How to change your child’s nest

How to change your child’s “nest”

The “Matthew Effect” in home education tells us that the more you ask for your baby, the more you ask for it.
On the one hand, parents love their babies and give them whatever they want; on the other hand, babies become more and more dependent on their parents, and they want to let parents do it for themselves.
If you just let it go, the baby will take it for granted that the parents do things for themselves, the parents should serve for themselves, and even give orders to instruct the mother.
As the baby grows, the demand becomes more and more, and more and more are collected until the day when parents cannot afford to pay.
  In fact, most of the babies living in “nest” are living in overprotected and coddled families of their parents, especially those born in different generations, which is more likely to cause such problems.
These parents are always afraid that their baby will be bullied by others or have an accident. They are not allowed to go out to associate with their peers, or scare the baby to say that there are bad people outside, they will sell the baby, and the baby will naturally be timid and afraid; at home,In order to let the baby play with peace of mind, parents go all out to follow him and focus on the baby, thus cultivating the baby’s habit of dominating the king.
  Once such a baby goes out of the house, in the interaction with peers of the same age, he often moves out of the house to instruct others, but the small partner can not eat this set. At this time, the baby not only can’t direct others, but will be met by the small partner.Our rejection.
After several such frustrations, coupled with insufficient self-ability, the baby had to evade, hide behind and sullen, and refused to play with the children.
Over time, when the baby’s dissatisfaction and resentment have accumulated to a certain extent and need to be vented, the breach naturally turns to the “weak” in the family, and compensates with more domineering at home to achieve a temporary psychological “balance”.
  The “Matthew Effect” in family education The “Matthew Effect” in family education tells us that the more you ask for your baby, the more you ask for it.
On the one hand, parents love their babies and give them whatever they want; on the other hand, babies become more and more dependent on their parents, and they want to let parents do it for themselves.
If you just let it go, the baby will take it for granted that the parents do things for themselves, the parents should serve for themselves, and even give orders to instruct the mother.
As the baby grows, the demand becomes more and more, and more and more are collected until the day when parents cannot afford to pay.
When the requirements are not met, the baby may even use violence against the parents. Many tragedies are caused by the parents themselves.
  Psychological analysis of the baby: The baby feels scared outside, which is psychologically typical of insufficient self-strength. The baby who is “horizontal” lacks collision with the outside world, and after leaving the “nest”, he is at a loss.
When he was in an unfamiliar environment, he didn’t know what he should do, he just hid behind his parents and did nothing to protect himself.
Babies think that their ability is not enough to compete with external forces, and they can only stick to their parents, expecting adults to protect themselves.
This kind of baby can’t play with other children in the kindergarten, he always entangles the teacher.
The teacher could not deal with only one baby, so the baby became more and more uneasy and gradually did not want to go to kindergarten.
If this continues, the baby’s ability to make friends will not grow up.
  There are coups to change the baby. The family should change the education method of coddling. Parents overdoing the baby will unconsciously form a baby-centered family relationship, causing the baby to become arrogant, selfish, and wayward.
Therefore, parents should change the education model, be strict with each other, let the baby’s status in the family become educated and ordinary members of the family, redefine the rules of the family, and everyone must abide by it.
  Teach your baby to be polite and obey the rules. These two points are important in interpersonal communication. Only by fully respecting the rights of others, your rights will be respected.
Only by following common rules can life be orderly.
  停止对宝宝的过度保护  对于宝宝力所能及的事情,要求宝宝自己尝试去做,由于宝宝在这之前一直是被大人帮着做事情,所以,一开始时他还会说“帮我做”,这时Instead of fulfilling his requirements, say to him, “Try to do it yourself.
“In this case, the baby will gradually start to have the courage to try to do it by himself.
The baby has a little success, a little hard work, should praise the baby in a timely manner, do not blame the baby at this time, blame will make her even more overwhelmed.
Babies need guidance from parents.
Do not set too high goals for your baby at this stage.
Once the baby feels frustrated, he will feel lost and inferior.
  Don’t compare. Don’t compare your baby with someone’s.
Some mothers always complain to their babies: “You are so stupid, what can be scared of this?
“You look at Doudou.”
“Wait, babies have their own strengths and weaknesses. Remember: everyone has their own strengths, give play to their strengths, and work hard to supplement their weaknesses is the most important thing.
  Create opportunities for interaction. The courage and ability of the baby is not innate, nor can it be given by the parents. It must be obtained by the baby’s interaction with the society. No one can give it.
  Parents need to create opportunities for the baby to take the initiative to take the baby out to play outdoors, let the baby more contact with children of the same age, and let the baby learn to cooperate with children in interaction with children.
As long as there is no danger in the quarrel of the baby’s interaction, parents should not interfere.
In case of trouble, let the baby try it by himself to cultivate the baby’s sense of responsibility and self-confidence and reduce dependence.  Parents need to have patience, and it takes a process for a baby to become courageous from being timid, but this process is definitely the only way to make him not timid, and even to essentially enhance the baby’s self-power.

