Man refuses to gain muscle blindly

Man refuses to gain muscle blindly

Many people dream of having beautiful muscles.

So, I went to the gym to practice hard, but the effect was not obvious.

In fact, it is not difficult to build a muscle. In addition to persistent training and perseverance, there are many fitness skills to master. Beginners should pay attention to practicing under the guidance of professional coaches to avoid muscle strain.

  Exercise time is best fixed at the same time each exercise is scheduled, so that you can develop good exercise habits, help the internal organs of the body to form conditioned reflexes.

Do not exercise one hour after meals and one hour before bedtime, otherwise it will affect digestion and sleep.

The best time for physical strength is generally between 15: 00-20: 00, which can be considered as the main exercise time.

  Exercise time should be suitable for beginners and normal laborers. It is advisable to work three times a week, 1-1 each time.

5 hours, but each exercise should include all muscle groups of muscles.

Those who insist on exercising every day can divide the muscle group into two parts and practice the next day to ensure that the muscles can effectively recover.

  For example: practice shoulder, abdomen, chest today, practice back, arms, legs and other parts tomorrow.

  The amount of load depends on your physical strength. Generally speaking, the number of effective muscles developed is 8 times 12 times, at least not less than 8 times, this amount should be the best effort.

At present, the load should be controlled at 70% -80% of the individual’s maximum power, that is, the most effective number of times to use this load is to do with a large load, not more than 5 times.

The most effective times to develop endurance and reduce misfortune are to do 20 times with a small load, and slightly reduce the waist and abdomen until you can’t move.

  Each movement needs to be practiced in several groups. Each exercise movement needs to be practiced in several groups so that the stimulated muscles can enter the state and the muscle volume can be exerted.

In general, the number of large muscle groups can be more, and the number of small muscle groups can be less.

For beginners, it is advisable to have three movements in each of the three groups, which is more than reorganization. After having a certain foundation, add to three to five groups according to the degree of strength growth.

  Do not take long breaks. The rest time between each practice group should not be too long. Generally it is between 40 seconds and 50 seconds. For heavy loads, the rest time for high-intensity exercises should not exceed 15 minutes.

Excessive rest periods can affect exercise results.

  Master the right breathing method The right breathing method can help you focus your mind, make your movements coordinated and rhythmic, and lift more weight during exercise.

General movements and small weight trials are forced, inhale when the muscles contract, and exhale when you relax.

When lifting a heavy weight or the last time you try to lift, exhale deeply, hold your breath, and then take a deep lift, then breathe deeply.

Mouth breathing during exercise, strenuous exercise before exercise to prevent muscle ligament strain, relaxation exercise after training to help eliminate muscle tension and restore fatigue.

5 bonus points to make you have good popularity

5 bonus points to make you have good popularity

Whether in the workplace or in daily life, having good interpersonal relationships is a pleasant thing.

Today I will teach you a few tricks to cultivate good relationships and let you have good relationships.

  Hei Youlong, the head of Carnegie training, pointed out that domestic education is only for specific academic studies. However, in the case of similar professional abilities, the promotion after going out of society is key. Often, it is based on attitude and interpersonal communication skills.There are many interpersonal setbacks in the workplace, only to realize that there is something wrong with your interpersonal relationship.

  In this way, Hei Youlong also pointed out many people’s misunderstandings of interpersonal relationships. “I mistakenly assumed that interpersonal relationships are checking accounts and are good for myself. But in fact, interpersonal relationships are like bank accounts. You must save money first.”.
People get along with each other for a win-win situation, pay first, save money first, and have room for access when needed. In addition, people still have a misunderstanding of interpersonal relationships. “It is misunderstood that interpersonal relationships are with strangers. However, couples, parents, etc. cannotTake it for granted and not care, because the quality of your relationship directly affects your life.

  Fortunately, there are 5 great ways to improve interpersonal relationships. It is never too late to improve interpersonal relationships: 1. Get along with yourself first and be poor with others. It means that you have a discordant heart. Human inertia often counteracts things you do n’t like.Prone to conflict.

Therefore, it is not easy to get stabbed by knowing things or feelings you dislike.

In addition, many people often argue about themselves in order to change the other side to agree with one another. In fact, it does not prevent easy response, allows others to talk nonsense, does not make people feel offensive, and others are more willing to be close.

  2. Interpersonal relationships cannot be fast and ruthless. The society sets the slogan “fast, ruthless, accurate” for success, but it is not applicable to human relationships at all.

Because interpersonal, in addition to the interaction between two people, there is also the interaction between people in groups, so it must be slowly operated.

Moreover, the figure to be with people must be soft and not fierce.

