How to prevent children from swallowing foreign bodies-

How to prevent children from swallowing foreign bodies?

A few days ago, an otolaryngologist at the Provincial Children’s Hospital successfully took out a metal clockwork with a size of 20 × 25mm, which looks like a propeller, from Xiao Meifang’s esophagus 2 years and 1 month old.

It turned out that when Xiao Meifang was playing, she put the metal clockwork on the alarm clock into her mouth and accidentally swallowed it into the esophagus, which immediately caused nausea and difficulty swallowing.

  Otolaryngologists at the Provincial Children’s Hospital introduced that children mistakenly swallowed foreign objects for many reasons, such as children giggling while eating, rushing or not paying attention, easily slicing bone fragments mixed in food, fishbone swallowed and stuck in the esophagus;Children like to bite coins, small toys, etc. between their lips and teeth. If they don’t pay attention, they become jokes, scares, or swallows saliva, it is easy to swallow foreign bodies. In addition, the child’s protective physiological reflex is not perfect., When running, joking or being suddenly stimulated by the outside, it is easy to swallow foreign bodies; or loose dentures of school-age children fall asleep while falling asleep and accidentally swallow to form esophageal foreign bodies.

  Therefore, experts remind: parents should educate their children to develop a chewing and eating habits; parents and caregivers must strengthen the management of all kinds of small toys, do not put these items in the place where the children get, to prevent children from putting them at willIn the mouth; and tell the child not to play with small objects in the mouth.

How to deal with baby indigestion in summer?

How to deal with baby indigestion in summer?

Indigestion usually causes a feeling of heartburn.

Although it sounds serious, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that your child has a heart problem.

The feeling of heartburn comes from the reflux of gastric acid. Some gastric acid will flow back to the throat through the esophagus. The esophagus is damaged. When hard food flows through, it hurts the injured esophagus.

So the child will feel burning.

  Young children often don’t know the cause of their discomfort, which often makes them feel more uncomfortable.

The unexplainable pain made them very upset.

The best cure for this indigestion caused by stomach acid is to take effective precautions.

  Experts can help you: 1.

First make your child’s diet regular and consistent with her physique.

Make sure you do n’t eat too much of each meal, and that the food does n’t contain too much extra food that is too greasy.

Don’t let your child eat too much chocolate or orange, which can easily cause indigestion.


Tell your child to chew slowly while eating.

Don’t eat too fast. Chew your food well (about ten seconds) to get better digestion.


If your child has symptoms of indigestion, consider giving them some yeast flakes.

Alkaline yeast flakes neutralize excess stomach acid.

But this is only a temporary relief method, and only effective for a short time.

And it cannot repair the damage to the esophagus caused by the degradation of gastric acid.

If you take these medicines before meals, some of the solution is left in the stomach, which can increase the surface tension of the stomach wall and reduce the potential for gastric acid conversion.


H2 fungicide-type drugs can reduce gastric acid secretion.

So as to prevent the backflow of gastric juice.

Preventive supervision is less painful than cure.

Omeprazole drugs can almost treat gastric acid secretion, and can also treat acid reflux damage to the esophagus.


There is also a class of drugs based on enhancing the ability of the stomach to promote the overall working capacity of the digestive system.

However, there are usually more obvious alternatives for different types of drugs.

So consult a pediatrician before using this class of antibody.

  Generally, indigestion in young children is only temporary, and the digestive system is not working properly once or twice or some other body diseases.

However, if it is continuous nausea, or through the increase of age, the adjustment ability does not increase accordingly, and problems continue to occur, you should go to the hospital to check the digestive system and treat the problem as soon as possible.

Bath body care 6

Bath body care 6

The seventh section of the other bath body method introduction, mud bath mud system refers to the use of mud, lake mud and other mud materials applied to the body, or soaked in special mud, in order to achieve the purpose of fitness.

  Traditional mud baths use natural soils such as white clay, loess, stove soil, field mud, and bottom mud. Modern medical mud baths use silt, which is rich in minerals and trace radioactive materials.

  Mud baths are generally chosen for summer, undressing, applying mud to the body surface, lying on the beach; soaking in the mud 20?
30 minutes.

  The health care function of the mud bath is that the sludge contains various salts to sterilize and disinfect the skin; the organic matter and colloidal substance in the mud play an “ion” state through the skin and enter the body; the soil and the skin rub,Under the sunlight, it has obvious warming effect and massage effect, which can promote blood circulation, improve metabolism and nutrition of tissue cells.