In the course of this little bit of successful experience, the baby will gradually develop such confidence: I can!

  Only when parents release their big hands to protect, can the baby dare to take the lead, and consciously exercise the baby’s courage, and insist on consistent cultivation, it will bear fruit.

Enjoy under the spotlight

Enjoy under the “spotlight”

You may have heard a joke: “Most people would rather lie quietly in a coffin than stand up and say something beautiful.
“However, social phobia is no longer just a joke, because according to relevant investigations, speaking in public has become the most feared thing for Americans.
Does your job require you to “perform” in public?
Or you just want to look natural and calm at a business meeting.
If you are interested, try the “Trilogy” below, maybe you will find that there is no cave in the spotlight.
  Relax your nerves: First of all, imagine a peaceful and quiet picture. Maybe your mind is the quiet grass or garden, or the image of a close friend you cherish.
It doesn’t matter, once you have such a picture, start to outline every detail quietly, until a vivid picture appears in your mind.
As you become more and more relaxed, choose a movement to express this feeling of safety and comfort, for example, gently touch your thumb with your index finger.
Do this 10 times a day.
After a few months, as long as you do this action, you will feel the ease and comfort you want.
  Imagine the worst case: Speak in front of the public, what are you most worried about, and write down your thoughts one by one.
Forgetting a word or flushing with embarrassment, or are you afraid that as soon as you get on the podium, it will be like leaves shaking in the wind?
Then ask yourself, “If that’s the case, what would be the worst thing?
“Did everyone laugh at you?
Even then, what about it?
What will they do?
Throw tomatoes at you?
In fact, as long as you think about the worst situation, you will find that in fact, your worry is simply unfounded.
  Don’t waste any practice opportunities: let a friend listen to your two-minute mock lecture. If you feel nervous, practice the action that relaxes you, take a few deep breaths, and control your feelings of fear.
If possible, record your speech, you will find that even if you are actually terribly nervous, but in the camera, it seems natural and relaxed. After understanding this, you may not be so afraid.
  How to make your “performance” memorable, the experts summarized the following 10 tips.
  Get to the point: don’t touch the microphone or ask everyone if you can hear it.
Just say hello, and you can start.
  Tell a story: If you want your points to be remembered, use more interesting and vivid anecdotes.
  Focus on current affairs: On the day of the lecture, glance at the newspaper to see if there is any news related to your speech. Remember to make good use of it!
  Short and succinct: If you instill too much information into your audience at once, the biggest possibility is that they may not remember it at all.
  Variety of formats: If you want to attract the audience all the time, you may wish to intersperse some data, celebrity quotes or daily fun in your speech.
  Concise: Learn to use simple words and sentences. That’s the language that is truly alive and memorable.
  Card tip: Don’t “read” your speech, it will be boring.
Just write the main points of the presentation in bold, large letters on the cue card.
  Simple to wear: Don’t wear any clothes that will distract the audience. Loose bracelets, dangling earrings, and short and narrow shirts are all inappropriate.
  Don’t say sorry: Don’t apologize for your nervousness, then maybe just expose the weaknesses that others haven’t noticed.
  Pretend to be calm: Don’t hold onto the podium or knock on the table for added security.
At least, you need to look calm and relaxed.
  The last point is of course to seize the opportunity and practice from time to time. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.
Maybe, one day, you can really enjoy the feeling of being in the spotlight.