In addition, it should be noted that people will change, and they will inevitably like or hate a person at the beginning. Be careful not to see the whole picture and be inaccurate.

  3, learning to be close to others wondered, “Would you like to do what you want in order to get the friendship of each other?”

“Actually, as long as it’s not unethical, what’s so bad about preparing topics that the other party is interested in?

Actively practice approaching people to see others face differently and care about their needs.

  4. Think twice before exporting. Some interpersonal problems are caused by inappropriate expressions, which are clearly kind, but make people sound stressful.

In the same sentence, using the wrong tone, speed, and vocabulary can lead to adverse effects.

Therefore, even if you follow someone who knows you better, don’t blurt out your words without practicing your brain. Practice practicing anti-prophetic predictions once more, and then export without any trouble, which will make the other person uncomfortable.

  5. Give another chance forever. Interpersonal relationships ca n’t always go smoothly, and often even learn to get along with each other in the process of encountering obstacles. Therefore, do n’t use the dichotomy to slop “who is not my race”, or even “give each other another chance, andTake the opportunity to break the ice yourself.

“So, if you are willing to release goodwill, you can resolve the bad interactions by saying yes, maybe” Sorry “or” Thank you “.

  Editor’s note: Experts say that these methods can help you to be a person who lives in peace with others, but whether you can build a deeper relationship, you should hold the idea of “working hard but not forcing” because of the values and beliefs of people.Whether it is a good match or not, it has to change with different timings. Even relatives may not always be close, but they can achieve basic peace with each other, and there is less chance of a break.

How to change your child’s nest

How to change your child’s “nest”

The “Matthew Effect” in home education tells us that the more you ask for your baby, the more you ask for it.
On the one hand, parents love their babies and give them whatever they want; on the other hand, babies become more and more dependent on their parents, and they want to let parents do it for themselves.
If you just let it go, the baby will take it for granted that the parents do things for themselves, the parents should serve for themselves, and even give orders to instruct the mother.
As the baby grows, the demand becomes more and more, and more and more are collected until the day when parents cannot afford to pay.
  In fact, most of the babies living in “nest” are living in overprotected and coddled families of their parents, especially those born in different generations, which is more likely to cause such problems.
These parents are always afraid that their baby will be bullied by others or have an accident. They are not allowed to go out to associate with their peers, or scare the baby to say that there are bad people outside, they will sell the baby, and the baby will naturally be timid and afraid; at home,In order to let the baby play with peace of mind, parents go all out to follow him and focus on the baby, thus cultivating the baby’s habit of dominating the king.
  Once such a baby goes out of the house, in the interaction with peers of the same age, he often moves out of the house to instruct others, but the small partner can not eat this set. At this time, the baby not only can’t direct others, but will be met by the small partner.Our rejection.
After several such frustrations, coupled with insufficient self-ability, the baby had to evade, hide behind and sullen, and refused to play with the children.
Over time, when the baby’s dissatisfaction and resentment have accumulated to a certain extent and need to be vented, the breach naturally turns to the “weak” in the family, and compensates with more domineering at home to achieve a temporary psychological “balance”.
  The “Matthew Effect” in family education The “Matthew Effect” in family education tells us that the more you ask for your baby, the more you ask for it.
On the one hand, parents love their babies and give them whatever they want; on the other hand, babies become more and more dependent on their parents, and they want to let parents do it for themselves.
If you just let it go, the baby will take it for granted that the parents do things for themselves, the parents should serve for themselves, and even give orders to instruct the mother.
As the baby grows, the demand becomes more and more, and more and more are collected until the day when parents cannot afford to pay.
When the requirements are not met, the baby may even use violence against the parents. Many tragedies are caused by the parents themselves.
  Psychological analysis of the baby: The baby feels scared outside, which is psychologically typical of insufficient self-strength. The baby who is “horizontal” lacks collision with the outside world, and after leaving the “nest”, he is at a loss.
When he was in an unfamiliar environment, he didn’t know what he should do, he just hid behind his parents and did nothing to protect himself.
Babies think that their ability is not enough to compete with external forces, and they can only stick to their parents, expecting adults to protect themselves.
This kind of baby can’t play with other children in the kindergarten, he always entangles the teacher.
The teacher could not deal with only one baby, so the baby became more and more uneasy and gradually did not want to go to kindergarten.
If this continues, the baby’s ability to make friends will not grow up.
  There are coups to change the baby. The family should change the education method of coddling. Parents overdoing the baby will unconsciously form a baby-centered family relationship, causing the baby to become arrogant, selfish, and wayward.
Therefore, parents should change the education model, be strict with each other, let the baby’s status in the family become educated and ordinary members of the family, redefine the rules of the family, and everyone must abide by it.
  Teach your baby to be polite and obey the rules. These two points are important in interpersonal communication. Only by fully respecting the rights of others, your rights will be respected.
Only by following common rules can life be orderly.
  停止对宝宝的过度保护  对于宝宝力所能及的事情,要求宝宝自己尝试去做,由于宝宝在这之前一直是被大人帮着做事情,所以,一开始时他还会说“帮我做”,这时Instead of fulfilling his requirements, say to him, “Try to do it yourself.
“In this case, the baby will gradually start to have the courage to try to do it by himself.
The baby has a little success, a little hard work, should praise the baby in a timely manner, do not blame the baby at this time, blame will make her even more overwhelmed.
Babies need guidance from parents.
Do not set too high goals for your baby at this stage.
Once the baby feels frustrated, he will feel lost and inferior.
  Don’t compare. Don’t compare your baby with someone’s.
Some mothers always complain to their babies: “You are so stupid, what can be scared of this?
“You look at Doudou.”
“Wait, babies have their own strengths and weaknesses. Remember: everyone has their own strengths, give play to their strengths, and work hard to supplement their weaknesses is the most important thing.
  Create opportunities for interaction. The courage and ability of the baby is not innate, nor can it be given by the parents. It must be obtained by the baby’s interaction with the society. No one can give it.
  Parents need to create opportunities for the baby to take the initiative to take the baby out to play outdoors, let the baby more contact with children of the same age, and let the baby learn to cooperate with children in interaction with children.
As long as there is no danger in the quarrel of the baby’s interaction, parents should not interfere.
In case of trouble, let the baby try it by himself to cultivate the baby’s sense of responsibility and self-confidence and reduce dependence.  Parents need to have patience, and it takes a process for a baby to become courageous from being timid, but this process is definitely the only way to make him not timid, and even to essentially enhance the baby’s self-power.