  Various skin infections, open injuries, and severe and severe organic lesions, women during menstruation, maternity, are not suitable for mud bath.

  Second, the sand bath sand bath refers to a method of burying the whole body or part of the body into the sand, using its warm and mechanical massage to achieve health rickets.

  Medical sand is clean dry sea sand, river sand or desert sand, which is called mixed with small stones, shells and other impurities.

  The sand bath acts on the human body and is characterized by the combined effects of hyperthermia, magnetic therapy, push and sunbathing.

It can promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism, has obvious perspiration effect; facilitates absorption of exudate and softening of scar marks; continues to accelerate healing of peristalsis and growth of bone tissue, so it can cause systemic or local changes.

  The ideal sand bath time is: summer, 4 in the evening every day?
7 o’clock.

Undress when burying sand, put on sunglasses, and bury your limbs in 0.


2 m thick sand layer, 0 each time.


5 hours, rinse with water afterwards, and rest 20 in the cool place?
30 minutes, usually 10 days for a course of treatment.

  Although the sand bath is good, it is not suitable for everyone.

People with more serious organic diseases, acute inflammation, possibility of bleeding, women’s menstrual period, pregnancy, children, elderly and extremely weak, should not be sand bath.

  Third, the air bath air bath refers to a method of naked or semi-naked direct contact with the air, using its physical and chemical properties to prevent disease by fitness.

  The air bath mainly utilizes the combined effects of air temperature, gas humidity, air flow and chemical components on people’s rest.

Temperature is one of the main factors.

In the air bath, the temperature is usually lower than the body temperature, forming a cold stimulation to the body, causing changes in the cerebral cortex, body temperature regulation center, vascular movement center, etc., causing skin vasoconstriction, decreased perspiration, and increased metabolism.

Thereby improving the disease resistance of the machine.

In addition, the fresh air contains a large amount of anions, which can regulate the function of the central nervous system, stimulate hematopoietic function, promote metabolism, and enhance lung function and immunity.

  The air bath method is simple and easy to perform. It can be specially exercised. It can also be combined with sports and labor. Generally, it starts from the summer, and wears clothes as little as possible. In the morning, to the fresh air park, waterside, do some simple sports activities.Such as jogging, punching.

Time is determined by body temperature and individual quality, so that there is no chill.

  When the wind, fog or sudden changes in the weather, such as cold, do not exercise hard; patients with acute respiratory and renal diseases should not take an air bath.

  Fourth, sunbathing refers to a method of treating the disease by sunbathing. In ancient times, it was also called “sun treatment.”

“Huang Tingjing” pointed out the role of daylight: “The sun and the moon will save the old and the disabled”. In the Song Dynasty, “Yun Yun Qiu” contains “Cheng Ri Jing Fa”, and Ji Kang “Hybridism” also puts forward the saying that “Yi is in Chaoyang”.

The ancients even basking in the sun, and combined with breathing and breathing exercises, as an important method of fitness and disease prevention.

  The sunlight hitting the ground contains 1% medium, long-wave ultraviolet light, 40% visible light and 59% infrared light.

Sunbathing is actually an air bath and several types of light treatments.

Ultraviolet rays can kill, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, desensitization, prevent rickets and vitiligo in children, promote tissue regeneration, enhance immunity, etc. Infrared is mainly a warming effect, which increases skin temperature, vasodilation, and metabolic enhancement.Anti-inflammatory and pain relief; visible light consists of seven kinds of monochromatic light of red orange yellow green blue blue purple, which is usually seen as a mixture of white light.

When visible light illuminates the human body, it acts on the central nervous system through visual and skin receptors, and then adjusts the functions of various tissues and organs through reflection to produce different effects.
Such as red light is exciting, green light makes people calm, soft powder can lower blood pressure, purple light and blue light have inhibition.

  Sunbathing time, summer at 8?
10 o’clock, 3 pm?
5 o’clock.

The remaining three seasons are best at 9 am?
12 o’clock.

Sunbathing locations are available with air-clean beachfront, park, and balcony.

  There are usually two ways to sunbathe: one is to do sunbathing and the other is to combine labor and exercise.
  When you are sunbathing, wear only underwear to make the skin feel the sun directly. You can take a lying position or a sitting position, and constantly change your position to evenly illuminate.

Sunshine time should not be too long, 15 minutes each time or as directed by your doctor.

