Premature English learners are prone to aphasia

Premature English learners are prone to aphasia

In order to enable them to learn English well in the future, as parents, they want to give their children the best education, especially for the information age, there is a wave of English learning in the society. No matter where they goWith children learning English.

  The sooner the better, is this really the case?

  Questions raised by parenting experts have suggested that prematurely learning English for young children may even have little effect, but rather “produce it”.

  A 6-year-old girl can speak three foreign languages. Zhang Qing is an English teacher at a company’s foreign language training organization, and her husband is an English and French translator at a foreign bank.

In 2002, Zhang Qing and her husband returned to study next spring to give birth to their daughter Yueyue.

When her daughter started to talk and talk, Zhang Qing began to talk to her daughter in English. All the tapes at home were in English. Even at night, her daughter listened to the English lullaby and fell asleep.

At the age of 3, Yueyue was able to communicate daily in Chinese and English.

Later, her husband taught her daughter French.

At the age of 4, Yueyue can speak English with her mother, French with her father, and Mandarin with her children.

By the age of 6, Yueyue learned Japanese again.

  ”Little Genius” Suffering From Aphasia Suddenly, according to Yueyue’s teacher, because Yueyue’s speech is often mixed with multiple languages, the students laughed at her.

Zhang Qing recalled that she went to school to pick up Yueyue a month ago, but her daughter cried when she got in the car and said, “My classmates said that I was an alien.

“In the next few days, Yueyue became reluctant to talk to anyone. When she got home, she ran into the bedroom and asked her what had happened. She just cried.

  Zhang Qing and her husband had communicated with Yueyue many times, but Yueyue kept silent.

The two helplessly took Yueyue to the psychiatric department of Children’s Hospital for examination.

The doctor told Zhang Qing after examination that Yueyue had “aphasia”.

The reason is that at her young age, the brain has input multiple languages, so that it is difficult for her to use a purely verbal way to express her in the face of this messy language.

The doctor said that fortunately, it was discovered earlier, and it can be recovered by re-psychological treatment.

  Premature education of young children can have many distracting effects.

  First of all, children’s nature is to play and learn from play.

“For young children, their main activities should be played in addition to eating and sleeping. Those who do not like to play and do not play are worrying!

“Second, the purpose of young children’s learning is unclear.

As a foreign language learner, it is important to have a clear learning purpose.

Young children are still in the period of physical and mental development, and they cannot recognize what is the activity that changes the growth and development.

Conversely, once their interest in learning English is hit, it will affect previous foreign language learning: again, children’s learning is very limited and superficial.

A toddler’s foreign language learning content for a year can be learned in a few days.

Forcing children to learn a foreign language by force is definitely more effective.

  Finally, there is no evidence that learning English in early childhood has any effect on the systematic learning of English in middle school.

“Practice has proven that thinking in early childhood can only deepen after being confirmed by their direct experience.

Text learning that is not confirmed by direct experience hinders the development of young children’s thinking ability, or causes them to form a wrong understanding.

Chinese and western beauty

Chinese and western beauty

There are many beauty methods and many channels.

There are basically two methods of facial beauty that people realize, one is Western-style beauty, that is, skin texture beauty; the other is Chinese-style beauty, that is, acupuncture beauty.

  Scraping, which was originally a medical method, can combine Chinese and Western beauty into one.

Acupoint scraping is performed at the same time as the skin texture is cosmetic, so as to achieve a cosmetic effect, which is beyond the reach of other cosmetic methods.

Facial scraping can expand blood vessels, accelerate blood flow, enhance local tissue nutrition, promote the growth of skin tissue cells, remove harmful substances from the face, and thus maintain a healthy and beautiful face-rosy and delicate.

  Facial beauty is divided into forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, lips, ears, and head shaving.


Shaving forehead beauty spots: Yintang, Shenting and the double sun.


Beauty points for shaving eyes: eyesight, bamboo, fish waist, silk bamboo empty, pupil fighting, bearing cry, four white.


The acupoints for shaving the nose are: Bitong, Yingxiang, Sumo.


Acupoints for shaving face and jaw: giant base, front car.


Acupoints for shaving lips: in humans, bearing pulp, floor.