Breathing energy method to help you detox and conditioning

Breathing energy method to help you detox and conditioning

Driven by the celebrity effect, the yoga movement has become very popular in recent years. This set of yoga spa techniques has spawned a Lebanese Danish nationality who has personally come to Taiwan to demonstrate the art of rehabilitation therapy for many years.Yoga master Elias Alouf.

In a nutshell, the principle of active vitality of yoga mineral spas is to find your own physical properties, match with appropriate essential oil aromatherapy, and add yoga tones and energy massage to achieve relaxation, detoxification, and adjustment of body posture.

  Yoga’s energy-regulating energy method is to perform oxygenation, detoxification, and activation massages from the neck, shoulders, and hands in sequence, plus Lafayette essential oils for aromatherapy, and the body breathes the aroma of essential oils to mediate emotions and penetrate the skin.Massage to promote blood and lymph circulation to achieve complete relaxation. If the effect is good, you can activate, detoxify and adjust your posture.

  1. Consultation: In 5 minutes, firstly cooperate with the physical property evaluation inquiry form to determine the customer’s physical fitness. After confirmation, determine the type of essential oils to be applied.

  2. Prepare to wear a white gown, and add a towel on top to remove the hair accessories. For long hair, first clip the tail with a shark clip and confirm that the background size is moderate.

  3, apply the essential oil on the hand first, and fully wipe the customer’s neck / ear / ear / head / arm area.

  4. Mineral massage: 15 minutes shortening (5 steps), shoulder (6 steps), hand (3 steps).

  5. Apply a hot towel to the shoulder joint for 1 minute, gently wipe the shoulder, neck and arms, and then drink a glass of warm water to soothe the limbs.

How do pharmaceutical companies enter the blue ocean of drug makeup?


How do pharmaceutical companies enter the blue ocean of drug makeup?

“Drug prices are falling and falling, but raw material costs, labor costs, and operating costs have been rising all the way.

Profits of pharmaceutical companies have repeatedly oxidized.

In order to survive and develop, pharmaceutical companies have to find another way.

“Luo Yilong, deputy general manager of Beijing Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. and chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, China Cosmetics Chamber of Commerce, told reporters with emotion.

“Pharmaceutical companies enter the beauty industry, especially the cosmeceutical industry, because of its technological advantages, brand advantages and channel advantages.

“Luo Yilong said.

  Experts who set off the hijab of the beauty industry predict that the market capacity of the beauty industry in the next 20 years will reach 500 billion yuan.

Huge market opportunities are accelerating the explosive growth of the industry.

It seems that entering the beauty industry is a beautiful thing.

Is it really so?

“The competition in this industry is also fierce,” said Chen Juan, deputy secretary general of the Beauty Professional Committee of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine.

“Luo Luolong felt the same.

He said that some people say that the beauty industry is a blue ocean. In fact, the so-called blue oceans are relative. “Compared to the pharmaceutical industry, its growth and development space is indeed very large, but its development factors are also very obvious.

“According to Camelon, the problem of lack of integrity in the beauty industry is still serious.

From the overall status of the beauty industry, consumer fraud, quality complaints and service disputes continue to be serious. The phenomenon of counterfeiting and inferiority is very serious. Lack of integrity is becoming a public nuisance.Some beauty companies and beauty salons have died.

“If the beauty and cosmetics industry can be honest in terms of price, efficacy and service, it will be no problem to double the annual turnover of China’s beauty and cosmetics industry.

“The lack of integrity is also a dilemma for the industry’s financing.

  High-ranking home appliances, real estate and other industries, the beauty industry also requires a lot of capital intervention.