Otherwise it is harmful to health, such as skin cancer.

  Sunbathing is not easy on asphalt roads; pay attention to protect the skin during bathing, apply grease; protect the head and eyes, such as wearing straw hats and sunshades; fasting, full food, not sunbathing when tired.

  Those who suffer from severe hypertension, high blood pressure, invasive pulmonary tuberculosis, hyperthyroidism, and bleeding tendency should not be sunbathing.

  Fifth, the forest bath forest bath refers to the method of excavating the limbs in the woods, or reducing the wearing of clothes, cooperating with appropriate labor, breathing the material emitted by the forest and fresh air to exercise the body.

The principle is basically the same as the air bath.

  Many trees in the forest emit aromatic substances with strong bactericidal action, which can kill bacteria and microorganisms in the air.

  If the tuberculosis is injected into the leaves of fresh birch, the bacteria all die after a few minutes.

Cypress, cedar, eucalyptus, white pine, etc. have strong bactericidal ability.

In addition, the air in the forest is not only aromatic, fresh, but also controversial.

It can enhance lung function, improve myocardial nutrition and promote metabolism.

The forest is full of greenery, beautiful scenery, and birds and flowers, which can improve people’s mental state, make people happy, relax, and fully mobilize the human body’s potential, which has a good effect on health and longevity.

Therefore, the forest bath is actually a combination of air bath, aroma bath and tourism.

  In the forest bath, you can increase the amount of activity, such as walking, jogging, and gymnastics, in order to absorb more fresh air and flowers and plants, accelerate the excretion of metabolites in the body, and give full play to the role of the forest bath.

  Sixth, seawater bathing is a kind of fitness prevention method for soaking, rinsing or swimming in natural seawater.

  The role of seawater baths on the body includes three aspects.

The temperature effect is the basic function of the sea bath.

The difference between seawater temperature and body temperature is stronger for the body (the body reaction process is the same as the cold water bath).

In fact, seawater contains a variety of salts, which can adhere to the skin, stimulate nerve endings, make capillaries slightly congested, have a good effect on improving skin blood circulation and metabolism, and can improve the function of reticuloendothelial system.

Furthermore, the pressure of seawater, the impact force when flowing, and the distortion of the swimming action constitute a mechanical action of the sea bath, which can improve blood circulation in the body and improve heart and lung function.

Due to the high seawater concentration and large buoyancy, it contributes to limb activity and accelerates the recovery of motor dysfunction.

  Overall, the comprehensive performance of seawater, the vast ocean landscape, and the fresh ocean climate.

Bright and abundant solar radiation makes the sea bath size larger than the average water bath.

  The time for sea bathing is generally 7 per year?
September, 9 am?
11 o’clock, 3 pm?
5 o’clock is appropriate; every time 20?
For 60 minutes, I don’t feel very tired.

Fully activate your limbs before bathing, and rinse your body with fresh water after bathing.

  Suffering from severe arteriosclerosis, hypertension, cerebrovascular accident, active tuberculosis, cirrhosis, nephritis and women’s menstrual period, it is not suitable for sea bathing.

Remarriage makes the old man no longer lonely


Remarriage makes the old man no longer lonely

According to relevant Japanese data, the widowed elderly will have great changes in their lives after remarriage. They no longer feel lonely and feel that life is more reasonable.

This shows that bigamy can solve the life, emotional pain and helplessness of the elderly after widowhood.

銆€銆€First of all, a new wife can share, reminisce about the past of life, joys and sorrows, so that you can rule out inner troubles, worry, depression and depression.

Balance the inner emotions with the external stimuli.

銆€銆€In fact, for the remarried elderly, someone can spend the day to eliminate loneliness.

Do something that is beneficial to society during the day.

Listen to music and watch TV together at night; be considerate and comforting each other in the dead of night.

This kind of life not only solves the problem of being taken care of when you are sick, but also brings happiness to life.

銆€銆€Therefore, remarriage for the elderly, both in life can take care of each other, support each other, and more importantly, in the spiritual communication and comfort, so that the psychological balance can be achieved, the spirit can also relax.

It can make people happy to spend the happy old age and enjoy the final stage of life.

Weight rebound, to find reasons from eating


Weight rebound, to find reasons from eating

Slim body is what many girls are eager to have, they will pursue a lot of bizarre weight loss “special effects methods”, such as drinking slimming tea, eating diet pills, wrapping plastic film, fruit weight loss, acupuncture weight loss, etc., but very few peopleThe role of excellent fitness.

