Enjoy under the spotlight

Enjoy under the “spotlight”

You may have heard a joke: “Most people would rather lie quietly in a coffin than stand up and say something beautiful.
“However, social phobia is no longer just a joke, because according to relevant investigations, speaking in public has become the most feared thing for Americans.
Does your job require you to “perform” in public?
Or you just want to look natural and calm at a business meeting.
If you are interested, try the “Trilogy” below, maybe you will find that there is no cave in the spotlight.
  Relax your nerves: First of all, imagine a peaceful and quiet picture. Maybe your mind is the quiet grass or garden, or the image of a close friend you cherish.
It doesn’t matter, once you have such a picture, start to outline every detail quietly, until a vivid picture appears in your mind.
As you become more and more relaxed, choose a movement to express this feeling of safety and comfort, for example, gently touch your thumb with your index finger.
Do this 10 times a day.
After a few months, as long as you do this action, you will feel the ease and comfort you want.
  Imagine the worst case: Speak in front of the public, what are you most worried about, and write down your thoughts one by one.
Forgetting a word or flushing with embarrassment, or are you afraid that as soon as you get on the podium, it will be like leaves shaking in the wind?
Then ask yourself, “If that’s the case, what would be the worst thing?
“Did everyone laugh at you?
Even then, what about it?
What will they do?
Throw tomatoes at you?
In fact, as long as you think about the worst situation, you will find that in fact, your worry is simply unfounded.
  Don’t waste any practice opportunities: let a friend listen to your two-minute mock lecture. If you feel nervous, practice the action that relaxes you, take a few deep breaths, and control your feelings of fear.
If possible, record your speech, you will find that even if you are actually terribly nervous, but in the camera, it seems natural and relaxed. After understanding this, you may not be so afraid.
  How to make your “performance” memorable, the experts summarized the following 10 tips.
  Get to the point: don’t touch the microphone or ask everyone if you can hear it.
Just say hello, and you can start.
  Tell a story: If you want your points to be remembered, use more interesting and vivid anecdotes.
  Focus on current affairs: On the day of the lecture, glance at the newspaper to see if there is any news related to your speech. Remember to make good use of it!
  Short and succinct: If you instill too much information into your audience at once, the biggest possibility is that they may not remember it at all.
  Variety of formats: If you want to attract the audience all the time, you may wish to intersperse some data, celebrity quotes or daily fun in your speech.
  Concise: Learn to use simple words and sentences. That’s the language that is truly alive and memorable.
  Card tip: Don’t “read” your speech, it will be boring.
Just write the main points of the presentation in bold, large letters on the cue card.
  Simple to wear: Don’t wear any clothes that will distract the audience. Loose bracelets, dangling earrings, and short and narrow shirts are all inappropriate.
  Don’t say sorry: Don’t apologize for your nervousness, then maybe just expose the weaknesses that others haven’t noticed.
  Pretend to be calm: Don’t hold onto the podium or knock on the table for added security.
At least, you need to look calm and relaxed.
  The last point is of course to seize the opportunity and practice from time to time. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.
Maybe, one day, you can really enjoy the feeling of being in the spotlight.

Nutrition black rice nourish the kidney and stomach

Nutrition black rice nourish the kidney and stomach

Black rice is flat and sweet, can nourish yin and kidney, nourish spleen and stomach, nourish qi and blood, nourish liver and eyesight.

Regular consumption of black rice is conducive to dizziness, dizziness, anemia, white hair, eye disease, soft waist, knees and legs.

  Black rice is named after the black rind, also known as blood tonic, glutinous rice, and black pearl. It is a precious rice with many health benefits.

  Black rice contains starch, protein, traces, multivitamins, and calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, molybdenum, selenium and other minerals and trace elements.

  Black rice not only contains 37% more protein than ordinary rice, but also contains 25% more amino acids than white rice.

4%, the lysine, arginine, nitrogen, tryptophan, etc. required by the human body are also found in black rice, which has a high nutritional value.

  Here are some common dietary recipes for black rice: ◇ Black rice porridge and black rice 100 grams, boiled porridge after washing, regular food can nourish yin and kidney, nourish qi, strengthen the body, and promote blood circulation.