In the course of this little bit of successful experience, the baby will gradually develop such confidence: I can!

  Only when parents release their big hands to protect, can the baby dare to take the lead, and consciously exercise the baby’s courage, and insist on consistent cultivation, it will bear fruit.

Seven secret weapons for working women

Seven “secret weapons” for working women

They think women can be pretty but not tasteless.
Professional women can be sharp, but not rough.
Women can be mothers, but not mothers-in-law.
Their slogan is “We want to grow old gracefully.”
  ”Men are afraid of entering the wrong line, women are afraid of marrying the wrong man” is an old saying. For modern women, career paths have also become an important choice in life.
  Capital rankings are the most beautiful.
  The women who really fell in love with the country and were shocked are still rare animals, so of course women who understand this truth also know how to change themselves, make up for their innate deficiencies, and become natural beauty.
With clothing, hairstyles, and cosmetics . when all the guys who can use it are complete, which woman will not let the man stun?
Beautiful regardless of age, women at every stage have her beauty, knowing how beautiful she is, and learning to use her beauty, the world is indomitable and unfavorable-who likes the sloppy yellow face woman?
  The second is concern.
  A woman’s concern is one of the most touching things in the world, whether she comes from a mother, wife, lover or colleague.
A gentle word of care can sometimes make someone you care about remember for life, believe it or not!
  The third is calmness.
  Women aren’t born calm animals, they shout when they meet anything.
The next time you want to scream, you will give yourself a slap, and if you get used to it, you will remember it for a long time. When the time is longer, the calm will naturally occur.
At that time, even if you are too scared to breathe, other people will admire your courage and fear when you are just like walking in a courtroom, and think you are a unique leader.
  The fourth is quiet.
  You have to be like a tomboy, slamming the door in the office and hitting the table all the time. Who can rest assured to tell you what?
Of course, you ca n’t make short messages like that of bored women in the old society. You have to be like at least half a lady and learn to use smiles to answer or interrupt questions and topics that you think will affect collective unity.
  The fifth is orthodoxy.
  It doesn’t matter how much you love to laugh, but you have to be an orthodox and irresponsible woman. In the minds of everyone, women with orthodox education are not frivolous and will not make the office a windy field. Everyone knows that you will behave properly.Doing things well and being a person will not worry that you will make the young people in the office “bad”.
  The sixth is self-confidence.
  You should understand that the office is not the world of men. You should also know that your rights are equal to those of male colleagues. You should also understand that your ability is not inferior to anyone. Therefore, you can look at everything with confidenceeveryone.
  The seventh is health.
  Who still likes sick beauty like Lin Daiyu now?
Besides, in the workplace, you are in pain all day, and others are uncomfortable looking at it, and you feel that you are being arrogant. Do n’t you embarrass yourself?
In fact, there is one of the most beautiful weapons in common, and that is: happiness!
There is no need to say more about happiness, because you understand that happiness is the foundation of all your careers. Water is the weakest thing, but dripping water can wear stones; modern women, like water, are soft and firm.
For them, this is an era full of opportunities, but also an era of contradictions.
However, these often affect women’s performance at work and at home, forming a vicious circle.
Therefore, to give full play to women’s potential in the workplace, and to understand the complex complex of modern women, is the first priority for women’s career planning.
  Warning: Five misunderstandings of professional women in the 21st century. Psychologists believe that women are prone to failure in their careers, and their psychological factors dominate. Many women are lurking with psychological obstacles. The most common are the following five: First, beautiful produces superiority.感  从心理上看,男女对于成就感的需求各不相同,策动男性追求成就感的心理关键是竞争,女人的动机却是社会的接纳,女子只要漂亮贤慧就能被社会所接纳的观念至今仍There is a market, so beautiful women tend not to be aggressive.
  Second, success will replace love. There is such a phenomenon in society. The higher the education, the harder it is to find people.
Successful women often cannot stand behind a strong man.
As a result, many women are convinced that career success will not only be rejected by society, but also take away love between husband and wife.
  三、缺乏竞争欲望  一个人事业成功的因素中,竞争意识的重要性不亚于才干,不幸的是,女性的心理似乎总是使她们自觉样样不如人,同时,也不喜欢靠竞争来满足Own desire.
  四、同性的嫉妒心理  女性不喜欢与人竞争,但在爱情上,在对待同性时,却竞争意识十足如果把这种“竞争”带入工作中,盲目地同那些不应与之竞争的对象To compete, you will lose the big picture.
  Fifth, the continuity psychology is not strong. Women always like to focus on understanding and imitating the original thinking results. The purpose of thinking is only to continue the existing things, not to create new things.

