[Can the winter jujube supplement blood]_How to replenish blood_How to replenish blood

[Can the winter jujube supplement blood]_How to replenish blood_How to replenish blood

We have all eaten red dates. It is said that women who insist on eating red dates are both rosy and healthy.

Eating red dates can provide blood, and there is another type of jujube that we often eat, which is winter jujube. The winter jujube tastes crisp and rich in water, which is definitely a good fruit to supplement vitamins.

There is no special authority to prove that Dongzao can replenish blood, but Dongzao protects our blood vessels, so does Dongzao have some benefits?

食用价值微量元素冬枣果实含有较多的 维生素A、 [6] 维生素E、钾、钠、铁、铜等多种微量元素,有保持毛细血管畅通、防止血管壁脆性增加的功能,对于高血压、 Atherosclerosis is effective and has anti-cancer effect.

The nutritional value is the crown of the hundred fruits, known as the “king of the hundred fruits”.

The yellow jujube winter date has 34% sugar content and 0 acid content.

47% containing vitamin C303mg / 100g.

Winter jujube is delicious, crispy, and tender. It is a high-grade fresh food in the deciduous fruit trees in the north. It can crack on the ground when it matures. The juice is slag-free, sweet and fragrant; soluble solids 35-38%The fleshy nucleus is small and the edible rate is 96.


解毒保肝因冬枣中含有丰富的糖类、 [7] 及 环磷酸腺苷等,能减轻各种化学药物对肝脏的损害,并能促进肝脏合成蛋白,增加 血清白蛋白含量,调整 白蛋白与 Globulin ratio, reducing serum alanine aminotransferase levels and other effects.

Patients with chronic hepatitis and early liver cirrhosis often eat Dongzao, and they must also adhere to certain adjuvant treatments.

解酒良药富含 果糖和维生素C [7] ,是冬枣帮助解酒的秘诀,从古时候开始,果糖和维生素C就被当做解酒的良药,而且冬枣里面有的涩味成分,就可以分解Alcohol helps people wake up from headaches.

防治心血管病冬枣除了含有丰富的 [7] 维生素C和维生素P,还含有较多的 维生素A、 维生素E、钾、钠、铁、铜等多种微量元素,对于健全毛细血管、维持血管壁The elasticity and anti-atherosclerosis become very beneficial; the jujube also contains rutin, which is an effective drug for treating hypertension, so it is very helpful for the treatment of coronary heart disease, hypertension and atherosclerosis.

调节免疫近代科学家还发现冬枣中含有较高的 [3] 环磷酸腺苷( CAMP)等物质。CAMP is an important physiologically active substance that participates in a variety of physiological activities in the human body, can regulate the immune system, has the ability to enhance myocardial contractility, protect coronary arteries, reduce plasma, and inhibit proliferation.

膳食保健木瓜银耳汤材料:木瓜1个、银耳一朵、冬枣8粒、冰糖 [8]做法:1、木瓜去皮切块;2、银耳提前泡发,洗净去蒂,撕成小朵;3. Soak the winter jujube in advance for a while to clean it. 4. Put the papaya pieces, Tremella fuciformis and winter jujube into the pot, boil over low heat for 30 minutes to one hour, and add rock sugar 10 minutes before turning off the heat.

Rock sugar stewed winter jujube materials: 10 large winter jujubes; 30 grams of powdered sugar. Method: 1. Wash the winter dates and add them to the stew bowl, add powdered sugar.

Add the right amount of water to half the amount of the stew pot.

Wrap in cling film and add to a steamer.

2. Steam for 40 minutes on high fire. Dry it before you eat it.

Yogurt salad cup with one yogurt; one orange; three jujubes; one sweet potato; three horseshoes.

Practices: 1. Cut jujube, horseshoe, and sweet potato into small dices.

Cut the oranges in half and use a small spoon to dig out the orange flesh; the orange flesh is also diced and the other three dices are placed in a bowl.

2. Pour in yogurt and mix well.

Separately add orange cups to the refrigerator to taste better.

Living vitamin pills Dongzao nutrition is extremely rich.

含有 [9] 天门冬氨酸、 苏氨酸、 丝氨酸等19种人体必需的氨基酸,总含量为0.985mg / 100g; contains protein 1.

65%; dietary fiber 2.

3%, for a total of 17.

%; Total flavonoids 0.

26%; Niacin 0.

87mg / 100g; carotene 1.

1mg / kg; Vitamin B1 0.

1mg / kg; Vitamin B2 2.

2mg / kg; Vitamin C content is particularly rich, reaching 352mg / 100g; 70 times the vitamin C content of apples, 100 times that of pears, and 20 times that of golden jujube and has the reputation of “live vitamin pills”.

Some companies use advanced low-temperature dehydration technology to quickly dehydrate, which preserves the nutritional content of jujube to the greatest extent, and causes the storage time to be extended to one year, so that people can eat this precious fruit all year round!

Ingredients: Fresh winter jujube, vegetable oil.Product introduction: This product is made of high-quality winter jujube as raw materials and processed by high-tech technology.

It keeps the natural color and luster of winter jujube. It has a thin skin, no seeds, fresh and crispy sweetness, and can have various nutrients necessary for the human body without any additives.

Because of its high vitamin C content, it is called a “living vitamin pill”.

This product is exquisitely packaged and mellow in quality. It is a great gift for leisure and entertainment, and is a gift for friends and relatives.

Huangpi ancient garden crisp winter jujube, October red crisp winter jujube taste a lot of pure.

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