Acupoints for shaving ears: ear door, hearing palace, hearing, howling wind.


Acupoints of the scraping department: Baihui, Fengchi.


After shaving the acupuncture points on the face, scrape the Quchi, Xuehai and Sanyinjiao 50 times each.

  It takes about 10-15 minutes to finish the scraping (a longer time is better).

Perseverance every day, the effect is very good, both economical and fast.

  In addition, scraping beauty must be combined with detoxification.

To achieve the best cosmetic results, we must first detoxify and remove the stools on the intestinal wall, because these deposits ferment in the intestine to produce toxins.

This toxin can make people sick and accelerate their aging.

Taking intestinal cleansing food can remove toxins and wastes from the body, thereby removing facial acne, dark spots, and pigmented growth factors, and achieving skin bodybuilding and beauty effects.

Drinking too much yogurt after a meal will gain weight.

Drinking too much yogurt after a meal will gain weight.

Lead: People who lose weight have always regarded yoghurt as a holy product, but they should also pay attention to yoghurt. Drinking a lot of yoghurt after a meal will not only bring weight loss effect, but also have a fattening effect.

Because the yogurt content is high!

  After all, because the benefits of yogurt to the human body have been recognized, and many manufacturers are very optimistic about this market, so continue to introduce new varieties, introduce many strains, so that consumers have more choices.

  The difference between yogurt and milk is that it adds lactic acid bacteria, so the lactose in milk is broken down into lactic acid. In the study, it is found that lactic acid and calcium are the most easily absorbed by the body. Therefore, yoghurt is suitable for adolescents who are developing adolescence orMenopausal women who are prone to osteoporosis compensate.

In addition, it creates an acidic environment for the gastrointestinal tract and also helps the absorption of iron.

  When it comes to the universe, you must understand it.

Although the brands are different, the contents are nothing more than milk, oligosaccharides, pectin, fructose and spices.

Because the Chinese generally do not adapt to the too sour yogurt, so the manufacturers will add sugar or fructose to flavor, which also adds a lot of impurities.

  Low-fat milk 240cc contains about 120 calories, while the same amount of low-fat yogurt contains 150?
200 big cards (depending on the brand), so it can be much more than imagined.

If you want to drink a little calories, it is recommended to choose a degreased and low-transfer yogurt, because the same 240cc only contains about 100 calories.

  Yogurt is generally higher than the conversion of milk. Friends who want to lose weight are better off choosing milk. Drinking a lot of yogurt after a meal will increase your weight.

Expert Tip: What can you eat and lose weight?


Expert Tip: What can you eat and lose weight?

What can be done to lose weight and ensure adequate nutrition?

銆€銆€Eat 8 kinds of foods, you can lose weight and make you look good!

Whether you are a practitioner of low-fat diet, or a persister of low-glycemic diet, don’t hinder bold trials!


Lettuce – Add to the low-fat dieters the lost spherical celluloid lettuce, wrinkled butter lettuce, and oily wheat, which can be counted as lettuce.

Compared with another common vegetable cabbage, the lettuce fiber content is more, and it has the effect of eliminating excess sputum. It is a very good diet food.

In addition, because lettuce leaves contain lettuce, there are analgesic and hypnotic, lower cholesterol, treatment of neurasthenia and other effects.

銆€銆€Nutritional highlights: rich cellulose can supplement the lack of fiber absorption in the meat diet.

100 grams of lettuce contains 1.

52 grams of precipitated fiber.

銆€銆€Supplementary suggestion: In addition to making a common lettuce salad, you can also store some washed and peeled lettuce in the refrigerator. When you eat, or when you want to eat, you can take it out and add it at any time.


Asparagus 鈥?Adding vitamins and trace elements to low-carb dieters Asparagus is a nobility in vegetables: although the price is slightly more expensive than other vegetables, the taste is really delicious.

Compared with the average vegetable ratio, the vegetable fiber contained in the asparagus is soft and delicious, and it also contains more vitamins and trace elements.

銆€銆€In addition, asparagus is rich in folic acid, and about 5 asparagus contains more than 100 micrograms, which has reached one quarter of a person’s daily demand.