  ◇ “Three black” porridge black rice 50 grams, black soybean 20 grams, black sesame 15 grams, walnut kernel 15 grams.

Common porridge and brown sugar seasoning.

  Regular foods can be used to moisturize, moisturize, and nourish the brain, and tonicate blood.

Suitable for patients with early whitening, dizziness, and anemia.

  ◇ Black rice Tremella jujube porridge with black rice 100 grams, Tremella 10 grams, 10 jujubes.

Porridge together, season with rock sugar when cooked.

  This formula can nourish yin and lungs, nourish the spleen and stomach, and can be taken in all seasons.

  ◇ Black rice lotus seed porridge black rice 100 grams, lotus seeds 20 grams.

Cook porridge together and season with rock sugar when cooked.

  This formula can nourish the yin and nourish the heart, nourish the kidney and strengthen the spleen, and is suitable for pregnant women, the elderly, and those who are physically weak after illness. Healthy people can enhance their ability to prevent disease.

  ◇ Black rice chicken soup 100 grams of black rice, 500 grams of chicken.

First cut the chicken into pieces with boiling water, then add the black rice and chicken pieces into the casserole, add fresh soup and various seasonings, steam and simmer until the chicken and black rice are cooked, add sesame oil and salt to taste.
  This formula can nourish deficiency and nourish qi, nourish blood and promote blood circulation, and is suitable for use by women who are physically weak after illness.

  Cooking square black rice must be thoroughly boiled before being eaten.

Because the outer part of black rice is a hard and tough seed coat, if it is not boiled, it will be difficult to be digested and digested by stomach acid and digestive enzymes, which will easily cause indigestion.

Create seven words for your boyfriend to sweat coldly

Create seven words for your boyfriend to sweat coldly

“what are you thinking?

“Men are most afraid of women invading their heads, and he doesn’t want to make you angry, so the answer is neither, nor the answer.

In the face of his embarrassment, you will feel that you are not asking for yourself, so give him peace and let him dream.

  ”Do you remember what day it is?

“It always surprises him, he will nervously” search “what is the important day today: acquaintance?


Go to bed?

. At the same time he would ask himself: “I don’t even remember such an important day, it will definitely irritate her. Besides, does it mean that I don’t know this feeling at all?

“Some other girls will ask again,” Do you remember what I wore that day? ”


You are advised not to be extremely embarrassed. He can’t remember just because men mostly regard you as having an evolving relationship, not a series of days.

  ”Do you say she is pretty?

The man looked at it as a minefield and was shocked step by step.

He knew in his heart, in fact, you were asking, “Is she better than me?


You must see through; is it true?

It’s not looking for “destruction”.

He had to avoid heavy things: “Dear, don’t ask this silly question, I only see you!

“What about the dress I bought for you?”


Sure enough, when a man didn’t like a certain piece of clothes that his girlfriend bought him, he had a headache.

Say you like it, and your girlfriend will ask why you never see him wearing it; if you do n’t like it, it will obviously cause trouble; finally saying “missing” will cause a series of complaints.

If you have never seen him penetrate, you better not mention it is the best policy.

  ”My period has passed 10 days.

“It would scare him!

Unexpected pregnancy, there is really no effective reassurance.

Unless you do diagnose, you must not scare him, because he will worry about your relationship with you in the future, he really does not want to take any responsibility prematurely.

  ”When will you meet my parents?

“Most men are afraid to see” Taishan “, but it is a matter of time.

You have to help him overcome the obstacles, you may wish to use the following simple tricks: A before you see your parents, let him have too much time to prepare psychologically, do not notify him at the last moment; B arrange some short gatherings, do not let him feelToo painful and uncomfortable; C sincerely cooperates to make him pass smoothly.

  ”What is the prospect of our relationship?

“In this short sentence, he will feel that your relationship is too serious.

Listening in his ear, it became “It’s time, you make a promise!”

“So he felt pressured, persecuted, and then thought of getting married, putting on wine, and having children, which made him feel grown up, responsible, mature . all the things men fear most.

  Think about it, we can easily blurt out these words, but when the relationship with each other is not mature enough, and we haven’t thought of completely designing the future, some words can change the influence, so “be careful and act” is also our wisdom.

How to prevent children from swallowing foreign bodies-

How to prevent children from swallowing foreign bodies?