Farewell to frizz shortcuts to promote smooth and smooth hair_1

Say goodbye to frizz and promote smooth and smooth hair

Cut a fashionable and fashionable hairstyle, but it is greatly discounted because of frizzy hair?

Don’t let fluffy messy hair ruin your image!

The editor first corrects the wrong concept of hair care, then teaches the secrets and techniques of good hair quality, and finally exposes the easy-to-use word-of-mouth products to guide you to replace the smooth and smooth hair!


  No-Rinse Conditioner helps you get rid of myths!


Reaching the wrong concept of soft and shiny hair, not only does the hair quality not get better, but it can also make the situation worse.

Cuties first correct the wrong concept of hair care, and solve your doubts about hair care products, you can easily develop enviable shiny hair.

  Myth 1: Is “running” equal to “hair care”?

  The function of the moisturizer is to make the hair smooth. The maintenance effect only works on the surface of the hair. After flushing with water, the moisturizing will not stay on the hair.

However, the nourishment of the hair cream can deeply repair the sebum layer, and the nutrients can remain on the surface of the hair.

  Myth 2: The more expensive hair care, the better?

  Price and quality are not necessarily directly proportional.

Before buying, you should pay attention to the ingredients on the back of the product. Choosing ingredients containing “silicon phosphorus” and “cationic polymer” can effectively combat frizz and help you to say goodbye to frizz.

  Myth 3: Does the conditioner have to be cleaned?

  The main point of using the nursing hair is to leave the moisturizer on the hair, the rush is too clean, but the effect is greatly reduced!

A little smooth feel is the right way to use it!

  Myth 4: It is good to use hair conditioner once a week, even if the hair is used many times?

  As long as you wash your hair, you need hair.

Because the nutrients of hair are lost every day, nourishment is required by the action of hair care.

People with dry hair need more frequent use of conditioner to give hair a nourishing fraction.

  Myth 5: The longer the hair care products stay on the hair, the better?

  Hair absorbs nutrients for about 10-15 minutes, and the longer it stays, the better the results will not be.