According to the information provided by the Beauty Chamber of Commerce, the private sector of the cosmetics industry accounts for nearly 90%, and many people engaged in other industries are involved in the cosmetics industry.

It is understood that the home appliance chain giant Gome has set foot in.

However, it is regrettable that most of the investment is only 300,000 to 500,000, and the investment exceeding 5 million is quite small.

At the same time, some companies that have been developing in the beauty industry for a long time are now in a position to upgrade their brands.

In any case, China’s beauty industry lacks huge funds.

Its lack of integrity has blocked refinancing channels, and its accumulation is unsustainable.

  There is another obvious flaw in the beauty industry: the ability to resist risks is not strong or even low.

Due to the lack of financial strength and strategic vision of development, most domestic beauty cosmetics decision makers have the idea of quick success and are afraid to invest in professional production and testing equipment. As a result, their competitiveness is seriously insufficient.Not to mention brand building.

According to data from the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, the number of “dead” companies and service organizations in the beauty industry ranks first in all industries in the country.

There was an accident or the door was closed or another stove was set up.

Faced with the entry of strong foreign brands, domestic enterprises are simply unable to fight it.

At the same time, the lack of a certain degree of anti-risk capabilities has also led to financing becoming an empty talk.

“This industry needs highly qualified and socially responsible people to do it.

If it’s just to make money, then he must not do well, not even long.

Chen Juan said.

  From this point of view, the beauty industry is not as beautiful as people think. However, Camelon said that compared to the pharmaceutical industry, its market space is indeed very large. It is a good choice to enter the beauty industry. “The key is to enter this industry.Before that, we must take a clear look at this market and make clear where our strengths are.

“Find out who the real rival pharmaceutical companies are in the beauty industry. Who are their real competitors?

If you take domestic civilian capital opponents, then you will definitely formulate the wrong strategic layout.

At present, foreign brands have occupied 80% of the market share, and domestic beauty brands hinder the difficult development situation.The current pattern is that foreign brands sing all the way and have absolute say in the high-end market. Now they have entered the low-end and middle-end markets that originally belonged to domestic enterprises. Most domestic brands are in a corner and are struggling.

The domestic beauty industry, which lacks its own strength, is dwarfed.

The real rivals of pharmaceutical companies are capital transformation, experienced foreign, joint ventures.

  Luo Yonglong: Cosmeceuticals is expected to try to bring new profit growth points. “In the Chinese cosmetics market, the mid-to-high-end market is basically exchanged, replaced by joint ventures, and no local company has been selected.

L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Shiseido, Avon and other international giants have formed the trend of oligarch competition. Among them, L’Oreal has the largest market share and the strongest strength.

The remaining low-end market is divided up by thousands of local SMEs.

However, on the basis of continuously consolidating the mid-to-high-end market, the international giants have already made a strong penetration into the low-end market.

I remember someone in the industry said that cosmetics, as a beautiful industry, is making more and more cakes, but the proportion of domestic enterprises is getting smaller and smaller.

The competitive pressure of foreign brands is constantly expanding, and it is they that make them bigger, and our lives are not easy.

Luo Minlong, the leader who has been re-elected as the three presidents of the China Beauty Chamber of Commerce, said to reporters in a low tone.

Luo Yonglong said that if Chinese pharmaceutical companies enter this field, they must have sufficient coping strategies, otherwise, they will be surrounded by new cruel, meager and helpless Red Sea battles.

Mid-Autumn Health: Start from clothing, food, housing and transportation!


Mid-Autumn Health: Start from clothing, food, housing and transportation!

In the autumn, the fragrance of osmanthus fragrance, in the mid-autumn season, will usher in a season of accelerated climate change and increasing temperature difference between day and night.

In the Mid-Autumn Festival, it happens to be in the autumn season of the 24th solar terms.

During the year, only the spring equinox and the autumn equinox can divide the day and night time. During this time, the sun almost directly hits the Earth’s equator, and the whole world stays up all night.

From the climate point of view, just the autumn season, the hot summer will be completely farewell, and the welcoming will be “a cold autumn rain” time.