A few days ago, an otolaryngologist at the Provincial Children’s Hospital successfully took out a metal clockwork with a size of 20 × 25mm, which looks like a propeller, from Xiao Meifang’s esophagus 2 years and 1 month old.

It turned out that when Xiao Meifang was playing, she put the metal clockwork on the alarm clock into her mouth and accidentally swallowed it into the esophagus, which immediately caused nausea and difficulty swallowing.

  Otolaryngologists at the Provincial Children’s Hospital introduced that children mistakenly swallowed foreign objects for many reasons, such as children giggling while eating, rushing or not paying attention, easily slicing bone fragments mixed in food, fishbone swallowed and stuck in the esophagus;Children like to bite coins, small toys, etc. between their lips and teeth. If they don’t pay attention, they become jokes, scares, or swallows saliva, it is easy to swallow foreign bodies. In addition, the child’s protective physiological reflex is not perfect., When running, joking or being suddenly stimulated by the outside, it is easy to swallow foreign bodies; or loose dentures of school-age children fall asleep while falling asleep and accidentally swallow to form esophageal foreign bodies.

  Therefore, experts remind: parents should educate their children to develop a chewing and eating habits; parents and caregivers must strengthen the management of all kinds of small toys, do not put these items in the place where the children get, to prevent children from putting them at willIn the mouth; and tell the child not to play with small objects in the mouth.

Premature English learners are prone to aphasia

Premature English learners are prone to aphasia

In order to enable them to learn English well in the future, as parents, they want to give their children the best education, especially for the information age, there is a wave of English learning in the society. No matter where they goWith children learning English.

  The sooner the better, is this really the case?

  Questions raised by parenting experts have suggested that prematurely learning English for young children may even have little effect, but rather “produce it”.

  A 6-year-old girl can speak three foreign languages. Zhang Qing is an English teacher at a company’s foreign language training organization, and her husband is an English and French translator at a foreign bank.

In 2002, Zhang Qing and her husband returned to study next spring to give birth to their daughter Yueyue.

When her daughter started to talk and talk, Zhang Qing began to talk to her daughter in English. All the tapes at home were in English. Even at night, her daughter listened to the English lullaby and fell asleep.

At the age of 3, Yueyue was able to communicate daily in Chinese and English.

Later, her husband taught her daughter French.

At the age of 4, Yueyue can speak English with her mother, French with her father, and Mandarin with her children.

By the age of 6, Yueyue learned Japanese again.

  ”Little Genius” Suffering From Aphasia Suddenly, according to Yueyue’s teacher, because Yueyue’s speech is often mixed with multiple languages, the students laughed at her.

Zhang Qing recalled that she went to school to pick up Yueyue a month ago, but her daughter cried when she got in the car and said, “My classmates said that I was an alien.

“In the next few days, Yueyue became reluctant to talk to anyone. When she got home, she ran into the bedroom and asked her what had happened. She just cried.

  Zhang Qing and her husband had communicated with Yueyue many times, but Yueyue kept silent.

The two helplessly took Yueyue to the psychiatric department of Children’s Hospital for examination.

The doctor told Zhang Qing after examination that Yueyue had “aphasia”.

The reason is that at her young age, the brain has input multiple languages, so that it is difficult for her to use a purely verbal way to express her in the face of this messy language.

The doctor said that fortunately, it was discovered earlier, and it can be recovered by re-psychological treatment.

  Premature education of young children can have many distracting effects.

  First of all, children’s nature is to play and learn from play.

“For young children, their main activities should be played in addition to eating and sleeping. Those who do not like to play and do not play are worrying!

“Second, the purpose of young children’s learning is unclear.

As a foreign language learner, it is important to have a clear learning purpose.

Young children are still in the period of physical and mental development, and they cannot recognize what is the activity that changes the growth and development.

Conversely, once their interest in learning English is hit, it will affect previous foreign language learning: again, children’s learning is very limited and superficial.

A toddler’s foreign language learning content for a year can be learned in a few days.

Forcing children to learn a foreign language by force is definitely more effective.

  Finally, there is no evidence that learning English in early childhood has any effect on the systematic learning of English in middle school.

“Practice has proven that thinking in early childhood can only deepen after being confirmed by their direct experience.