Men in Love: Teach You How to Let Your Account

Men in Love: Teach You How to “Let Your Account”

What is the most troublesome man in love?
Ten of them were asked, and nine of them answered yes to paying for his girlfriend.
Today, this flowery world has everything, and it is outstanding.
Women tend to be shopaholics, so the boyfriend’s wallet is always in danger.
A person of insight turned his history of blood and tears into a valuable experience, and provided it to friends in the deep waters free of charge.
  The first trick: the three rabbits.
Going to the street with a girlfriend who likes shopping, if you carry cash on your body, it is as dangerous as a bomb.
Hurry up and use the money to buy a house, stock, bond, or save for three years on a regular basis.
It is best to open your wallet with only small change, and then affectionately explain to your girlfriend that you are preparing for your common future.
  Second move: Ninja Turtles.
When you are about to pay, you suddenly need to go to the toilet for a long time if you have a stomachache, or you receive a call from your boss, and you have to do something important immediately.
Don’t be embarrassed.
In this way, the girlfriend has to pay by herself, and after a few times, her reliance on you to pay will be reduced.
  The third trick: turn to zero.
No big bills, only small change, preferably a pile of gross tickets, and they are broken and dirty, and even fishy.
When you pay for your girlfriend, she will be embarrassed, and next time I see your open wallet, she will definitely pay for it herself.
  The fourth measure: credit failure.
After demagnetizing the credit card to make it invalid, swipe the card again casually.
Credit cards will of course be returned and you don’t have enough cash.
In this way, we have escaped again.
  Fifth trick: Don’t be near.
If you spend a lot of money, go for a walk. If your girlfriend wants to visit a department store, you are recommended to go to an exhibition or visit the countryside. If your girlfriend wants to have a big meal, you say that your stomach is not comfortable and you can only eat fried noodles.
When a girlfriend wants to buy cosmetics, you preach that she is the most beautiful when she is plain.
In short, it is a place to spend money away from the abyss of sin.
  Sixth trick: psychological offensive.
Happy to accompany his girlfriend to the store.
But when she showed an interest in something, she honestly commented: “This doesn’t deserve you!
“” This does not match your temperament and taste.
“Wait to disintegrate your girlfriend’s shopping interest.
  Seventh trick: a strategy of mourning.
When the girlfriend was present, she reduced all her consumption, and then explained to her sincerely: Because she was willing to do everything, she had to do nothing to herself.
When a woman is moved, she will become even more stingy than you.
  Eighth move: Scorched earth tactics.
You go shopping crazy in front of your girlfriend, and let her eat instant noodles with you for a month.
Make her see what you do from your body and wait for her to wake up.
Finally, I urge you that the above eight tricks should be used in turns and flexibly, or you may be abandoned by your girlfriend.
Of course, all these tricks have been used, but they are not useful at all, then this girlfriend can’t pay, you should consider it.

Ambiguous N kinds between men and women after breaking up

Ambiguous N kinds between men and women after breaking up

Your love has come to an end quietly. He who has made your soul lingering has become a past tense, and you, really let it go?

It is not terrible to end a relationship, I believe every woman has encountered it, but do you know where to put him in your heart?

An unforgettable lover?

A close friend?

A sexual partner?

A person who doesn’t want to remember anymore?

Finding the answer means you can continue on the road freely and ready for a new love.

  When the good friends’ love chemistry disappears, even if you two are drunk and drunk, there will be no drunkenness.

When you two are together, the relationship is more like brothers and sisters than lovers who are in love with each other.

  Heard that he has a new girlfriend, you will not be jealous, but will be happy for him.

He treats every friend honestly, and you know you can tell him anything about life.

  Such ex-boyfriend is likely to develop into your “good friend”, especially since you can no longer spark sparks.

Even if you lose your love, you can still enjoy each other’s friendship.

In addition, he still remembers why he fell in love with you at the beginning, and when you need him, he will still show up to support you.

  But because your two wives are familiar with each other, it is very likely that you will refuse to meet a new boyfriend. You may think that re-acquainting yourself with this stage is too tiring, or it is more comfortable with him.

This then became a hindrance.

So be sure to remember: he is just your good friend, and your Prince Charming is not far away.

  It feels good to have sex with him as a sexual partner, but you don’t want to have deeper relationships.

  You don’t want to eat out with him or accompany him to other social activities.

The next morning you have sex with him, you don’t regret what you did last night.

If one day he tells you that he can’t have sex with you anymore, you don’t think it matters.

  Hi, single women are in demand!

When it ‘s lonely, it ‘s safer to find a guy you have sex with than to just grab one at a bar?

Besides, you have loved each other.

If you can grasp the point, then finding an ex-boyfriend to solve your physiological needs is a more positive way.

It’s because you are more acquainted with each other in sex, and because after the relationship ends, there will be some reluctance to stay inside.

  But this sexual relationship is also difficult to grasp.

You think, “Why do I call him every time?

“” Why didn’t he want to ask me out? ”

“Unconsciously, I am afraid that you will be surrounded by expectations of him again. If you are disappointed, it will inevitably hurt your self-esteem.

  As acquaintances, you care about each other, but you don’t need to report every day.

There are factors in him that can’t let you go-some kind of professional relationship or career guidance.