銆€銆€Nutrition Highlights: Eat a plate of asparagus, which is rich in vitamins and trace elements to supplement your vitamin deficiency.

銆€銆€Supplementary suggestion: First of all, asparagus is best cooked whole, so as to maintain nutrition to the greatest extent; transformation, asparagus nutrition is more on the tip, it is best to pick up the asparagus head up to maintain nutrition.


Zucchini – clearing the dark yellow complexion after losing weight, this plain and inexpensive vegetable, its nutritional value is not inferior.

Zucchini contains vitamin C, vitamins and other nutrients, especially calcium.

Moreover, the parasitic water of the zucchini has the effect of moisturizing the skin.

銆€銆€Nutritional Highlights: No matter what weight loss method you follow, people who are losing weight usually feel their face is yellow and their skin is slack.

The obvious water zucchini can help you clear the dark yellow after losing weight, and also your white face.

銆€銆€Supplementary suggestion: Zucchini should not be eaten raw, and should not be burnt too badly during cooking to avoid nutrient loss.

In addition, zucchini is cold, people with spleen and stomach deficiency should eat less or eat with caution.


Lycopene, which maintains skin elasticity and moisture, is the same as zucchini. Tomato is also a favorite of tender beauty.

The moisture content of fresh tomato and tomato juice is as high as 94%, and the rich lycopene in tomato has a protective effect on cardiovascular and can reduce cardiovascular disease.

銆€銆€In addition, niacin in tomato can maintain the normal secretion of gastric juice, promote the formation of red blood cells, help maintain the elasticity of the blood vessel wall and protect the skin.

銆€銆€Nutrition Highlights: Want to lose weight while maintaining skin elasticity and moisture?

Then, when you eat tomatoes, it will be better, it will cause you to be hydrated and fresh, and there is no limit to beauty.

銆€銆€Supplementary suggestion: The proportion of tomatoes ripened with reddening agent is more nutritious and the taste is extraordinarily rich.

Therefore, when shopping, it is best to choose a natural mature tomato.


Salmon – supplementing high-quality protein for low-fat dieters For women who follow the low-fat diet, the choice of foraging can be learned.

Nutritious salmon is certainly our best choice.

Salmon is a high protein, low migration health food.

Best health care time of the day


Best health care time of the day

As with the rising sun and the moon, between the night and the night, the human body’s ability is constantly changing.

A few days ago, experts in oral, nutrition, sleep, sports and other disciplines told you the best prime time for several human bodies.

銆€銆€The best time to brush your teeth: 3 minutes after a meal.

Because the bacteria in the mouth begin to break down the food residue, the acid produced by it can easily corrode the enamel and damage the teeth.

銆€銆€The best time to drink tea: about 1 hour later.

Too many people like to drink hot tea immediately after a meal, which is very unscientific.

Because the sulfuric acid in tea can be combined with iron in food to form an insoluble iron salt, which interferes with the body’s absorption of iron, which can induce anemia over time.

銆€銆€The best time to drink milk: before going to bed.

In the middle-aged and elderly, the newborn can sleep to protect the bones by compensating for the low blood calcium level at night.

At the same time, milk also has a hypnotic effect.

銆€銆€The best time to eat fruit: 1 hour before meals.

The fruit is a raw food. After eating raw food and then eating cooked food, the white blood cells in the body will not increase, which is beneficial to protect the human immune system.

銆€銆€5. The best time to sunbathe: 8-10 am and 4-7 pm.

At this time, the sunlight is mainly composed of beneficial ultraviolet rays, so that the human body produces vitamin D, thereby enhancing the immunity of the human immune system and preventing osteoporosis, and reducing the incidence of arteriosclerosis.

銆€銆€The best time for beauty: before going to bed.

The metabolism of the skin is most vigorous from 24 o’clock to 6 o’clock in the morning. Therefore, using cosmetics at night before going to bed is the best for beauty and skin care, which can promote metabolism and protect skin health.

銆€銆€7. The best time to take a walk: 45 minutes – 60 minutes after a meal.

At 4 per hour.

Walking for 8 minutes at a speed of 8 kilometers, the conversion consumes the most and is most beneficial for weight loss.