Text learning that is not confirmed by direct experience hinders the development of young children’s thinking ability, or causes them to form a wrong understanding.

Do n’t do it lightly

Do n’t do it lightly

To say that a woman is a good wife and mother may be justified, but please do n’t be a good wife and mother easily, otherwise you will be hurt easily.

  She is the youngest member of her family. She has two successful siblings. She has been loved by her family since she was a child, but she has not been indulged by her bad temper. Instead, she is always diligent and organized.Help parents and siblings handle a lot of things at home and abroad.

  Such a girl with a good family background, a high education, and a simple and lovely, gentle and capable girl has almost perfect conditions. Therefore, once a boyfriend is made, she will experience the love of her first love boyfriend.

Naturally, the boyfriend she chose is also quite good: handsome, high-educated, good unit, promising future, and especially know how to make her happy, often looking for various reasons to give her gifts.

  She believes: he loves her deeply.

Therefore, he demanded that she all strive to meet.

  He asked her to move to his dormitory and live with her; she did it; he loved his face and wanted to go out in bright clothes every day. She also naturally washed and ironed him, and bought various designer clothes to make him look like a star.She loves to dress up and is a little bit embarrassed about herself. She only buys clothes with seasonal discounts. He wants to buy a high-end house. Depending on his income, he will still have some difficulties in the short term.With the help of my brother, he went to a foreign company army to work for a high salary.

Soon, they bought a downtown hot spring mansion.

  Three years later, she was as fond of him as ever, and treated him like an emperor, but he seemed a little absent-minded towards her.

What happened to her?

He Zhenzheng has a saying: “According to the research of scientists, no matter how good the relationship is, it can only last for one and a half years. After this time, the passion will gradually fade until it disappears. If people live in passion all the time, it will definitely affecthealth.

Although the passion between us has disappeared, the relationship is still stable. What are you afraid of?

Men and women who speak less are more preferred

Men and women who speak less are more preferred

Although it is an advantage for a man to have excellent eloquence, it is rarely emphasized when the advantages of two men are women, especially when they describe the characteristics of a loved one.

  In fact, on many occasions, many women prefer to keep her favorite man silent, rather than listen to him chattering superficially. Even in the two-person world, women want men to be good listeners.

At this time, women do not necessarily require men to express their opinions or make other reactions. Men just need to sit there and say “um”, “yes” to satisfy women, even when men are reading the newspaper or television,In time to fill in the two sentences “good”, “it doesn’t matter” and the like, women may not feel left out.

  That’s why, a man with few words often makes a woman’s heart, in addition to feeling mysterious, but also because he looks deeper and can be nurtured.

Women can tolerate their ignorance, but they cannot tolerate men’s shallowness.

The way to insure is to express opinions only on things you are familiar with.

At least it makes women feel that you are really reliable.

Quick-acting Jiuxin Pills not only save your heart

Quick-acting Jiuxin Pills not only “save your heart”

Suxiao Jiuxin Pill is a commonly used Chinese patent medicine, refined from the traditional Chinese medicine Chuanxiong, borneol, etc., which has the functions of promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, and fragrant resuscitation.
In recent years, it has been discovered through clinical research that the drug has many new functions.
  15-20 capsules of this product are taken orally half an hour before the onset of headache, and 3 capsules are taken orally after 1 hour.
After relief of symptoms, take 8 capsules daily after breakfast for 10 days as a course of treatment, which is very effective.
  Bronchial asthma The treatment method for using Suxiao Jiuxin Pill to relieve acute exacerbation of bronchial asthma is 2-10 capsules.
5 minutes to 10 minutes can be effective.
The younger the patient, the fewer the complications, and the faster the effective time.
  Acute gastrointestinal spasmodic abdominal pain When the pain is severe, 12-15 capsules of this product are taken orally each time.
After the pain is relieved, take 4-6 capsules each time and take it 3 times a day, which is quite effective.
  Dysmenorrhea When taking severe pain, take 10-15 capsules orally.
After pain relief, take 4-6 capsules each time, 2 times a day.
It is especially effective for dysmenorrhea caused by qi stagnation and blood stasis.
  Postherpetic neuralgia after oral administration of 10 capsules of this product 2 times a day.
At the same time, 20 capsules of this medicine can be used. After researching, add an appropriate amount of vinegar and mix thoroughly. Apply the affected area 3 times a day.