Emotionally you can leave him, you can also not have sex with him.

You always have some regrets after breaking up, but after meeting again, you understand why you left him.

  It is not easy to end a relationship, it is usually easy to make people tear heart, but stay away from him and separate each other’s lives, you can calm down and see his true appearance.

Looking at him from a distance, you will find that he is just an ordinary person, and those rays of love have faded.

  So you can frankly treat him as an acquaintance and meet for dinner every few months. There is a fun e-mail that will try to copy him.

  Thoroughly erase from your mind the thought that he might have a new girlfriend now will make you cry.In fact, just thinking about him can make you cry.

Lie to a friend in order to hide his desire to meet him, because you know they will definitely object.

When you are at work, with your friends, and even with your new boyfriend, you often think of him.

The two of you split up and down many times.

  Some people stay with you for one purpose-torture you.

If you find any of the above fit your current situation, let the tortured guy walk away from you early.

But the difficulty is that the more ex-boyfriends that make you miserable, the harder it is to draw a line with him-because he has imprinted a deep mark on your heart.

He is your poison. From a physiological point of view, they can make your brain react chemically and release adrenaline and hormones, making you physically and psychologically inseparable from him.

  And his conflicting style of work makes your relationship more subtle: maybe he will call you three times a day for a week, or maybe he disappears next month.

Your heart is caught up and down by him, the more you want it, the more you desire, and this is exactly what he wants.

  Sometimes what he does is not to torture you, or he can’t do without the feeling of being admired by you.

He needs to prove his worth through your feelings, but he will not do anything for you while using you.

  Playing in the name of “friends”, many women are willing to collect their old boyfriends who they have abandoned as friends, or have been hurt by each other. In order to show their generosity, they are also willing to have multiple friends after the pain is healed.

What about men?

What did he think when he received a call from his ex-girlfriend?

  A few days ago, I went to karaoke with a group of friends I just met. In the joyous laughter, I found that two people were not quite right-mainly because the love song was always a drunken person who was not drunk.Unhappy?

The biggest advantage and disadvantage of me is that I can’t see the good things of a lover, so I am determined to make up for the beauty of adults.

So I picked up the microphone and walked to the two of them, “I ordered a song to sing for you!

“The prelude sounded-Cantonese version of” Ping Opera “-” Goodbye is also a friend “.

  ”I expect you to turn around and stay with me, fall into the wrong direction, and do not want to let go when you are wrong.” After hearing the sings of the two people, I was only missed by the old lover-look at my superfluous.

It is said that the enemies are extremely jealous when they meet each other, but they do not know that this breakup is also very shocking to meet again. Otherwise, there is not much poetry “hate other birds.”

  The friendship between men and women has always been ambiguous. Whatever says “goodbye is also a friend” has been continuously cut, and the taste is still chaotic.

The memory of love is beyond our control. According to scientists, the biological process of love is like this: When the person you are interested in appears in your life, your brain stem (located below the hemisphere of the brain) will produce benzene.The nominal amine stimulates your emotional impulses, and the brainstem is beyond our control.

Therefore, don’t expect to control your feelings. You must know that phenylamine is an narcotic substance equivalent to morphine, which guarantees that you will become addicted. It is harder to get rid of it.

  My good buddy, Xiaoqi, often makes excuses for the “friendship” tangled with ex-girlfriend Linda.

However, I think that the men and their ex-girlfriends maintain friendship with each other, not to provide scientists with research samples. The most important thing is that it is good for them, so that they can continue to talk in the name of friendship without having to bear.Some people are really selfish in this regard.

  If two people still have love after they break up due to various reasons, the man and the ex-girlfriend cannot be friends and can only develop in two directions: recombination, because there is nostalgia; or avoid meeting, because there is still pain.

  Only the kind of dust settled and the man with a dead heart of love can have a “friendship” of himself and continue a game.

  Therefore, goodbye and friends are indeed a matter of N and beauty. The obligation to love is not exhausted at all, but the rights are not at all.

  In addition, you must not think that he and you are friends to make up for the harm to you in love.

The most surprising “pointing” of a man is selfishness and possessiveness. Although it is a breakup he said, he does not want you to find the best substitute quickly, so he will be sad.

So he thinks you boo, ask three times a day and say “as long as you live better than me,” so that when you are with your new boyfriend, you often think of him.

This is the man’s vanity. He cannot be separated from your admiration. He needs to prove his worth through your feelings, but he will not do anything for you while using you.

Having such friends is really bad luck for you.

  Out of my typical decent man’s sense of justice and the jealousy of the shameless man sitting in his imagination, I am determined to call Linda to let her get lost and not to delay her great love future.

