and dryness, clearing heat and resolving phlegm, and used for lung heat and cough.

■ Lichuanbei Baiju Decoction 1 pear, cored slices, Chuanbei, lisianthus, and white chrysanthemum 3 grams each, decoction to remove residue, add crystal sugar to drink.

Cough for cold bronchitis.

The bellflower tastes bitter, spicy and flat.

Function Xuanfei, throat, expectorant, purulent.

Pharmacological studies have found that Platycodon grandiflorum has immune-enhancing effects, anti-inflammatory effects, expectorant and antitussive effects.

White chrysanthemum is sweet, bitter, and slightly cold.

Function: Dispersing wind and clearing heat, calming the liver and eyesight, used for wind-heat and cold.

Chrysanthemum preparations have been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects.

■ Almond, ginger, radish soup, 10 grams of almonds, 3 slices of ginger, 60 grams of white radish, decoction with water.

Cough for a cold.

Almonds are bitter, slightly warm, and have little poison.

Function of reducing qi, relieving cough, asthma, laxative.

For cough and asthma.

Ginger releases cold, removes dampness and water, and expectorant.

White radish has a sweet taste, is flat and non-toxic.

Dissipate qi, remove phlegm and lungs, and cough.

White radish contains mustard oil and amylase, which can promote appetite and help digestion.

Lignin in radish can enhance the body’s immunity.

■ Wujiang ginger soup 9g Wuyuan, 3 slices of fresh ginger, brown sugar seasoning, decoction and juice.

For colds and coughs.
The taste of glutinous rice is warm and spicy, it can sweat and digestion.

The provitamin A in turnip leaves has an anti-vitamin A deficiency effect.

Vitamin A can improve immunity and greatly increase resistance to colds.

Eat more cabbage antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and calcium supplement

Eat more cabbage antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and calcium supplement

Cabbage can be regarded as a “strange flower” in vegetables.

Because it contains low oxalic acid, the absorption rate of calcium is higher.

Fresh cabbage can inhibit bacteria and anti-inflammation, and has good healing effect on ulcers and accelerate wound healing. It can also supplement folic acid and iron, which can be eaten by pregnant women and patients with anemia.

  Modern people use a variety of ways to supplement calcium, in fact, the body’s absorption of calcium is different.

Studies show that a large number of vegetables have a higher calcium content, but because many vegetables contain oxalic acid, calcium absorption is reduced.

For example, white lotus root, bamboo shoots, spinach, cabbage, amaranth, celery and so on.

Cabbage can be regarded as a “strange flower” in vegetables.
Because it contains low oxalic acid, the absorption rate of calcium is higher.
Cabbage is a good source of calcium. It also lies in that the calcium content of the same weight reaches 60% of milk, and the ratio of calcium and phosphorus is appropriate, which is beneficial to the health of bones and teeth.

Cabbage contains more potassium and less sodium, which has more complications for the cardiovascular system, and is easy to make people feel happy.

  In addition, fresh cabbage can inhibit bacteria and anti-inflammation, has good healing effect on ulcers, and can accelerate wound healing; it can also supplement folic acid and iron, and pregnant women and patients with anemia can eat more.

  Cabbage is suitable for cold raw meals, or stuffed with buns and dumplings.

If made into vinegar and cabbage, it can better absorb the calcium in it.

Of course, if the cabbage is cooked with the right amount of meat, the calcium effect will be better.

Because meat products are rich in vitamin D, it can promote calcium absorption very well, just like cabbage meat slices, cabbage meatballs are a good match.

How to prevent children from swallowing foreign bodies-

How to prevent children from swallowing foreign bodies?

A few days ago, an otolaryngologist at the Provincial Children’s Hospital successfully took out a metal clockwork with a size of 20 × 25mm, which looks like a propeller, from Xiao Meifang’s esophagus 2 years and 1 month old.

It turned out that when Xiao Meifang was playing, she put the metal clockwork on the alarm clock into her mouth and accidentally swallowed it into the esophagus, which immediately caused nausea and difficulty swallowing.

  Otolaryngologists at the Provincial Children’s Hospital introduced that children mistakenly swallowed foreign objects for many reasons, such as children giggling while eating, rushing or not paying attention, easily slicing bone fragments mixed in food, fishbone swallowed and stuck in the esophagus;Children like to bite coins, small toys, etc. between their lips and teeth. If they don’t pay attention, they become jokes, scares, or swallows saliva, it is easy to swallow foreign bodies. In addition, the child’s protective physiological reflex is not perfect., When running, joking or being suddenly stimulated by the outside, it is easy to swallow foreign bodies; or loose dentures of school-age children fall asleep while falling asleep and accidentally swallow to form esophageal foreign bodies.

  Therefore, experts remind: parents should educate their children to develop a chewing and eating habits; parents and caregivers must strengthen the management of all kinds of small toys, do not put these items in the place where the children get, to prevent children from putting them at willIn the mouth; and tell the child not to play with small objects in the mouth.