Because they are very worried, once they are not exercising, their weight will rebound.

銆€銆€People with exercise habits, if they stop exercising, their weight is likely to increase.

This is because the instantaneous balance of payments is not balanced.

In the planned fitness period, the human body consumes more than one thousand kilocalories per day, and the exercise will increase the body’s metabolic rate, thus making the overall demand fluctuate greatly.

Once the exercise is stopped, people often maintain their original eating habits and lead to an increase in the conversion beyond the expenditure, so that the weight has increased.

Strictly speaking, this is not the fault of exercise, or the problem of diet.

Overall, this is a testament to the role of exercise in increasing consumption, so that exercise can help you lose weight physically.

銆€銆€From this aspect, we can also grind the role of a scientific diet in the weight loss process.

If you want to reduce body fat healthily, you should do the following: Eat less oil and salt, eat less fatty foods, eat more fruits and vegetables, and properly control the amount of staple food.

Due to the period of suspension of exercise, the food intake should be adjusted accordingly to avoid weight rebound.

It should be noted that we are talking about 鈥減ausing the exercise鈥?instead of stopping the exercise. Only fitness exercise combined with scientific diet is the only scientific method to lose weight. Only by developing a healthy lifestyle can we finally get the weight, body fat level andThe body line is controlled in a good range.

Heavy snow and cold from the foot


Heavy snow and cold from the foot

Time: December 7th of the Gregorian calendar, the seventh day of the lunar calendar.

銆€銆€Customs: There are often heavy snowfalls in the north of the spring, breaking branches and blocking roads.

In agriculture, there are 鈥渢hree layers of wheat cover, sleeping on the head鈥?, and the statement of 鈥淩uixue Zhaofeng Year鈥? which mainly means that the snow cover is on the ground, because of the low temperature, it can kill the wintering insects and bring agriculture.benefit.

The folklore of heavy snow is basically the same as that of Xiaoxue.

銆€銆€Living: After the heavy snow festival, the weather is getting colder and colder, the wind is chilly, the snow is fluttering, and the interior of the north begins to experience a significant cooling and snowfall.

The wind after the snow caused the temperature to plummet, coughing, and more people than usual.

Some diseases have a lot to do with not paying attention to keeping warm. Chinese medicine believes that the three parts of the head, chest and feet of the human body are most vulnerable to cold evil.

銆€銆€As the saying goes, “the cold starts from the foot”, the foot is farthest from the heart, the blood supply is slow and less, the subcutaneous sputum is thinner, and the warmth is poor. Once exposed to cold, it will reflexively cause contraction of the respiratory mucosal capillaries, making the disease resistanceFalling, leading to upper respiratory tract infections, therefore, the warmth of the nine cold feet should be strengthened.

銆€銆€Because the elderly are cold and cold, they love to wear more clothes when they sleep in winter. In fact, this is not good for health.

Because when the person’s central nervous system activity slows down during sleep, the brain and muscles enter the rest state, the number of heart beats decreases, the muscles’ movement and tension are weakened, and then the clothes are undressed, and the fatigue can be quickly eliminated, so that all organs of the body areGet a good rest.

In addition, wearing thick clothes to sleep will hinder the normal “breathing” of the skin and the evaporation of sweat. The compression and friction of the clothes on the muscles will affect the circulation of the blood, causing the surface changes to be reduced, and even thicker quilts will feelcold.

This season, the elderly suffer from fractures such as wrists and femurs. From the perspective of prevention, the elderly should reduce outdoor activities in snowy days.

銆€銆€Diet: Sun Siyun: “The foundation of rest, you must pay for food. I don’t know how to eat, not enough to survive.
鈥?”A reasonable diet can make a person’s body strong and prolong life, and improper diet is one of the important causes of disease and premature aging.

In order to avoid thick and dense blood, you should eat more foods that protect your heart and brain, such as salvia, hawthorn, black fungus, tomatoes, celery, red radish and so on.

Suitable for eating hypolipidemic foods, such as bitter gourd, corn, buckwheat, carrots, etc.

This season should eat warm-to-eat foods and kidney foods.

Warm-to-eat foods include lamb, beef, chicken, dog meat, antler, etc.; kidney food has cashew nuts, medlar, yam porridge, chestnut stew, ginkgo stewed chicken, big bone soup, walnuts, etc.

In addition, eat more stews and black food such as black fungus, black sesame, black beans and so on.