銆€銆€8. The best time to take a bath: before going to bed.

Come to a warm water bath (35 掳 C -45 掳 C) every night to sleep, can make the whole body muscles, joint space, blood circulation faster, help you sleep peacefully.


The best time to exercise: evening.

Human physical exertion or physical adaptability is best divided in the afternoon or near dusk.

At this time, people’s taste, sight, hearing and other feelings are the most sensitive, the body coordination ability is the strongest, especially the heart rate and blood pressure are relatively stable, the most suitable for exercise.


The nap is best to start at 13 o’clock. At this time, the human body feels down and it is easy to fall asleep. In the evening, it is better to go to bed from 22 o’clock to 23 o’clock, because people sleep deeply from 24 o’clock to 3 o’clock in the morning, while people areAfter one and a half hours of sleep, you will enter deep sleep.

TCM health has seven injuries, you may be injured three or four times a day


TCM health has “seven injuries”, you may be injured three or four times a day

The title of “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” is almost a household name, and we will not talk about the contents of it today, let’s talk about its historical value.

During the Northern Song Dynasty, Gory used the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics and Lingshu” in exchange for Chinese history books. Although Su Shi was opposed five times at that time, the emperor still changed back to the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon.”

In 2011, the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic was selected into the Memory of the World.

In the words of Nan Huaiyu, it is a double medical technique, which includes “medical world, medical people, medical country, medical society.”

For health and treatment, the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” put forward his own views, among which “five labors and seven injuries” pointed out a variety of diseases and causes of disease.

Let’s take a look at the 鈥渟even injuries鈥?


Sacrifice spleen and fullness, in fact, is full, eat more.

Eat more often, the first is to hurt the stomach, reduce digestive function, indigestion, constipation, bad breath, stomach ulcers and other issues.

In the long run, it is expected to increase the risk of obesity, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and diabetes.

Some scholars have found that about 20% of patients with Alzheimer’s disease like to eat when they are young.


The situation of anger and rebellion against the liver is not ubiquitous, but we ignore that anger is one of the causes.

Chinese medicine believes that long-term anger, easily lead to liver qi stagnation, and liver qi stagnation lead to physiological disorders, such as irregular menstruation, breast hyperplasia, endocrine disorders.

Some current surveys show that people who are prone to anger are 6 times more likely to have coronary heart disease than normal people, and liver disease may be 8 times higher than normal people.

Therefore, even doctors recommend that patients with liver disease should maintain a positive and cheerful attitude.


Strong weightlifting, sedentary wetland injury, the so-called strong weightlifting, meaning simple, that is, barely lifting their own weight, easily lead to muscle, sprained waist.

The Chinese doctor thinks that the waist is the house of the kidney, the waist is injured, and the kidney is also vulnerable.

The sedentary tide refers to the place where the cold is raised in a row, and the body is easily exposed to moisture and cold, and it is easy to hurt the kidney.

Even today, we find that sitting in a cold place, such as a stone, is prone to diarrhea.


The cold-cold cold lungs mean that once the body is cold, or if you eat cold food, the lungs are easily injured, such as coughing, coughing, runny nose, and stuffy nose.

Moreover, Chinese medicine also said that “the lungs are warm and aversion to cold, if the cold is in the lungs or cold,” it can be seen that children who eat cold drinks or suffer cold are the root causes of respiratory diseases.


Intentional damage to God’s body is too tired, tired, often worried, and over-thought.

Of course, I will be mentally tired.

In fact, today it also refers to the inability to work and rest, resulting in overwork, loss of resistance, insomnia, neurasthenia and other issues.


Wind and cold, cold and hot weather, in the Chinese medicine, refers to the four evils that cause disease. In fact, it also refers to the damage of the external environment to the human body, such as rain, cold, heatstroke, etc., which can lead to physical illness.


Fear is not closely related to the emotional and health of people, excessive fear, sexual intercourse is not temperate, easy to hurt the kidney.

This in turn leads to a decline in human immunity and is prone to multiple diseases.

Conclusion: These are the “seven injuries” in Chinese medicine, but we may hurt three or four times a day.

And health, we even have to raise, but also “set”, to quit our bad habits.