Mid-Autumn Festival, this is the time of the reunion of Wanjia, and it is also the season of fruitful harvest, and it is the season of healthy health.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is also in the autumn season, so this time the health will be based on the autumn season.

So, what should the health strategy in the Mid-Autumn Festival be like?

We have the right to talk about the four aspects of food, clothing and housing.


Autumn freeze: Do not rush to increase the ancient language of the clothes once said “Spring, autumn and autumn, no miscellaneous disease.”

In fact, in the mid-autumn season, the weather has gradually cooled, and the temperature difference between day and night has changed significantly. At this time, many people will feel that it is cool early in the morning, so they quickly add clothes.

In fact, in the mid-autumn season, although the temperature has begun to change, but it is distorted, it is still necessary to guard against the “autumn tiger” attack. Therefore, the clothes are added too early. Once the temperature rises, it is easy to sweat, and the autumn wind is not as gentle as the spring breeze., sweating and blowing, easy to catch cold, resulting in cough, sneezing, runny nose, fever and other cold symptoms.

Therefore, at this time, it is the best policy to properly freeze and freeze the foundation for winter.


Autumn food: porridge and autumn soup are in the Mid-Autumn Festival, what to eat?

In fact, as early as in the “Book of Rites, the Order”, there is the meaning of “the mid-Autumn moon raises aging, and the porridge diet”. In the mid-autumn season, drinking porridge is a relatively healthy way to eat.

So what is the best porridge?

This is a matter of stress.

According to the health point of view, it is best to drink sugar cane porridge at this time.

Use about 800 ml of squeezed sugar cane juice, about 200 grams of high glutinous rice, and simmer into thin porridge. This porridge has the magical effect of replenishing spleen and digestion, and clearing heat and fluid. It is a good health product for Zhongqiu.

In the mid-autumn season, there is also the custom of eating autumn vegetables. The so-called autumn vegetables are actually wild leeks, also known as “autumn arborescens”. They are known as “autumn soup” with the autumn vegetables and fish fillets that are harvested.

There was such a health proverb: “Autumn soup is filled with dirty, washing the liver and intestines.

The family is young and old, safe and healthy.

This wild leek has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxification, diuresis, relieving pain and clearing the eye.

In the mid-autumn season, chrysanthemum crab fat is the best time for someone to taste crabs.

However, it should be noted that crabs are cold and should not be eaten, and pregnant women should not eat them.

Of course, there are also moon cakes, and drinking osmanthus wine is indispensable.

In addition, in the Mid-Autumn Festival, you should drink plenty of water in the diet, eat more clean, warm food, such as sesame, walnut, glutinous rice, honey, dairy, pears, etc., you can use the nourishing yin and lungs, nourishing yin and health.


Autumn living: early morning, early morning, early autumn, people often say, “spring sleepy autumn lacks”, in the mid-autumn season, people still feel tired, so at home should sleep well, and in addition, “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” emphasizes that autumn and March should be”Get up early and get up early, and enjoy the chicken.” It is more beneficial to get up early and get up early to cause good health.

In the mid-autumn season, the climate will be very dry. There will often be throat, nasal cavity, lips, dry skin, cough and sputum, constipation and other discomfort, so pay attention to drink plenty of water at home and protect your skin.

In the Mid-Autumn Festival, the autumn wind chills, it is no longer the spring rain, so in this period of time, in the living, you should pay more attention to the warmth of the morning and night, as well as sleep at night, pay attention to closing the window, when you take a nap, cover with a quiltLive stomach and high blood pressure, in anticipation of cold.


Autumn trip: exercise travel is always suitable for the Mid-Autumn Festival, bid farewell to the heat, ushered in cool weather, so many people will choose to travel in the fall.

Going out to travel and play is a happy thing, but there are some things to keep in mind.

If high blood pressure coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, arrhythmia, acute otitis media and pregnant women, do not go to high altitude in autumn.

If you have acute rheumatism, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, exudative pleurisy, heart failure, don’t go to the beach.