Who knows that Linda on the phone smiled wildly, “You analyze it well, but these benefits don’t seem to belong to men only. We women can still enjoy them. Don’t forget that this is a feminist look upYears.
-I’ve gotten into my head lately. Why did I forget about feminism? It seems that I have misunderstood the man: Linda was the one who enjoyed the best, and the one who was going to be “very injured” was him.

  Stop believing in “goodbye is a friend”. Men are often fraudsters who are “friends” and continue to make excuses for his selfishness.

Therefore, to meet again after the breakup is simply an enemy, Narrow Road. Goodbye is also an enemy. Of course, this “hatred” is the hatred of love and hatred.

How do you call your partner?

How do you call your partner?

How do you call your partner in marriage?

We can see each other’s intimacy from the names of partners.

The following are a few types and analyses that I have briefly summarized. I believe that the language of address in marriage is complex and changeable. What I have inserted is common. If you have a better summary, you are welcome to communicate.

  Names and Names Names are external signs of a person, and are as important as our appearance and social form. However, in reality, many of us do not pay attention to the use of names to convey emotions.

For example, when a husband and wife call, they don’t have to call their names. The wife calls her husband: Hey, will you come back for dinner at night?

Husband called his wife: something will not go back tonight.

In this kind of telephone communication, we can only see factual communication, we cannot hear the expression of emotion, which is very regrettable.

The same situation may be different: dear, will you come back for dinner tonight?

Or: Dawei, will you come back for dinner tonight?

Husband calls: Xiaolan, I will not go back at night if something happens.

This will convey an emotion, because people have a need to prove their existence, and the name of the other person will meet this need of “self-existence”. If the couple does not call each other’s name or nickname for a long time, it will weaken the other person.The consciousness of self-existence will be alienated over time.

This type of address lasts for a long time. It is practical no matter at the stage of marriage, but it lacks romance.

  The nickname is often not the name of the other party, but often some “nicknames”, such as “little pig” and “baby”.

In general, partners who call each other by nicknames are generally closer to each other than the couples who call them by their first names, because the other party feels their existence, and this nickname may be unique, which will make the other partyFeeling their own expectations and uniqueness, they often get closer emotionally.

This type often calls each other before the wedding without children, which is more romantic, but after a long time, if the same thing, the two sides will have a sense of reluctance.

  There are many husbands and wives who don’t call each other. They don’t call each other. Pronouns such as “you” and “he” are often used to indicate their other half, such as: Are you late at work so late?

Let’s just eat outside, what are you going back to?

Such as: your husband is very talented.

Answer: What is his skill, but it is the fact.

The external intimacy of such couples is relatively distant, but the internal intimacy may be closer for a while, and after a long time, they will also feel a sense of loss, because they cannot understand the recognition of self-existence and feel that love has become a relationship.

  Negative titles are actually nicknames in nature, but because of their lethality, I specifically raised them. This title is often used in husband and wife relationships that both want “strong”.It ‘s more powerful than you, the relationship between husband and wife is more like a negotiation relationship or a competitive relationship.

For example: wasteful people, fools, dementia, people without brains, etc.

Occasionally, you can feel warmth and romance, but if you continue to strengthen these titles, it will have a great destructive effect on the relationship between husband and wife.

  How do you call your partner in your marriage?

First name?

Or did you develop your own title language?

Is the language you are used to accepted and liked by both of you?

Scientific combat acne Do not touch the danger triangle _1

Scientific “combat acne” Don’t touch the “danger triangle”