Chinese and western beauty

Chinese and western beauty

There are many beauty methods and many channels.

There are basically two methods of facial beauty that people realize, one is Western-style beauty, that is, skin texture beauty; the other is Chinese-style beauty, that is, acupuncture beauty.

  Scraping, which was originally a medical method, can combine Chinese and Western beauty into one.

Acupoint scraping is performed at the same time as the skin texture is cosmetic, so as to achieve a cosmetic effect, which is beyond the reach of other cosmetic methods.

Facial scraping can expand blood vessels, accelerate blood flow, enhance local tissue nutrition, promote the growth of skin tissue cells, remove harmful substances from the face, and thus maintain a healthy and beautiful face-rosy and delicate.

  Facial beauty is divided into forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, lips, ears, and head shaving.


Shaving forehead beauty spots: Yintang, Shenting and the double sun.


Beauty points for shaving eyes: eyesight, bamboo, fish waist, silk bamboo empty, pupil fighting, bearing cry, four white.


The acupoints for shaving the nose are: Bitong, Yingxiang, Sumo.


Acupoints for shaving face and jaw: giant base, front car.


Acupoints for shaving lips: in humans, bearing pulp, floor.


Acupoints for shaving ears: ear door, hearing palace, hearing, howling wind.


Acupoints of the scraping department: Baihui, Fengchi.


After shaving the acupuncture points on the face, scrape the Quchi, Xuehai and Sanyinjiao 50 times each.

  It takes about 10-15 minutes to finish the scraping (a longer time is better).

Perseverance every day, the effect is very good, both economical and fast.

  In addition, scraping beauty must be combined with detoxification.

To achieve the best cosmetic results, we must first detoxify and remove the stools on the intestinal wall, because these deposits ferment in the intestine to produce toxins.

This toxin can make people sick and accelerate their aging.

Taking intestinal cleansing food can remove toxins and wastes from the body, thereby removing facial acne, dark spots, and pigmented growth factors, and achieving skin bodybuilding and beauty effects.

How to deal with baby indigestion in summer?

How to deal with baby indigestion in summer?

Indigestion usually causes a feeling of heartburn.

Although it sounds serious, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that your child has a heart problem.

The feeling of heartburn comes from the reflux of gastric acid. Some gastric acid will flow back to the throat through the esophagus. The esophagus is damaged. When hard food flows through, it hurts the injured esophagus.

So the child will feel burning.

  Young children often don’t know the cause of their discomfort, which often makes them feel more uncomfortable.

The unexplainable pain made them very upset.

The best cure for this indigestion caused by stomach acid is to take effective precautions.

  Experts can help you: 1.

First make your child’s diet regular and consistent with her physique.

Make sure you do n’t eat too much of each meal, and that the food does n’t contain too much extra food that is too greasy.

Don’t let your child eat too much chocolate or orange, which can easily cause indigestion.


Tell your child to chew slowly while eating.

Don’t eat too fast. Chew your food well (about ten seconds) to get better digestion.


If your child has symptoms of indigestion, consider giving them some yeast flakes.

Alkaline yeast flakes neutralize excess stomach acid.

But this is only a temporary relief method, and only effective for a short time.

And it cannot repair the damage to the esophagus caused by the degradation of gastric acid.

If you take these medicines before meals, some of the solution is left in the stomach, which can increase the surface tension of the stomach wall and reduce the potential for gastric acid conversion.


H2 fungicide-type drugs can reduce gastric acid secretion.

So as to prevent the backflow of gastric juice.

Preventive supervision is less painful than cure.

Omeprazole drugs can almost treat gastric acid secretion, and can also treat acid reflux damage to the esophagus.


There is also a class of drugs based on enhancing the ability of the stomach to promote the overall working capacity of the digestive system.

However, there are usually more obvious alternatives for different types of drugs.

So consult a pediatrician before using this class of antibody.

  Generally, indigestion in young children is only temporary, and the digestive system is not working properly once or twice or some other body diseases.

However, if it is continuous nausea, or through the increase of age, the adjustment ability does not increase accordingly, and problems continue to occur, you should go to the hospital to check the digestive system and treat the problem as soon as possible.