The autumn is high and refreshing, and it is also a good time to exercise. It is true that Hua Wei said that 鈥渢he wave will disappear, the blood circulation, the disease will not be born鈥? but it should be remembered that the amount of exercise should not be too large, especially the elderly, children and physical fitness.The weak, in order to prevent excessive sweating, yang exhaustion, this is also like Hua Tuo’s warning: “The human body wants to work, but improperly makes the er.”This article is exclusively produced by the new media of “Jinlan Chinese Medicine Society”, the picture shift network.

Author Jin Lan, legal authorization, please do not reprint, copy]

How to take protein powder correctly


How to take protein powder correctly

The advantages of protein powder are outstanding.

However, when most people eat, they only get the value of a common food, which is completely inconsistent with its expensive price. Only a small number of people who meet the indications can achieve the role of health care and medical nutrition (auxiliary treatment).
In fact, there is no protein deficiency in urban residents, and there is absolutely no need to blindly supplement protein powder.

銆€銆€Suitable for crowd A.

Due to fractures, burns, large areas of skin ulceration, after major surgery, tumor radiotherapy and chemotherapy lead to severe degradation of the protein, the body is in a state of negative nitrogen balance; B.

Patients with insufficient protein intake or absorption due to anorexia nervosa, functional dyspepsia, intestinal malabsorption, etc.;

People with limited meal time (not enough to cook and eat irregularly) have reduced their high-fat and high-energy absorption, and it is also beneficial to supplement protein powder in moderation.


Children in growth and development, pregnant and lactating women and elderly with weak urinary tract function, vegan.

銆€銆€Protein powder A should be used with caution in the following cases.
Patients with kidney disease other than diabetes should strictly control protein intake. The limit for protein intake is usually 20-40 g/day.


Patients with liver disease should increase their protein intake appropriately, but for patients with hepatic coma, patients with advanced cirrhosis should use animal proteins or plant proteins that replace branched-chain amino acids.


Infants and young children should not eat protein powder, breast milk replacement is the first choice, followed by the replacement protein content of 10%?
20% infant formula.


Gout patients should be used with caution.

銆€銆€The price of protein powder is not directly proportional to the nutritional value.

Consumers are best to follow three principles when purchasing.


Use the health and characteristics of the subject (eg, disease type, poor digestion or absorption or strict vegetarian) B.

Well-known brands (the production process of protein powder is not mysterious, choose domestic famous brand when used) C.

Attitude (it is best to consider a kind of food to buy, not health care products, especially for self-use). After digestion and absorption by the digestive tract, the protein needs to be converted into human body material for human use through the liver processing. At the same time, the product of protein metabolism is ammonia.Nitrogen and other nitrogenous substances need to be excreted by the kidneys.

If you eat too much protein, it will increase the liver and kidney burden.

銆€銆€Individuals who meet the indications should determine the individualized dosage under the guidance of a nutritionist or doctor.

銆€銆€For reference: The amount of protein required daily for an adult is 0 per kilogram of body weight.


8 grams, a total of 50-60 grams.

The amount of the initial supply in the diet is the amount of supplement.


Do not take it on an empty stomach.

Eat on an empty stomach, protein powder will be consumed as a general “heat-producing food”, which is wasteful and also increases the metabolic burden of liver and kidney.


Add seasonings to control.

Not too much sugar or salt.


Do not eat with acidic drinks.

Beverages such as apple juice contain organic acids, which, when mixed with protein powder, form clots that affect digestion and absorption.

銆€銆€D.If you are taking whey protein powder, pay special attention to not overheating; it is best to smash water below 40 掳C, porridge and other foods, or as a cold diet.

Because whey protein powder contains many active substances with special physiological functions (which is also the main reason for its high price), it loses its activity once it is heated.

銆€銆€The advantages of protein powder are outstanding.
However, when most people eat, they only get the value of a common food, which is completely inconsistent with its expensive price. Only a small number of people who meet the indications can achieve the role of health care and medical nutrition (auxiliary treatment).In fact, there is no protein deficiency in urban residents, and there is absolutely no need to blindly supplement protein powder.