A few days ago, a news circulated on Weibo: An 11-year-old girl in Xiaogan, Hubei, had squeezed a few acne on her face due to beauty, and her whole body was painful and she had a high fever 38.
Above 5 degrees, my fingers and legs were unable to move, my breathing was short, my body became purple, and I lost my life.
It was diagnosed by the hospital as severe sepsis and osteomyelitis, and more than 100 ml of pus was drained out by surgery.
  In fact, there have been similar reports in the past: a 15-year-old middle school student in Guangdong developed redness, swelling, fever, and coma after extruding three acne on his cheek and forehead. He was diagnosed with intracranial infection, lung infection, and sepsis.
  Why squeeze a few small acne can cause so much trouble?
How should science “combat acne”?
To this end, we visited the dermatology departments of many hospitals.
  Why do you get acne?
Traditional Chinese and Western medicine have explained that the scientific name of acne is acne. Because it occurs frequently in young people, it is often called “acne”.
  Western medicine believes that there are four main reasons for the formation of acne: excessive androgen secretion or imbalance of hormone secretion, leading to increased sebum secretion, clogging sebaceous gland ducts and bulging to form acne; excessive keratinization of hair follicle ducts; sebum dandruff blocking pores, andBlocks are formed on the head, which is whiteheads. Whiteheads are oxidized to produce pigmentation and form blackheads; P. acnes infection.
  Chinese medicine believes that the location of acne is related to its cause: Frequent acne on the forehead may be caused by endocrine disorders.
Menstrual disorders, eating hormone-containing supplements, etc., people with breast lumps, uterine fibroids, hormone levels are abnormal, prone to acne.
The acne on the chin is caused by eating spicy and fatty foods.
Because the gastrointestinal meridians of the human digestive system are mapped on the skin of the chin, the gastrointestinal is not comfortable, and the chin will manifest.
  Acne on the cheeks is mostly caused by bad mood, staying up late, and menstrual disorders.
Because emotion directly affects the liver and gallbladder, the liver and gallbladder meridian passes through the cheek, emotional anxiety, and tension before menstruation will cause liver qi stagnation.
  Acne on the nose is related to getting angry.
People who eat a lot of fried and fatty things will have acne on their noses.
  It is best not to pull out the “dangerous triangle”. Acne appears on the face. Many people can’t wait to get rid of it. Various methods such as taking medicine, applying medicine or physiotherapy are used.
  Dermatologist Shen Hong, chief physician of the Third Hospital of Shenzhen City, believes that some of these methods are reasonable, and some are Hu Lai.
For example, taking contraceptives may be effective in the short term, but it cannot cure the cause, and after some people stop taking the pill, acne may worsen.
Taking contraceptives is mainly to regulate hormones, it is not the preferred method for treating acne, and may cause irregular menstruation.
  The most frightening part of the “combat acne” method is squeezing with your hands. This method may hurt the skin, form scars or cause pigmentation, and may be life-threatening in some cases.
  Squeezing by hand can destroy the protective layer around the purulent bacteria, and the bacteria will spread into the surrounding tissue, causing inflammation to a greater extent.
If bacteria are “squeezed” into blood vessels, they can spread to other tissues or organs in the body with the bloodstream, or they can grow and reproduce in the blood.
The 11-year-old girl on Weibo suffered from severe sepsis after breaking out of acne, which is why.
  The most dangerous is the “dangerous triangle” of the face, that is, the triangular area formed by the connection between the mouth corners and the root of the nose.
If you squeeze it hard, the bacteria in the pimples and pustules may be pressed into the blood vessels. The general vascular problems are not serious, and the white blood cells in the blood will kill the bacteria.
But if it happens to enter the returning venous blood, it will be troublesome when it comes to the sinus in the brain.
The sinuses are like a cavernous body. After the bacteria enter, they will not come out easily, and they will block and breed, causing inflammation, which is intracranial infection.
  Let it go on its own, and go to the hospital if it doesn’t work. How should it be reasonable to fight acne?
Under normal circumstances, after the acne ruptures naturally and the pus will be naturally discharged, the skin will regenerate and heal.
  Acne is crazy and difficult to deal with. You can go to the dermatology department of the hospital for help.
If the hair follicles are excessively keratinized, the intervention principle is to balance the secretion of oil, moisturize dry skin, and promote the normal exfoliation of aging cuticles; if the pores are slightly blocked to form acne, clear the blocked pores and use exfoliating creams;To use antibiotics to reduce inflammation and sterilization, continue to use exfoliating creams; once cysts have formed, use steroids and other hormones.
  In addition, people who are prone to acne should avoid eating lard, fatty meat, cream, chocolate, sweets, peppers and wine, and drink less sweet drinks.

Roasted pigeon with ham

Roasted pigeon with ham

[Raw materials]10 pigeon eggs, 50 grams of ham, 60 ml of chicken broth, peanut oil, monosodium glutamate, cooking wine, coriander, spring onion, ground ginger, and water starch.

  [Method]Cook and remove the pigeon eggs, add seasoning soy sauce, fry the pigeon eggs in a hot oil pan, and fry until golden brown; cut the ham into long strips, cook and remove, heat the iron pan,Add peanut oil, and when it is cooked to eight, add pigeon eggs, ham, cooking wine, spring onion, ginger, and stir-fry slightly; add chicken broth, cook the soup to dryness, thicken with water starch, add MSG, add coriander.
  [Function]Nourishing kidney and nourishing qi, helping the mother to clear uterine congestion, promoting uterine rehabilitation and improving sexual function.

  [Commentary note]Pigeon eggs contain protein, multiple vitamins, and trace amounts, especially for the sexual life of couples after the full moon.