銆€銆€Reminder: While supplementing the protein, you should also pay attention to supplements (sugars), lipids, vitamins and minerals.

Because these nutrients are lacking, it will not only affect the utilization and metabolism of protein, but also cause some diseases, which are very unhealthy for health.

How to detoxify and clear the intestines to protect the health of Chinese medicine to recommend 4 major detoxification methods


How to detoxify and clear the intestines to protect the health of Chinese medicine to recommend 4 major detoxification methods

Chinese medicine’s understanding of “poison” Chinese medicine has a long history of understanding “poison”.

In the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon”, which was written more than two thousand years ago, there were 58 references to the word “poison”.

However, the poison at that time mainly referred to the toxicity of the drug, the poison of the beast and the “epidemic poison” causing the infectious disease.

Later, the so-called poison of Chinese medicine is mostly hot poison, that is, “the poison of the hot”.

Especially the mood is not smooth, liver qi stagnation, long-term fire or eating spicy and thick taste, accumulated less and more, fire poison endogenous is the most common cause.

Therefore, there are heat poisoning, fetal toxicity, fire poisoning, and later expanded to wet poison, blood poison, evil poison, scorpion venom and so on.

In general, the so-called human poison of Chinese medicine is essentially a substance that is not excreted by the human body and is harmful to the human body.

In the course of medical development for thousands of years, Chinese medicine has accumulated rich experience in detoxification and health care, which is worthy of inheritance, promotion and promotion.

In general, female detoxification is to maintain bowel movements, urinating, sweat glands “three ways” usually can.

The best detoxification method of the body, diarrhea, defecation and detoxification: it is the most direct and effective detoxification method.

It is used for people with phlegm, constipation, irritability, headache, toothache, sore throat, and cold.

The representative prescription is Fangfengtongsheng Pill.

Because of its comprehensive efficacy, it can cure diseases and health care. Therefore, there is a saying that “there is no disease, no wind, no wind.”

Keep your stools smooth in your life, eat more fruits and vegetables, and eat less spicy food.

Diuretic and dampness detoxification method: plain vegetarian food tastes thick, easy to get wet and turbid, water wet inside stop, sip gradually, and become poisonous for a long time.

The performance is yellow and swollen, dizzy, heavy and lazy, and urinary.

The representative party is Alisma Decoction (Aesthesia, Atractylodes).

In the ancient book, there is a record that “Shen Nong tastes a hundred herbs, and when he encounters seventy-two poisons in a day, he gets tea and solves it.”

From this point of view, in addition to the detoxification effect of tea itself, diuretic detoxification is also an important means of detoxification.

Drink more water, no more than 2000 ml per day, eat more than a lot of food, such as melon, watermelon, cucumber, loofah, tomatoes, radish, cabbage and so on.

Sweating and Detoxification Law: As early as in the summer, business, and Zhou era, our ancestors had “mu”, “bath”, that is, good hygiene habits such as shampooing and bathing. Later, the hot spring bathing was basically clean.On the basis of the skin, promote blood circulation of the skin and detoxify by sweating.

“Nei Jing” “Difficulties” has the method of internal disease and external treatment, and also put forward the idea of “opening the ghost door” of sweating and detoxification.

Diet detoxification method: Modern Chinese medicine believes that it is an effective way to remove toxins from the body, such as mung bean, which can be used to eliminate alcohol toxins.Make up the gas, sweet and soft, with intestines, detoxification, pain relief and other functions.

Fruit and vegetable juice (fresh fruit juice and fresh vegetable juice) enters the body and the recombinant blood is alkaline, so that the toxin accumulated in the cells is dissolved and then replaced.

Conclusion: The method of TCM detoxification in the article is very simple. Some daily ingredients can also be detoxified. So do female friends see this article with any heartbeat?

Do not choose to use drugs when it comes to detoxification. If you intervene in the body, you will bounce back. Why not try to try the above Chinese medicine detoxification method.